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Donnie Wahlberg Net Worth 2022

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The person who is the star of today’s this article is not just a profitable actor, but he has also been a musician, producer, reality television star, and he is prominent businessman.

This man is not that similar boy band member from the 90s, Back in the day, who joined four other boys and shaped part of the pop group called Kids on the Block, are you able to guess his name, now?

A Person who has also achieved in his well-known entertainment care with several successful films.

Additionally, he is very profitable in the theatre industry and music, but he is not a singer.

Know more about this person in the below lines and stay tuned till the bottom line for a better acknowledgment of his financial report, personal to professional life, and more.

Donnie Wahlberg Net Worth

Donnie wahlberg
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Donnie Wahlberg is an American actor, singer, and creator who has a net worth of $25 million as of the year 2022.

He first became known as a unit of the boy band New Kids on the Block, and also an actor and entrepreneur.

However, he fulfilled $20 million as his net worth in the year 2021, with an annual income of $5 million.

Donnie Wahlberg Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameDonnie Wahlberg
Net Worth (2022)$25 million
Net Worth (2021)$20 million
Salary (Yearly)$5 million
Earning SourceMultiple Sources

Who is Donnie Wahlberg?

Donnie Wahlberg is an outstanding American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, record producer, and film producer.

He is a founding unit of the boy band new kids on the block. Outside music, he has had roles in the Saw films.

Also,  Zookeeper, Dreamcatcher, The Sixth Sense, Righteous Kill, and Ransom, as well as seeming in the World War II miniseries Band of Brothers as Carwood Lipton.

Early Life of Donnie Wahlberg

donnie wahlberg image
source: Instagram

He was assumed on August 17, 1969, in Boston Massachusetts, He developed in the primarily Irish-American neighborhood of Dorchester.

Donnie is the eighth out of nine children born to Donald, a teamster and liberation truck driver, and Alma, a nurse’s aide.

His younger brother is fellow actor/singer/producer Mark Wahlberg. On his mother’s side, Wahlberg distantly pertains to Nathaniel Hawthorne.

While Donnie was developing, the family was tight-knit and went to church together every Sunday.

Having such a big family did not come without its difficulties though; the siblings often fought and the family was often strapped for cash.

Their parents disconnected in 1982 when Donnie was 12 years old, He and Mark selected to live with their mother.

However, the rest of the siblings were either out on their own already as grown-ups or had gone to live with their father.

Academical Journey

When Donnie started elementary school in the ’70s, Boston was deeply entrenched in controversy over necessary busing to enforce public school desegregation.

Wahlberg was bused for almost an hour a day to mostly African American William Monroe Trotter School.

Wahlberg developed a wide love and affection for the soul and rap music that was outstanding among his African American friends.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Financial Successes

Donnie was one of the firstest prototypical “bad boys” of pop music.

At the peak of their success, NKOTB sold tens of millions of certificates and more than $400 million worth of merchandise.

When NKOTB’s rage began to fade in the early 90s, Donnie helped launch Mark’s rap career.

Donnie co-wrote and generated Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’s debut album “Music for the People”, which finally went platinum, Donnie then launched an acting career.

Blue Bloods Salary

In the early seasons of the exhibit, Donnie earned $60,000 per episode, roughly $1.3 million per season.

In recent years his per-episode salary has been $150,000, which achieves roughly $3.3 million per season.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Personal Life

He was arrested for arson in 1991 after setting a flame at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville.

Thus, KY. NKOTB had been partying with fans when Wahlberg fired vodka on a hallway carpet and continued to ignite it into flames.

The charge was lessened to a misdemeanor and dismissed after Donnie decided to appear in PSAs addressing fire safety and drunk driving.

Wahlberg was wedded to Kim Fey from 1999 – 2008 and wedded model/comedian Jenny McCarthy in 2014 and has two children.

He co-owns the chain hamburger restaurant Wahlburgers which starred in the show with his brothers Paul and Mark.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Gesture of Notoriety

Wahlberg’s initial film was the 1996 Tupac Shakur and Mickey Rourke film “Bullet”.

That same year, he fiddled with a role as a kidnapper in Ransom with Mel Gibson.

Wahlberg took a starring role in a fresh South-Boston-based film titled Southie in 1999, starring contrary Rose McGowan.

It was originally requested by his brother Mark, but he had to turn it down once he was requested the lead role in Boogie Nights.

Although a small film, Donnie’s portrayal of Danny Quinn received him a bit of critical acclaim.

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Donnie’s Crucial Moment

He achieved further crucial praise for a small part in the 1999 film “The Sixth Sense” and in the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers”, where he took advantage of Second Lieutenant C. Carwood Lipton.

In 2003, Donnie headlined Dreamcatcher, an adaptation of Stephen King’s alien-invasion thriller Dreamcatcher.

Wahlberg showed in the second installment of the box office-successful Saw series in 2005.

He played a secondary role in a short-lived CW drama Runway in 2006.

In 2007 saw Donnie showed in two TV series: A&E’s Kings of South Beach and The Kill Point. He seemed in 2008 in Righteous Kill and What Doesn’t Kill You.

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Bottom Line

Well, Above all, Donnie Wahlberg is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, record producer, and film producer.

However, with his costly lifestyle and progressive career, he shared a wealthy life.

In Addition, here we covered everything about Donnie Wahlberg’s net worth.

Also, income sources, real estate investments, and other finance-related information about his Early and Personal life.

Hope you enjoyed it all and admire this work of article presented here.

Let us know your opinion and thoughts regarding this article in the comment section.

We would love and admire your reviews and recommendations.

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