Bam Margera is a renowned American star known for his contributions to the field of professional skateboarding, stunt performance, television presence, and filmmaking.

He was born on 28 September 1979, to April and Phil Margera in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States. He was named “bam bam” affectionately by his grandfather.

He had a very adventurous outlook towards his life from a very early stage in his life.

He started producing amateur videos with his skateboarding skills at his hand. Later this came to be noticed and introduced to show business.

He gained recognition and got his appeal in the early 2000s with the show titled Jackass and its subsequent sequels. He gained a huge fan following from the younger population for the vigor and vogue he brought in.

Bam Margera Net Worth

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Bam Margera’s net worth is $5 million as of 2022. According to the things, he used to have a net worth of over $45 million during the height of his career.

But after the breach in his contract and his subsequent firing resulted in a considerable dip in his net worth.

Bam Margera Net Worth & Earning Reports
Name Bam Margera
Net Worth (2022) $5 Million
Net Worth (2021) $4 Million
Salary (Yearly) $1 Million
Earning Source Acting

Bam Margera Financial Career

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MTV reality stunt show Jackass kickstarted his career and its subsequent productions were huge successes. He laid a strong foundation for himself in show business.

His appeal to the younger audience led to the production of 3 Jackass movies. These include the films Jackass: The Movie (2002), Jackass Number Two (2006), Jackass 3D (2010), and Jackass 3.5 (2010).

He channelized his success from the jackass franchise productively and amplified his voice further.

Later he went ahead with the Jackass spin-off show Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union, Bam’s World Domination, and Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show Etc.

He also has diversified himself by extending himself to writing and directing. He co-wrote and directed the films Haggard and Minghags.

Haggard was curated along the real-life events in the life of his friend Ryan Dunn. Margera played the character of “Valo” and Dunn played the main role.

He is the writer of the book called ‘Serious as Dog Dirt’, which includes his personal experiences, writings, and pictures.

Rise of his Financial Success

Margera also has tipped his toe in the music industry as well. He started his music label Filthy Note Records in 2005.

He has directed music videos for Clutch, Turbonegro, and Viking Skull. He has also directed for his brother’s band CKY.

Contributing to independent reality movies had also been his interest along with curating his bar called ‘The Note’.

Although Margera has effectively retired from skateboarding with no sponsorship, he is part of a professional skateboarding team, ‘Team Element’.

Not-so-celebrated yet celebrated relationship

His engagement with Jenn Rivell made a lot of contributions to his career she played prominent roles in many projects of his. They were appearing as cohabiting in several episodes of his project Viva La Bam

The seven-year-old relationship ended with him filing a protection from abuse against Rivell after she broke into his home in 2006.

In 2006 itself he got back with his childhood sweetheart Melissa “Missy” Rothstein.

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Farewell to Jackass forever

The superstar who rose to fame with Jackass was relieved from Jackass forever. In a dire incident his drug test turned up positive and he was fired from the Jackass franchise.

He reacted initially that he was better off without it.

Furthermore, he claimed that the producers made him sign a “Wellness Agreement” and fired him in the name of a drug test afterward which resulted in breaking his contract.

He also filed a lawsuit addressing the violation of his civil rights.

But the climax to this extremely melodramatic episode of his life was quite anticlimactic.

In the end, he came to a settlement with Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, Jeffrey Tremaine, Paramount Pictures, and others, dismissing the lawsuit once and forever.

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Recently the fans of Bam who has a history of substance abuse and self-sabotage stood their ground against his conservatorship.

His family responded to him via his social media handles that he was never placed under conservatorship.

He was under proper health care family for his journey towards sobriety and good health.

According to his family “The ‘Free Bam’ theorists have encouraged his exit from treatment, despite their lacking knowledge of the details, his health, and well-being.”

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