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However, She was a ridiculously talented and highly reputable emcee in the rap community who was featured on several popular tracks that earned a ton of airtime on both TV and radio.

Also made a historical past as the major feminine rapper to go platinum however she besides grew to become infamous for having violent outbursts.

Further, she brings in more than $200k-250k annually, despite several setbacks in her career.

However, let’s figure out who’s she, more about her personality, and the rapid progress in her career, In short, all the apparent details about her life from her career to her wealth, stay pitched till the end.

Da Brat Net Worth

Da brat
source: instagram

Da Brat is an American rapper and actress who has a net worth of $1 million as of the year 2022.

She is one of the first female MCs to hit the hip-hop event during the ’90s. Her debut album, “Funkdafied”, sold one million copies in 2004 earning her the first female rapper to have a platinum-selling album.

Unfortunately, some formal problems later in her career have caused Da Brat to experience some monetary stress in recent years.

However, including a 2018 bankruptcy filing in which she recorded debts of just under $8 million and assets of just $100,000.

Similarly, She possibly amassed a net worth of over $800,000 in the last year 2021 and achieved an annual income of $200,000.

Da Brat Net Worth & Earning Reports
Name Da Brat
Net Worth (2022) $1 million
Net Worth (2021) $800,000
Salary (Yearly) $200,000
Earning Source Acting and Rapping

Major Sources of Income

At the peak of her career, Da Brat was earning $40,000 per month from live shows, as well as affiliations with other artists.

Apart from that, she is also an actress and has earned money from the film enterprise by depicting different characters in TV series and films.

Da Brat’s annual income is more than $200k.

Who is Da Brat?

Da Brat-
source: instagram

Da Brat, who is officially realized as Shawntae Harries, is not only an actress but also a rapper.

Harrie’s debut album was published two years after she began her career.

In 1994 it was published bearing the title Funkdafied.

It received a platinum certification making the album the first female rap act to earn the certification.

Regarding a combination of both solo and group, she was position two, and Salt-N-Pesa was stance one.

Early Life of Da Brat

The Chicago native Da Brat was born on April 14, 1974, and first began rapping at the age of eleven.

Brat was born to a Chicago city bus driver and her parents never wedded.

So she was subsequently raised in two different households.

She lived part-time with her mother and grandmother and followed an Apostolic church and sang in the choir four times a week.

Further, she accompanied Kenwood Academy in Chicago for high school and ran track, and played basketball.

Moreover, she graduated in 1992 from the Academy of Scholastic Achievement, a charter school that caters to at-risk youth.

Da Brat’s Financial Report

In August 2018 Da Brat documented for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

In her filing, she listed $108,700 in assets and penalties of $7.8 million.

However, Her liability total encompassed the $6.4 million judgment owed to the nightclub assault victim.

She reportedly also owed Sony Music $1.255 million, $12,000 to Ally Bank, and a few thousand to the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue.

As for her assets, she recorded a 1999 Mercedes 238i which she contended was worth $5,000.

Moreover, she a 2014 BMW 328i which she claimed was worth $15,000, and a $23,000 Jeep Wrangler.

Salary Highlights

Further, She documented an average monthly income of $9,300 and average monthly expenses of $10,500.

At the time of her filing, approximately halfway through 2018, Da Brat reported $75,000 in income to that point.

Moreover, She recorded a total of $92,000 in income for 2016.

A few months after the filing, her assault victim filed a lawsuit that stressed her debt not be wiped clean by the bankruptcy filing.

The victim also documented that the original $6.4 million debt had grown to $8 million with interest.

She claimed to have not yet earned a penny from the rapper.

Da Brat’s Personal Life

Having kept her sexuality and relationships private from the public eye for years.

Da Brat finally came out on Instagram in March 2020 and indicated she was in a relationship with businesswoman Jesseca Dupart.

Jessica is a profitable entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products which generates millions per year in revenue.

Da Brat’s Gesture of Notoriety

Da Brat was still in her teens when producer Jermaine Dupri found out about her in 1992.

Later, as she came out as a winner in an amateur rap contest sponsored by “Yo! MTV Raps.”

As part of her prize, she met the young rap duo Kriss Kross, who inaugurated her to Dupri who signed her to his So So Def label.

Under Dupri’s production, Da Brat published her first album “Funkdafied” which enjoyed platinum success. Further, going to number two on the R&B charts and spending approximately three months on top of the rap singles chart.

The single of the same name attained No. 1 on the rap singles chart and #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

However, The second single off the album, “Give It 2 You”, attained No. 26 on the Hot 100.

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Big Breaks or Releases

For her 1996 follow-up album, “Anuthatantrum”, Da Brat took tremendous control of her music and persona, making it another retail success.

Further, With hits “Sittin’ on Top of the World” and “Ghetto Love”, featuring T-Boz from TLC.

However, she got back to the R&B Top Five and pop Top 20. Concurrently, she earned high-profile cameo appearances on records by the fancies of Mariah Carey.

Thus, (a remix for her hit “Always Be My Baby”), Missy Eliot, Dru Hill, and Lil’ Kim, among others.

During the sediment of the ’90s, Da Brat came to be known more for her featured impressions on other rappers’ albums rather than her solo work.

Also, she starred with Kriss Kross on the title track of their albums “Da Bomb” and “Young, Rich, and Dangerous.”

In 1996, Da Brat earned her feature film debut in “Kazaam” starring Shaq. Later on, In 1997, she seemed with Dupri on another remix for Carey, “Honey (So So Def mix).

Da Brat listed the hit remix of “Ladies Night (Not Tonight) in 1997 with Lil’ Kim, Left Eye from TLC, Angie Martinez, and Missy Elliot.

Moreover, later that year she was featured on “Sock It 2 Me”, a track from Elliot’s debut album “Supa Dupa Fly.”

Furthermore, Da Brat also seemed on a remix of Destiny’s Child’s single “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” in 1999.

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Bottom Line

Well, Above all, Da Brat, who is officially known as Shawntae Harries, is not only an actress but also a rapper.

However, with her costly lifestyle and progressive career, she experienced a wealthy life. In Addition, here we coated everything about Da Brat’s net worth.

Also, income references, real estate investments, and other finance-related information about her Early and Personal life.

Hope you enjoyed it all and admire this work of article presented here. Let us know your opinion and thoughts regarding this article in the comment section.

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