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Anna Kendrick Net Worth 2022

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Anna is an actress and singer from Portland named Anna Cooke Kendrick to specialize in Americana. The 1998 Broadway musical “High Society” gave Kendrick her first leading role as a child actress.

Kendrick gained notoriety for her supporting part as Jessica Stanley in the Twilight Saga (2008–2012).

Anna Kendrick Net Worth

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Anna Kendrick’s estimated net worth is $22 million in 2022. In her career, Anna Kendrick has had significant success. She is a very successful woman.

She has a distinguished acting career to date and has worked in the profession for a considerable amount of time.

Anna Kendrick has contributed to numerous blockbuster films, including The Twilight Saga and the Pitch Perfect Film Series.

She has appeared in several series and is extremely successful in the television industry. She has performed in many featured roles as a singer and has had several singles released.

Earlier in 2021, his total wealth was somewhere around 18 million. But now, she has added another million to her wealth, which is still considered her annual salary.

Anna Kendrick Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameAnna Kendrick
Net Worth (2022)$22 million
Net Worth (2021)$18 million
Salary (Yearly)$4 million
Earning SourceActing

Anna Kendrick Earning Sources

She has a reputation as a multi-talented actor who has been in movies, TV shows, and albums during the course of her 24-year career. She has also demonstrated her ingenuity in production and voiceovers.

Anna made money from magazines, shows, and brand endorsements in addition to movies.

Her net worth of $ 22 million in 2022 comes from sources other than the movies, which pay her millions of dollars each year.

She interacts with her following on YouTube and Instagram, as I’ve already indicated, but those platforms also bring in money for her.

She has 1.42 million subscribers to her “Anna Kendrick Vevo” channel on YouTube, and her videos have received a total of 635,587,420 views thus far.

Anna Kendrick can easily earn millions of dollars each year from this platform.
Her Instagram account comes next, with 21.6 million followers.

Celebrities utilize their Instagram accounts for paid sponsorship and advertising, making it an additional source of millions of dollars in revenue.

The non-fiction book “Scrappy Little Nobody,” which she also wrote, was a 2016 New York Times best-seller. For the book’s audio edition, she has also recorded her voice.

Three versions of her book are available, with the hardcover costing INR 1731, the paperback costing INR 754, and the audio CD costing INR 1994.

Who is Anna Kendrick?

Anna Cooke Kendrick is a singer, producer, and also a very popular actor. She began her career in theatres before moving on to film.

She is currently acting in films, TV shows, and music videos, and producing a few movies. Anna was born in Poland, Maine, in the United States, on August 9th, 1985.

The “Twilight Saga” is one of several films in which she has appeared as a performer. She has consistently improved herself since 1998 by watching better movies and TV shows.

She made it very clear that acting was her passion, which is why she chose to pursue higher education.

But after graduating from Deering High School, she joined theatre companies to hone her acting abilities.

Early Life of Anna Kendrick

In Portland, Maine, on August 9, 1985, Anna Cooke Kendrick was born.

William Kendrick, Kendrick’s father, was a history teacher, and Janice Kendrick her mother was an accountant. Michael Cooke Kendrick, her elder brother, went on to work as an actor.

She is of mixed Scottish, English, and Irish ancestry.

She won a Theatre World Award for “High Society” because of her outstanding performance. She was nominated for “Featured Actress in a Musical” as well.

Rise to Stardom

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In 2003’s “Camp,” Anna Kendrick made her feature picture debut. She became well-known in 2008 thanks to her part in the well-known romantic fantasy film “Twilight.”

The movie was helmed by Katherine Hardwicke and was a box-office smash.

She had an appearance in the commercial failure “The Marc Pease Experience” the following year. She also made an appearance in the ‘Twilight’ prequel, ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon,’ reprising her Jessica Stanley character.

She participated in several vital movies during the ensuing years, including “50/50,” “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1,” “ParaNorman,” “Pitch Perfect,” and “Drinking Buddies.”

Her song “Cups,” which she had performed for the movie “Pitch Perfect,” was made available as a single in 2013. Its popularity had greatly increased, reaching its zenith at No. 6 on the US Billboard 100.

Additionally, it was chosen as the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup’s official theme music.

‘Table 19’, which debuted in March 2017, was one of her most recent motion pictures. She played the principal character in the movie, which was directed by Jeffrey Blitz.

It did not, however, perform well in the marketplace. Additionally, the reviews were mainly unfavorable.

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The financial success of Anna Kendrick

She has produced roughly 14 musical performances, two theatres, 40 movies, 13 TV shows, and one single track.

She has starred in numerous films, including Camp, Rocket Science, the Twilight Saga, Elsewhere, Up in the Air, 50/50, End of Watch, the Pitch Perfect Series, Into the Woods, and many more.

Anna Kendrick has appeared in popular films like Pitch Perfect and Twilight. She now enjoys fame and wealth thanks to these flicks.

She represents several brands these days, including Kate Spade, Newcastle Brown Ale, Wars Battlefront, and Frito-Lays.

Anna is unavoidably sitting on a large sum of money from the previous few years. As you can see from the information above, her net worth is growing annually.

She always works to increase her assets, whether it is her collection of expensive cars—including the Porsche 911, Range Rover, Toyota Prius, Lincoln Navigator, Audi A8, and Audi R8 Spyder—or her million-dollar homes.

She has a $3,000,000 automobile collection and $10,000,000 worth of opulent homes.

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The Bottom line

Anna is currently a well-known figure in Hollywood and a well-compensated actress. However, this is not the situation from a few years ago.

From the beginning of her career, she has faced significant obstacles. We should inspire by her and behind her success here is the power, patience, and hard work that exists.

Hope you like this content on the success story of Anna Kendrick. We would thankful if you would share your comments with us!

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