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What is Brian Tamaki Net Worth in 2023?

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Brian Tamaki is a New Zealand legislator, traditional political lobbyist, and strict pioneer who is as of now moving on the web and media.

He is a well-known religious leader famous for his anti-stance on homosexuality.

Brian Tamaki has garnered a huge fan following cult for himself due to his strict views on religion and strict adherence to Biblical teachings.

However, this man has accumulated a lot of wealth too.

So let us know about his life and his net worth and see how he accumulated so much money for himself despite being a staunch advocate of his religion.

Read on to know more!

Brian Tamaki Net Worth 

Brian Tamaki
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Brian Tamaki has an estimated net worth of about $10 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, he had a net worth of about $9 Million.

His major source of income is his religious career as a church member. Tamaki became an ordained elder, and then (in September 1984) a pastor in the Tokoroa Apostolic Church.

Tamaki went on to establish the Rosetown Community Church in Te Awamutu, the Lake City Church in Rotorua, City Church, and then Destiny Church in Auckland.

Brian earns around $1 Million every year and given his rise in stardom and controversies, he surely will earn much more.

Brian Tamaki  Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameBrian Tamaki
Net Worth (2023)$10 million
Net Worth (2022)$9 million
Salary (Yearly)$1 million
Earning SourceMultiple-Sources

Brian Tamaki Earning Sources 

Brian Tamaki is generally perceived as the congregation chief for the Destiny Church and his missions in regard to strict developments.

He heads Destiny Church, a Pentecostal Christian organization in New Zealand that advocates strict adherence to fundamentalist biblical morality and is notable for its position against homosexuality, its patriarchal views, and its calls for a return to biblical conservative family values and morals.

Trans woman MP Georgina Beyer confronted Tamaki at the “Enough is Enough” protest in Wellington in August 2004, charging “Your hatred is intolerable”.

Beyer also compared Tamaki to despots like Robert Mugabe in a 3 News interview.

However, these controversies ultimately help him gain more fame and in return give him more money.

Who is Brian Tamaki? 

Brian Tamaki-image
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Brian Tamaki whose full name is Brian Raymond Tamaki born on 2 February 1958, is a New Zealand fundamentalist Christian religious leader and far-right political activist.

A Tainui man from the Ngati Ngawaero and Ngati Maniapoto tribes, he is the leader of Destiny Church, a pentecostal Christian organization in New Zealand.

It advocates strict adherence to fundamentalist biblical morality and is notable for its position against homosexuality, its patriarchal views, and for its calls for a return to biblical conservative family values and morals.

Brian Tamaki has also stated the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign the world has “strayed from God”, which led to widespread condemnation, with one Anglican vicar describing Tamaki as “dangerous”.

This, alongside many comments he has made, and how he has amassed a large fortune by preaching the prosperity gospel to a mostly working-class audience, has made him a controversial figure in New Zealand.

Brian Tamaki Financial Journey 

Brian Tamaki-
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Brian Tamaki has had quite a distinctive journey in his school.

Tamaki dropped out of secondary school at fifteen, after, as he describes in his autobiography, dabbling in drugs, before completing the fourth form and taking a labor job in the forestry industry.

In his teens, he impregnated Hannah Lee and the unwed couple moved to Te Awamutu, where Tamaki worked on a dairy farm owned by his uncle and aunt.

An incident occurred where Hannah tried to stab Tamaki to death. It is reported that he had to lock himself in the bathroom but that the blade pierced through the door, nearly wounding him.

Later at 21, Tamaki joined the Ngāruawāhia Apostolic Church. He lost his farm job and he and Lee returned to Tokoroa, where he attended the Tokoroa Apostolic Church.

Tamaki became heavily involved with the church after pastor Manuel Renata baptized him in December 1979.

Since Tamaki and his partner had not married, Renata would not allow him to carry out all the functions of the church. This is how he ultimately became a religious member and later founded his church.

Brian Tamaki Assets 

Brian Tamaki is a man with many valuable assets. The most well-known of which is his own home.

He has quite a few houses. One was located in New Zealand, on 10,000 square feet of land. It was a mansion with ten bedrooms and ten bathrooms and a large lawn and a garden.

He also has a good car collection and is fond of the latest releases but usually does not drive himself. He is also fond of bikes but it is not known if he owns a bike or not.

Brian Tamaki Brand Deals 

Brian Tamaki is an internet personality no doubt but he is not much into brand deals or endorsements for the public. He is a man focused on religion and its teachings.

Brian is a brand in himself who is a staunch advocate of biblical theories.

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Brian Tamaki Real Estate 

Brian Tamaki is not into the real estate business directly. He may get interested in it as a business source at a certain point in time when he wants to. But at present, it does not seem to be the case.

Now he does not seem to have any ventures in the real estate business apart from his own houses.

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Why Brian Tamaki is Wealthy? 

Brian Tamaki has a high net worth and is wealthy enough due to his extreme success as a religious preacher. He gradually climbed up the financial ladder to become a millionaire from a middle-class family.

Brian earned a huge amount from his image as a religious member of the church. And since he executed his work so well, his followers and their donations gradually increased.

Gradually but surely he has become a millionaire and his net worth will only grow in the following years.

Thank you for reading this article about Brian Tamaki. Do add your thoughts and comments below. Enjoy reading!

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