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Who is Bunnie Xo?

Bunnie Xo,
source: Instagram

Bunnie Deford aka Bunnie Xo is a popular American actress, model, and social media sensation who is immensely famous for being the wife of Jelly Roll.

The couple has gained massive attraction because of their relationship as both of them have a huge fan following over the internet. Her husband, Jelly Roll is a renowned American rapper.

Bunnie Xo has also performed with her spouse Jelly Roll in his music videos and live events. The couple has always proven each other being very supportive in every situation.

Despite having a lot of things in life, they have held their hand with strength and still follow the oath of their marriage.

Bunny Xo and Jelly Roll

Bunny Xo and Jelly Roll are a couple known for their love and partnership. They have shared a strong bond and have been together for several years.

Bunny Xo, whose real name is not widely known, is Jelly Roll’s wife. Their relationship has been publicly acknowledged, and they have supported each other through various endeavors and personal milestones.

Together, they have faced challenges and celebrated successes, making them a beloved couple within their community.

Why is Bunnie Famous?

Bunnie Xo has achieved fame through various avenues. Her strong presence on social media platforms, where she shares her life and insights, has garnered her a dedicated following.

Additionally, her relationship with Jelly Roll, a prominent rapper, has contributed to her fame.

Bunnie Xo’s modeling career, characterized by her unique style and fashion sense, has allowed her to collaborate with notable brands.

Where is Bunnie Xo From?

Bunnie Xo hails from Nashville, Tennessee, United States, her place of birth.

While she currently resides in the United States and frequently moves to different states within the country, Nashville holds a special place in her heart.

It is where she originated from and where her journey began. She has a deep connection to the city and enjoys spending a significant amount of her time there.

Bunnie Xo Early Life and Parents

Bunnie Xo was born on 21 January 1995 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America. Her mother, whose profile is yet to be revealed, ran away when Bunnie was just three months old.

Since then, Bunnie’s father Bill, who was a musician, take care of her and grown up like a legend. Back last year, he appeared on a podcast and stated about those moments when he raised Bunnie as a single parent.

He mentioned all those rough phases they had to go through due to their poor condition.

And that’s why he would always feel proud of his daughter who changed the way they lived with her hard work.

When is Bunny Xo’s Birthday?

Bunny Xo was born on January 22, 1995, in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Her parents, who have chosen to remain anonymous, have kept a low profile in the media since her childhood.

However, they are immensely proud of their daughter for surpassing their expectations and achieving great things.

How old is Bunny Xo? Her age

As of 2023, Bunny Xo is 28 years old. She was born on January 22, 1995, and based on the current date, her age is calculated to be around 28 years.

Despite being 28 years old, Bunny Xo continues to radiate beauty in every aspect. Her age does not diminish her stunning appearance, which is a testament to her hard work and dedication to maintaining her physical well-being.

Bunny Xo’s Father

Bill Spills, Bunny Xo’s father, recently appeared on a podcast where he openly discussed his experience of raising her as a single parent. He shared details about her childhood and the challenges she had to overcome.

Bill Spills, a musician, took on the responsibility of raising Bunny Xo after her mother, a stripper, left when Bunny was only three months old.

What is Bunnie Xo Real Name?

There is always a doubt about Bunnie Xo’s real name. Well, her real name is Bunnie DeFord which she has been named since her childhood.

Her name Bunnie Xo is sure popular nowadays, but she was born and raised with the name Bunnie DeFord. So, this is what her actual name is.

Who is Bunny Xo Married to?

Bunnie Xo
source: Instagram

Bunny Xo is married to Jelly Roll, also known as Jason DeFord, since August 31, 2016. The couple first met at a Jelly Roll concert at the Las Vegas Country Saloon.

They fell deeply in love and decided to get married. They have been living together for six and a half years.

The couple is married for over six years and still so loving in such a generation where divorces are common. This is what their fans love about them.

The couple loves spending time with each other and also going on adventures together.

How did Jelly Roll meet his wife, Bunny Xo?

Jelly Roll met his wife, Bunny Xo, at a concert in 2010 at the Las Vegas Country Saloon, where Jelly Roll was performing. They crossed paths, although at the time Bunny Xo was unaware of who he was.

Jelly Roll sometimes enjoys sharing a fictional story about their meeting at a plus-size male strip club called Chip & Whales, where he supposedly worked as a stripper and would entertain while receiving tips.

However, the truth is that they actually met at a concert where Jelly Roll was performing.

How long have Jelly Roll and Bunny Xo been married?

Jelly Roll and Bunny Xo have been married for over 6 and a half years. They tied the knot on August 31, 2016, which means they have been together for six years.

Despite their busy schedules, Bunny and Jelly have managed to maintain their relationship for six years and counting. They are deeply committed to their love for each other.

Do Jelly Roll and Bunny have a child?

No, Jelly Roll and Bunny do not have a child together. However, they are the parents of two children, Bailee Ann DeFord and Noah DeFord, from Jelly Roll’s previous relationship with a woman named Felicia.

They are currently waiting to have a child together.

Who is the biological mother of Bailee Ann?

The biological mother of Bailee Ann DeFord is Felicia DeFord, Jelly Roll’s first wife. After their separation, Jelly Roll married Bunny Xo, who now cares for Bailee and her brother.

As of now, there is no information available about Felicia, as she has chosen to stay away from the media spotlight.

Bunnie Xo Step-Kids

Bunnie Xo has two lovely step-children, a daughter name Baille DeFord and a son named Noah DeFord.

She and Jelly can be seen spending time with their children, who love playing with Bunnie.

Still, they mostly try to keep personal things away from the limelight to avoid any personal and professional life conflicts.

Is Bunnie Xo Sober?

Yes, Bunnie Xo is sober. She has successfully maintained her sobriety for 16 months. Jelly Roll has expressed his excitement and happiness regarding her journey towards sobriety.

He mentioned that Bunnie Xo openly discussed her struggles and the path to her sobriety during an episode of the Dumb Blonde podcast.

Are Jelly Roll and Bunnie still married?

Yes, Jelly Roll and Bunnie are still married together and living their happy life. They seem unbreakable as the couple holds a strong bond between them.

Hopefully, their long-lasting relationship will go a long way.

Bunnie Xo Plastic Surgery

Bunnie Xo has once gone through her breast implant surgery which she did in the 2000s.

Before this, she was not feeling confident with her looks, and that’s why she decided to take this step, where she had to spend nearly $10,000 USD.

Further, she has done eyebrow lists, cheek implants, lip augmentations, and rhinoplasty. Because of these steps, many people criticize her though it doesn’t matter to her.

Bunnie Xo Net Worth

Bunnie Xo-
source: Instagram

Bunnie Xo has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million as of the year 2023. She has grabbed such a huge wealth through her various earning sources.

However, last year in 2022, she was still rich as she was having a whooping wealth of $2 million. But this year, she will end up at around the $2.5 million mark.

With this data, we can say that her annual salary is around $500,000 USD which seems to grow more in the coming years.

From brand promotions and endorsement deals, Bunnie has all the possible and legit ways to make huge money in a short span of time.

Despite these, she can make really nice amount through her different social media platforms. Even Instagram is now monetized to make huge money.

And she is applicable to all social media platforms to generate a lot of. Overall, she is financially stable and has huge potential to live a luxurious life.

Bunnie Xo Net Worth & Earning Reports 2023
Name Bunnie Xo
Net Worth (2023) $2.5 million
Net Worth (2022) $2 million
Salary (Yearly) $500,000 USD
Earning Source Social Media

What Does Bunnie Xo Do for a Living?

Bunnie Xo works as a social media creator, model, and actress which pays her nicely for her living. In these three fields only, she has different earning sources.

And as we already know she has a nice wealth already, thus she would not have any financial issues in order to live properly.

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Bunnie Xo Height and Weight

Bunnie Xo stands around 5 feet 9 inches taller, which is equal to 175 centimeters or 1.75 meters. Besides this, her weight is around 55 kg which is equivalent to 121 lbs in pounds.

She looks gorgeous in terms of her physical appearance. Even professionally she is amazing. Some words for her, are hot, killer look, sizzling, and striking.

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