Michael’s Scott Moser, better known by his stage name Cactus Moser, was born on May 3, 1957, and has been in the public eye for a long time.

His work in the music and film industries has led to this. He is a vocalist, the drummer for the Big Noise, and a founding member of the Highway 101 country band.

In addition, he writes, produces, and directs the music. He is most recognized for his roles in Union Bound, Cassidy Way, Back to School.

Besides his great work in the industry, Moser has been a brave and passionate individual. In 2012 he survived a major bike crash losing his left leg.

After being constantly hit by reality, he came back to his work and produced amazing masterpieces. Moser fortune accumulated year by year and now he has an enormous net worth.

Let’s know more about Cactus Moser’s net worth, earning sources, and much more.

So without any further delay let’s get started with this article.

Cactus Moser’s Net Worth

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Cactus Moser estimated net worth is $5 million approximately as of 2023. His estimated net worth for the previous year 2022 was $4 million approximately.

Moser’s main source of income as an entertainer and musician was a significant portion of his riches.

He is one of the original members of the L.A.-based country music group 101 and has achieved success as a drummer.

Before disbanding in 2010, the now-defunct band produced several hits. Moser’s annual income is $1 million approximately.

Cactus Moser  Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameCactus Moser
Net Worth (2023)$5 million
Net Worth (2022)$4 million
Salary (Yearly)$1 million
Earning SourceMultiple-Sources

Cactus Moser Earning Sources

Cactus Moser is an artist by heart and has a diverse profession in the music industry. He earns through his career as a drummer, producer, instrumentalist, writer, and singer.

Throughout his career, he has created and released several masterpieces. Cactus has been nominated for three Grammy Honors and has received four Country Music Association awards.

In addition to his musical career with Highway 101, he also performs as the drummer for his wife’s band, The Big Noise.

Moser also earns royalties and brand endorsements now and then.

Cactus Moser Financial Journey

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Career With Wife

With Wynonna & Cactus: Party of Two, country music icons Cactus Moser along with his wife performed for the first time at the Kessler Theater.

Storytelling has always been at the center of Wynonna’s profession. Whether Wynonna is performing with her mother as one-half of the iconic pair ‘The Judds’.

Or pushing the envelope on her own hugely successful solo journey, her capacity to speak to the human spirit with her brave and unapologetic honesty is her true talent.

Moser’s rich and authoritative voice has sold more than 30 million CDs worldwide throughout his extraordinary career.

Earning him the respect of the millions of admirers who are drawn to her music and unquestionable ability.

He was often referred to as “the best male country vocalist by Rolling Stone. Moser is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, entertainer, musician, and drummer.

He has also won the Country Music Association and the Modern Drummer readers’ poll on many occasions.

Grammy & Achievements

Moser was chosen for a Grammy Award several times. He has been a key supporter and member of the incredibly popular, Grammy-nominated band Highway 101 for 20 years.

Moser is also a member of his significant other’s band, Wynonna and the Big Noise.

Acting Career

He also had a brief acting career on the big screen, where he portrayed a bar band in the comedy Back to School (1986)

Cactus Moser Brand Deals

Cactus Moser earns money in the same ways via paid associations, brand deals, and supported agreements.

Because of his intense enthusiasm, Cactus’ total assets and yearly salary will undoubtedly increase shortly.

Cactus is an exceptionally energized worker and he is doing something if he isn’t working on his music or writing a song.

He supports brands with high sustainability values and ethical practices.

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Why Cactus Moser Is Wealthy?

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Cactus Moser has been working with immense passion on his music and songs. He constantly strived to make his art better each time he practiced.

Moser is his critic so it makes him hard on himself eventually making him an outstanding piece of music. His wife, Wynonna Judd who is being called his better half supported him in every moment of his life.

We may say she balanced out his harsh self-criticism nature through her compassion and motivating trait. As she is a musician, Moser and Judd were constantly working together.

Even to this day, Moser is one of the best drummers and his songs are loved all over the world. He released numerous great songs. Which eventually made him enormously wealthy.

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Cactus Moser was never someone who took his work lightly. When he is working he couldn’t think of anything.

Being present in the moment is one of his traits he had. And having a loving partner who made him better in every way.

Let’s be honest, a partner who adds value to your life, by making you a better person is the point of having a partner.

Having been constantly sinking in his music Moser never ignored his life. He knew his life wasn’t just working.

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