Donovan Weatherspoon is a social media sensation who gained fame on Vine and Instagram by creating short videos for both apps. He is known by the names Shoosh, Boston, and @2realmacdatfee.

Donovan Weatherspoon has over 850,000 followers on his 2realmacdatfee Instagram account. So his followers do want to know more about his lifestyle, his net worth, and his love life.

Read more to find out surprising facts about the popular social media personality.

Donovan Weatherspoon Net Worth 

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Donovan Weatherspoon has an estimated net worth of around $8.2 Million. In the previous year, in 2021, he had a net worth of about $7.8 Million.

Donovan Weatherspoon is a Social media sensation who gained fame on Vine and Instagram by creating short videos for both apps which became his main source of income.

Donovan Weatherspoon has over 1 million followers on his 2realmacdatfee Instagram account. He was tagged in a video called “Family that prays together stays together” by Tokyoxvanity. These become his main sources of income.

Donovan Weatherspoon earns nearly approximately $0.4 Million annually.  His income is estimated to rise with time as his fan base on social media is gradually increasing.

Donovan Weatherspoon Net Worth & Earning Reports
Name Donovan Weatherspoon
Net Worth (2022) $8.2 million
Net Worth (2021) $7.8 million
Salary (Yearly) $400,000 USD
Earning Source Social Media Star

Donovan Weatherspoon Earning Sources 

Donovan Weatherspoon seems to have many earning sources to fund his monetary status. His major earning source is his social media career especially his Instagram and his Vine accounts.

Donovan Weatherspoon has secondary sources of income that supplement his monthly income. Some of them are brand deals and promotions.

He also earns from certain advertisements and also does paid endorsements.

Who is Donovan Weatherspoon? 

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Donovan Weatherspoon is an American social media sensation and internet personality. He has a very large fan base of nearly 1 million.

Donovan Weatherspoon is known for his short videos and reels that are appealing to his audience. He never fails to create an impressionable video that his audience likes and enjoys.

Early Life of Donovan Weatherspoon 

Donovan Weatherspoon was born on the 20th of April 1990. He is 32 years old as of the year 2022. His zodiac sign is Aries.

Donovan Weatherspoon was born in New Orleans and grew up in Kenner, Louisiana, in the United States. Thus he holds an American nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

Though the names of his parents are not known, it is known that he comes from a well-settled Christian family and he himself is a follower of Christianity. However, it is also not known if he has any siblings or not.

As far as his education is concerned, he has completed high school at a local school in the states. But whether he is a college graduate or not is not known.

Donovan Weatherspoon Financial Journey 

Donovan Weatherspoon did not have a very smooth childhood in terms of money. Though his parents were well settled, he did not have many good terms and went on to search for financial security at an early age.

Donovan Weatherspoon started working as a carhop at Sonic when he was a junior in high school. Then Vine came along and he became an instant sensation from his first post.

This gave him the confidence to continue as a social media personality.

Donovan Weatherspoon then began his own comedy show on Instagram, which allowed him to create longer videos than he could on Vine. He later started getting paid to host parties which then helped him to make huge amounts of money.

Donovan Weatherspoon also launched an online clothing store called Common Cents Clothing which is quite famous amongst his fans and common people alike.

Donovan Weatherspoon Personal Life 

Donovan Weatherspoon is currently single. He is not in any relationship as of 2022. However, it is said that he has a daughter named Dylah.

Donovan Weatherspoon also tries to keep a low profile and avoids addressing questions about his personal life. So we do not know who the mother of his child is.

Donovan Weatherspoon has never been associated with any other celebrity or influencer. He has made no public remarks or disclosed any information about his personal life.

The man is preoccupied with his professional life, with an emphasis on career growth as an influencer.

Also, there is not much information available about his past relationships or whether he has been involved in any affairs or not.

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Donovan Weatherspoon Age and Height 

Donovan Weatherspoon the 32-year-old actor is 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm or 1.72 meters in height. He is also a handsome man who looks extremely dashing with his broad well-toned body.

Donovan Weatherspoon has a weight of 73 kg or 160 lbs which he maintains through his regular workouts. He has dark brownish-black hair and brown eyes on his chocolate-colored skin.

Donovan Weatherspoon has won the hearts of audiences with his clothing styles as well as his video performances on his social media.

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Why Donovan Weatherspoon’s Net Worth is High? 

Due to her extreme success as an American social media personality, Donovan Weatherspoon has a very high net worth. He climbed up the financial ladder to become a millionaire all by himself and through his hard work.

Donovan Weatherspoon earned a considerable amount from his clothing merchandise and also his presence on social media. With his increasing fame, his pay also increased when he was asked to host shows.

With his money in the right business, he became one of the richest American influencers.

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