Elizabeth Montgomery was one of the greatest American actresses during the late 90s. Throughout her career, she had amassed a lot of wealth with the help of her amazing acting experience.

She was continuously making more and more money in the film industry. But sadly, got died in 1995. Let’s check out her net worth and earnings reports as per her death time.

Elizabeth Montgomery Net Worth

Elizabeth Montgomery
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Elizabeth Montgomery estimated net worth was $20 million at the time of her death. As we know, she is no longer available with us, thereby it’s hard to clarify her income and salary.

However, during the time of her death, she must be earning more than $2-3 million every year and that’s how she reached the $20 million mark.

Elizabeth was one of the top actresses in her prime. But sadly, she is not alive today, otherwise, she would have been one of the richest actresses in the world.

Elizabeth Montgomery Net Worth & Earning Reports
Name Elizabeth Montgomery
Net Worth (1995) $20 Million
Net Worth (1994) $18 Million
Salary (Yearly) $2-3 Million
Earning Source Acting

Elizabeth Montgomery Earning Sources

Elizabeth Montgomery’s net worth was $5 million at the time of her death in 1995. The main sources of her wealth were her acting roles in television and film.

She also earned income from endorsements and public appearances.

Montgomery’s will stated that her estate was to be divided equally between her three children, William Asher, Robert Asher, and Rebecca Asher.

Montgomery’s estate has not been made public, so it is unclear how much money she left behind. However, it is safe to say that her grandchildren are now the beneficiaries of her wealth.

Montgomery’s career spanned over five decades, and she appeared in numerous television shows and movies.

Who is Elizabeth Montgomery?

Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery is a US-based TV Actress. She is well-known for Samantha Stephens and the TV series Bewitched.

She has been accomplished by people with her talent and is remembered for her outstanding performances. She is still living in millions of hearts after her death.

Her fans are enthusiastic to know about her. If you’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Montgomery and want to more explore about her, then this solid information is for you.

Early Life of Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery was born on 15th April 1933 in Los Angeles, California, U.S., and died on 18th May 1995 in Beverly Hills, California.

She was highly praised for her work on the stage, on TV, and in her films as well.

She paid out more than five in Entertainment Industry as an actress and singer. Her father is Robert Montgomery who was a famous actor, director, and producer of his time.

Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery made her TV debut appearance with the ‘Robert Montgomery Presents.

This series is directed by her father and this series won a Theatre World Award for her Broadway debut in the Production ‘Late Love’ in 1956.

Professional Career

Emizabeth Montgomery made her television debut in her father’s program Robert Montgomery Presents, and she occasionally joined his “summer stock” troupe of actors.

In October 1953, Montgomery made her Broadway debut in Late Love, for which she won a Theatre World Award for her performance.

She began her career in the theatre, making her debut on stage in Otto Preminger’s The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955).

Montgomery resumed her Broadway career in 1956 when she played Loud Red Patrick.

Bewitched: 1964-1972

In the ABC situation comedy Bewitched, Montgomery played the lead role of Samantha Stephens, a charming witch, with Dick York (and later with Dick Sargent) as her spouse.

Under the name Pandora Spocks, she played Serena, Samantha’s mischievous cousin, in the second season of The Wonder Years (a pun on Pandora’s Box).

Bewitched became a rating success (it was, at the time, the network’s highest-rated series ever).

From 1964 until its cancellation in 1972, the series Bewitched aired for eight seasons and was produced by Ralph Edwards. For her part in Bewitched, Montgomery received five Emmy and four Golden Globe nominations.

Despite the fact that it had low ratings towards the end of its run, it was renewed for a ninth season to begin airing in late 1972.

However, by the conclusion of Season 8, Montgomery’s marriage to William Asher’s wife was on the rocks and they had divorced.

She appeared as a witch at the conclusion of How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965), an imitation of her Samantha Stephens role.

Her then-boyfriend Asher directed the film.

That was also her first appearance in a feature film. She provided the voice of Samantha for an episode of The Flintstones that same year.

Rise to Stardom

In a series of Japanese television commercials (1980–83) for “Mother” chocolate biscuits and cookies by confectionery conglomerate Lotte Corp.

Montgomery displayed her return to Samantha-like nose twitching and on-screen magic.

Japanese commercials paid Montgomery a high salary while she stayed out of the view of non-Japanese aficionados and the film industry.

In February of the next year, Elizabeth Montgomery and Roddy McDowall star as Emma and Lizzie Borden in this adaptation based on the 1974 play.

Montgomery spent much of her later years in the United States working on dramatic parts that took her further away from good-natured Samantha.

Following that, there were numerous projects in which she received Emmy Award acclaim: a rape victim in A Case of Rape (1974), and the accused (but not convicted) murderer Lizzie Borden in William Bast’s The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975).

After Patty McCormack’s death, genealogist Rhonda McClure discovered that the actress and Borden were distantly related.

She was a frequent guest on the game show Password. Allen Ludden, the program’s longtime host, referred to her as “the Queen of Password.”

In the miniseries The Awakening Land (1978), Montgomery portrayed a pioneer woman in 1820s Ohio, for which she received her ninth Emmy nomination.

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Later Appearances

In A Killing Affair (1977), she played a police detective who has an affair with her married partner, O. J. Simpson, in the film A Killing Affair (1977).

Montgomery portrayed a terrible nurse who abused her charges in Amos (1985), a television movie about a handicapped man’s quest for justice against his abusive nurses.

The film tells the story of two young lovers, Imogene and William, who grow up in a remote New England town where their families have lived for generations.

The warring couples are depicted as living on either side of the cemetery’s fence, prompting that inside to wonder about past love and future love…

She made a brief appearance in the final episode of Batman: The Animated Series, “Showdown,” as a barkeep. This was also her final performance to be shown since the episode aired subsequently after her death.

Edna Buchanan’s last career was a highly regarded detective series – the series’ second and final film aired on May 9, 1995, just nine days before Montgomery died.

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Elizabeth Montgomery Personal Life

Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery married Robert Foxworth On January 28, 1993, after living with him for nearly 20 years. Their marriage endured until her death in 1995.

Her first marriage happened in 1954, she married New York City socialite Frederick Gallatin Cammann; but the couple divorced within a year.

She then married a second time to a successful lead actor Gig Young in 1956 and again ended up in 1963.

She then wedded to a director-producer William Asher in 1963 but split up in 1973. Elizabeth and William had three children: William A. Asher born in 1964, Robert Asher born in 1965, and Rebecca Asher born in 1969.

After this Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery fell in love with director Richard Michaels during the eighth year of the show.

This affair led to the end of both their marriages, as well as the end of the series.

They moved in together when the shooting ended in 1972; the relationship lasted two and a half years.

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