Daniel Kinahan, a well-known member of a drug ring in Ireland. Moreover, he isn’t just a member of the mafia. In fact, he is the son of a drug lord who is extremely notorious in Ireland.

No wonder he can be the talk of the town any day given his strong links and sanctions due to his involvement in the drug trafficking business.

So read about this interesting personality below. Know all about his life, his career, his net worth, and much more!

Daniel Kinahan Net Worth 

Daniel Kinahan-
source: the-sun.com

Daniel Kinahan has an estimated net worth of $10 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, he had a net worth of around $8 Million.

Daniel recently came to the spotlight after arranging a high-profile boxing match. He recently arranged a match between two heavyweight boxers.

Furthermore, it is said the people involved in the match will profit more than a hundred thousand.

He came to the spotlight after arranging a fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Which resulted in many eyes turning to him. This is his main source of income.

Daniel Kinahan earns around $2 Million per year and given his appearance again in public and in the gaming sector, his net worth will gradually grow.

Daniel Kinahan Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameDaniel Kinahan
Net Worth (2023)$10 million
Net Worth (2022)$8 million
Salary (Yearly)$2 million
Earning SourceCrime

Daniel Kinahan Earning Sources 

Daniel Kinahan basically earned his money by being a well-known drug trafficker.

In a 2009 diplomatic cable sent from a U.S. embassy in South America to The Pentagon, Kinahan was described as a “suspected international drug-trafficking figure”.

This drug trafficking business initially supplied him with a lot of money.

In 2012, Kinahan founded MTK Global (originally named MGM) with Irish boxer Matthew Macklin in Marbella, Spain. Since its founding, MTK Global has signed a host of world-class fighters, such as Tyson Fury and Darren Till.

In 2017, in the wake of the shooting of David Byrne of which Kinahan was considered the main target, MTK Global claimed to have cut its ties with Kinahan.

However, he has remained a prominent figure in the international boxing world, including as an advisor and matchmaker for Fury.

Despite the apparent cutting of ties with MTK Global in February 2017, Kinahan remained an active figure in global boxing.

Who is Daniel Kinahan?

Daniel Kinahan
source: the-sun.com

Daniel Kinahan whose full name is Daniel Joseph Kinahan was born on 25 June 1977. He is an Irish boxing promoter and suspected crime boss.

Daniel Kinahan has been named by the High Court of Ireland as a senior figure in organized crime on a global scale.

The Criminal Assets Bureau has stated he “controlled and managed” the operations of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group (commonly called the Kinahan Cartel), a criminal organization that smuggles drugs and firearms into Ireland, the UK, and mainland Europe, and “has associations that facilitate international criminal activity in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America”.

Daniel Kinahan Financial Journey 

Daniel Kinahan started his financial journey as a small-scale businessman who later formed one of the most fierce gangs in Ireland.

The Kinahan Cartel has had an ongoing feud with the Hutch Gang. The feud began in 2015 when Gary Hutch was murdered in Marbella, Spain by the Kinahan gang.

As of August 2021, at least 18 people have been killed in the feud.

In October 2022 the head of the Irish police Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau stated in an affidavit to the Irish High Court that Kinahan had “sanctioned a number of murders” as part of the Hutch–Kinahan feud, during a CAB court case where properties were ordered seized by the judge as it was proven they were the proceeds of crime.

So his financial career saw many ups and downs as a drug dealer as well as a boxing promoter.

Daniel Kinahan Assets 

Daniel Kinahan is a man with many valuable assets. The most well-known of which is his own home.

Daniel Kinahan’s house was located in Ireland. He owns many houses in Ireland along with his dad, who heads the drug market.

Daniel Kinahan also has a good car collection and is fond of the latest releases. However, he does not really buy every car that he likes.

Daniel Kinahan Real Estate 

Daniel Kinahan-pic
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Daniel Kinahan is a real estate mastermind. He has done more than enough to become a millionaire and has lots of credits to his name.

Similarly, becoming a Real estate innovator, hotelier, and now even a boxing match promoter is no easy feat. It takes a certain level of know-how and determination to hack it in this world.

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Daniel Kinahan Investments 

Daniel Kinahan has a lot of investments due to which he is a wealthy man.

Daniel Kinahan supposedly owns a restaurant and a few pubs that were renowned for their cuisine and food. It was located somewhere in Ireland.

Later on, he opened another restaurant in the States.

It turned out to be a success, and it operated for ten years. Furthermore, he sought something new and started working in real estate. Through this, he has managed to make a tremendous fortune.

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Why Daniel Kinahan is Wealthy? 

Daniel Kinahan is a wealthy rich man because he has many investments, business ventures, and many others.

Mostly because he is related to a famous drug trafficking ring in Ireland, and he has tons and tons of money.

Daniel Kinahan has lots of investments in every field a man can contribute to earning money. His business gives him a healthy cushion to experiment with his other money-making ventures.

So no wonder this man is a millionaire.

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