Do you heard about, Colion Noir? a leading 2nd emendation advocate and TV host who has a passion for arms as well as a prepossession of the AR- 15?

He went on to earn a political science degree from the University of Houston and an aJ.D. degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University, also in Houston.

Colion Noir has earned a character for being a straight shooter on the subject of defending our Alternate Correction rights.

So, Let’s explore further him in this composition below, his net worth in 2022, and what other sources of his finance made him so wealthy.

Colion Noir Net Worth

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source: Instagram

As of 2022, The net worth of Colion Noir is around$ 1 million.

Indeed though he’s a gun-rights activist, he has been suitable to showcase precious cars on his posts.

This is primarily from his source of income from YouTube.

According to sources, his channel on YouTube is worth$,000.

The net worth of Noir could have been advanced as he’s incredibly talented and possesses an advanced degree.

also, in the last year, 2021 he amassed a net worth of $800,000 and earns further than $200,000 every year.

Colion Noir Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameColion Noir
Net Worth (2022)$1 million
Net Worth (2021)$800,000 USD
Salary (Yearly)$200,000 USD
Earning SourceUknown Sources

Major Sources of Colion Noir’s Income

Colion Noir is a largely talented person, He has worked in different capacities be it as a YouTube artist or an activist.

Still, he has always stayed discreet when it comes to his wealth, he collects the utmost of his earnings from his YouTube Channel, and his profession as a gun- rights activist and counsel.

Still, we expect him to do much further for the betterment of people and also to describe further about himself.

People can witness him in a much larger part due to his advocacy for gun control.

Who is Colion Noir?

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source: Instagram

Colion Noir is an American gun- rights activist and counsel. He has been hired by the National Rifle Association for NRA News.

Despite not appearing in the news since 2019, he continues to support the association.

Noir is popular on YouTube and hosts a web series called NOIR.

He has amassed further than 2.33 million subscribers on YouTube, as of December 2022.

Early Life of Colion Noir

Collins Noir was born on November 27, 1983, in Houston, Texas.

His mother is a registered nurse and his father works as an administrative cook.

His parents immigrated from Nigeria to the United States, Noir is the only child of his parents.

He was raised in Houston and attended a high academy in Houston.

Academical Background

Following this, he went to the University of Houston and earned his degree in political science.

Noir also went to Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law for his J.D. degree.

It was when he attended Thurgood Marshall School of Law that he started to have an interest in arms.

Colion Noir’s Personal Life

Colion Noir
source: Instagram

Colion Noir has noway disclosed if he’s wedded or has a girlfriend.

He prefers to keep his personal life private, Indeed when he posts anything on social media, it’s always related to programs, and is no way on his matters.

Also, In 2019, Noir it that he had a girlfriend still the couple broke up.

Colion Noir’s Gesture of Notoriety

Colion Noir came passionate about munitions and guns when he was still a child.

During his childhood days, he used to lock munitions in the wardrobe so that people won’t find them.

After earning his JD degree, he decided to come to a mortal rights advocate.

It was also that he became a popular name in magazines and journals.

Colins’s YouTube

Soon he came up with a YouTube channel called Colion Noir.

In his videos, he educates millions of people on how to keep a gun. As of March 2021, his videos have brought over 223 million views.

Noir also has further than2.33 a million subscribers on YouTube, He’s veritably active on social media and has numerous followers on Instagram and Twitter

In 2013, he was signed by the National Rifle Association( NRA) in the post of judge.

He use to appear in the NRA news and was indeed at its convention.

The Guardian described him to be the most prominent black judge after he come NRA’s commentator in 2017.

He left NRA in 2019 and continues to support the association.

Noir’s Non-Profit Organization

In addition to the below, he’s also the proprietor of Noir Inc. The website also deals with wares.

piecemeal from this, he’s also associated with an anon-profit association called Walk the Talk AmericaNoir has always supported gun control and has indeed blamed different administrations.

He’s a gun rights advocate and pushes the docket for people’s safety.

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Colion Noir has not won an award in his career, He’s an advocate and has done much for gun control.

Despite not winning an award, Noir was described as the “ most prominent black judge ” by the Guardian.

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Bottom Line

Well, Above, Colion Noir is an American gun- rights activist and counsel.

Also, we shared his income considerations, gun-rights activism, lawyer, YouTube career-predicated investments, and other finance-related information about his Early and Personal life.

Hope you enjoyed it all and regard this work of article presented here.

Let us know your belief and studies regarding this article in the comment section. We’d love and suppose largely of your reviews and recommendations.

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