Alex Konanykhin is the famous personality on whose head Vladimir Putin laid a bounty. He must be caught- dead or alive!

What did he do so wrong or right that even Putin is behind him?

Brian Haig’s book, The Hunted is a novel based on the life of Alex Konanykhin and Elena Gratcheva. The book is dedicated to the late Gratcheva.

In this article, we will talk about Alex Konanykhin, his net worth, his career, his life, his wife, and many other interesting things about him.

So do read on to know more!

Alex Konanykhin Net Worth 

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Alex Konanykhin has an estimated net worth of about $5 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, he had a net worth of about $4 Million.

Alex gathered such a huge amount of money from his career as an entrepreneur. He had made many companies which gave him a lot of money.

Alex Konanykhin earns around $1 Million per year approximately. Given that his career changes very rapidly and is uncertain, he may earn depending on the next steps that he takes.

Being an intelligent man, he will definitely earn much more in the years to come.

Who is Alex Konanykhin? 

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Alex Konanykhin whose full name is Alexander Pavlovich Konanykhin or Russian: Александр Павлович Конаныхин.

Alex Konanykhin is the founder of unicorn and executive producer of the unicorn hunters show. He is also a former banker.

Alex was born on September 25, 1966, and is an entrepreneur and former banker.

He started his career by founding a private bank in Russia towards the end of communist rule. Konanykhin is sometimes spelled as Konanykhine

Alex Konanykhin Age 

Alex Konanykhin is 58 years of age as of 2023. He was born on the 25th of September 1966.

Alex Konanykhin has spent his early life moving from one place to another so he did not really have the time to celebrate his birthdays.

Alex Konanykhin Bio 

Alex Konanykhin was born in Russia to Russian parents. He was a follower of Orthodox Christianity.

Not much is known about his family as he has not shared such intimate details in public.

Konanykhin studied at the Department of Space Research at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology to pursue a career in engineering.

In 1986, he was expelled from MIPT for running a small business during his summer vacation.

After his expulsion, he took advantage of the loosening business climate during Mikhail Gorbachev’s economic reforms (perestroika).

Within a few years, he became the head of a $30 million construction enterprise.

Alex Konanykhin Career 

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Alex Konanykhin is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs.

Konanykhin left Russia for the United States in 1992 after being the subject of a federal investigation for embezzlement of funds at the Russian exchange bank he was president of.

He has recently been in the news for putting a $ 1 million bounty on the head of President Putin.

Konanykhin in 1991 founded the Russian Exchange Bank, of which he would later become subject to criminal investigations. By the age of 25, Konanykhin had set up over 100 companies across Russia.

He also established KMGI, an advertising agency, a public relations firm known as Publicity Guaranteed, and syndicated news online.

His firm KMGI established several businesses under its wing. Konanykhin received many awards for his exploits in the business and entrepreneurship space.

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Alex Konanykhin Deported

Alex Konanykhin was the founder, co-owner, and President of the Russian Exchange Bank, which became the first institution to receive a currency-trading license from the Yeltsin government, in 1991.

In 1992, he was one of the delegates to accompany Yeltsin to Washington, D.C., where they met with President George H. W. Bush, and afterward, in Canada with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Richard Sakwa named him the wealthiest person in Russia at that time, with an estimated $300 million in net worth.

He had developed about 100 different companies within Russia by the time when he was twenty-five years old.

In 1992 he was kidnapped while on a business trip to Budapest, Hungary, during which time his business assets in Russia were seized. This account is according to Alex himself.

Russian sources have a different account of events, based on a US court case.

Konanykhin claims he fled to New York where he delivered protest letters to senior Moscow officials and members of the press warning of the looming “mafiocracy”.

This prompted an investigation by the Moscow-based military prosecutor’s office, and Konanykhin soon found himself under investigation.

The prosecutor, Alexander Volvodez, now charged Konanykhin with illegally wiring $8.1 million from the Russian Exchange Bank to overseas accounts and many other crimes and demanded his extradition to Russia.

All charges were later dropped.

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Alex Konanykhin Wife

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Konanykhin is married to Silvina Moschini, an Argentine entrepreneur. Konanykhin was formerly married to the late Elena Gratcheva.

Konanykhin and his wife left Russia in 1992, and seven years later were granted political asylum in the United States. The asylum grants were reversed in 2004, but reinstated in 2007.

He spent his business career along with his wife largely in the United States, being a citizen of Italy, Russia, and Argentina.

So this is all you need to know about the famous man even Putin wants. Thank you for reading this article about Alex Konanykhin.

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