What’s up, y’all? If you’re a fan of football, then you probably know the name, Demaryius Thomas.

This wide receiver made a name for himself during his time in the NFL.

However, playing for teams like the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, and New York Jets. But what’s he up to these days?

And more importantly, how much is he worth? Well, you’re in luck, ’cause I’ve got the scoop on DT’s net worth in 2023.

From making big bucks on the field to raking in cash from endorsements.

However, let’s take a look at how much this football superstar is worth and what he’s been up to since retiring from the game, Get ready to be impressed!

Who is Demaryius Thomas?

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Demaryius Thomas was born in 1987 in Montrose, Georgia.

He played college football at Georgia Tech, where he was a standout player and caught the attention of NFL scouts.

Later, In the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos selected him with the 22nd overall pick, and he went on to have a successful career in the league.

Also, Thomas played for the Broncos from 2010 to 2018, during which he established himself as one of the top wide receivers in the NFL.

Moreover, He was a four-time Pro Bowler and won a Super Bowl with the team in 2015.

He also set numerous franchise records for the Broncos, including the most receptions in a single season and most receiving yards in a single season.

After leaving the Broncos, Thomas played briefly for the Houston Texans and the New York Jets before retiring from the NFL in 2021.

Despite his relatively short career, he left a lasting impression on the league and remains one of the most talented wide receivers of his generation.

Demaryius Thomas’ Major Career Earnings

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Throughout his NFL career, Demaryius Thomas earned a significant amount of money through his contracts and endorsements.

According to Spotrac, a website that tracks NFL player contracts and salaries.

However, Thomas earned a total of $72,789,450 in his career.

In addition, His biggest contract came in 2015, when he signed a five-year, $70 million deal with the Broncos.

At the time, it was the largest contract ever signed by a wide receiver in NFL history.

However, Thomas’ career earnings were not just limited to his contracts.

Also, he earned money through his endorsements, which included deals with companies such as Nike and Papa John’s.

Demaryius Thomas’ Net Worth 2023

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So, what is Demaryius Thomas’ net worth in 2023? While exact figures are hard to come by.

In addition, it is estimated that Thomas’ net worth is around $25 million.

Similarly, in the year 2022, he amassed a net worth of $20 million and on annual basis, he earned up to $5 million.

This figure takes into account his career earnings, as well as his investments and other sources of income.

Despite retiring from the NFL in 2021, Thomas has continued to be active in the business world, investing in a variety of ventures.

In 2020, he launched his own cannabis company, called ‘D. Thomas Wellness’, which produces a range of CBD-infused products.

He has also invested in real estate, with properties in both Colorado and Georgia.

Another factor that has contributed to Thomas’ net worth is his charitable work.

Throughout his career, he has been active in the community.

So, working with a variety of organizations to support causes such as childhood cancer research and helping underprivileged children.

In 2013, he launched the ‘Demaryius Thomas Foundation’, which provides resources and support to disadvantaged youth.

Demaryius Thomas Real Estate Investments and Property

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As mentioned earlier, Demaryius Thomas has invested in real estate throughout his career.

He currently owns properties in both Colorado and Georgia, and these investments have likely contributed to his net worth.

One of Thomas’ most notable real estate investments is a 5,521-square-foot home in Colorado.

Moreover, he purchased it in 2014 for $4.3 million.

The property is located in the Cherry Hills Village area, which is known for its luxury homes and exclusive neighborhoods.

Also, the home features six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a variety of high-end amenities, including a home theater and a wine cellar.

In addition to his Colorado property, Thomas also owns a home in his hometown of Montrose, Georgia.

Furthermore, The property, which was purchased in 2012 for $750,000, is a 6,332-square-foot home that sits on over two acres of land.

In addition, The home features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a range of high-end amenities, including a pool and a tennis court.

It is not clear whether Thomas has invested in other real estate properties, but he has likely made other investments in this area.

Real estate can be a lucrative investment for athletes and other high-net-worth individuals, as it offers the potential for significant returns over time.

Demaryius Thomas’ Car Collection

One of the most notable cars in Thomas’ collection is a Lamborghini Aventador.

Therefore, which is a high-performance sports car known for its sleek design and powerful engine.

The Aventador has a top speed of over 200 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds.

It is not clear whether Thomas owns any other Lamborghinis, but he likely has at least one other car from this luxury brand.

Similarly, Thomas has also been spotted driving a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Moreover, which is a high-end sports car known for its speed and agility.

The 458 Italia can reach a top speed of 202 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds.

Likewise, the Lamborghini, Ferrari is a popular choice among athletes and other high-net-worth individuals.

In addition to his Lamborghini and Ferrari, Thomas has been seen driving a Porsche Panamera, which is a luxury sedan known for its comfort and performance.

Also, The Panamera can reach a top speed of 178 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.4 seconds.

So, It is not clear whether Thomas owns any other Porsches, but he likely has a few other cars from this brand in his collection.

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Why Demaryius Thomas is Wealthy?

As he is considered wealthy due to his success as a professional football player, as well as his various business ventures and investments.

Throughout his NFL career, Thomas earned millions of dollars in salary and bonuses.

Moreover, which helped to establish his wealth.

He also earned additional income through endorsement deals with brands such as Nike and Pepsi.

However, Thomas’ wealth is not solely the result of his football career.

Also, he has invested in a range of businesses and ventures, including real estate and his own cannabis company.

These investments have helped to diversify his income and build his net worth.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, Demaryius Thomas’ net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $25 million.

While his NFL career was relatively short, he earned a significant amount of money through his contracts and endorsements.

In addition to his earnings, Thomas has invested in a range of ventures.

However, including real estate and his own cannabis company. 

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