Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco-Escudero was brought into the world on the fourteenth Feb 1985. She is enough perceived as Heart Evangelista.

She is from the Philippines. She is a famous Correspondent, performer, pictorial media craftsman, benefactor, social butterfly, and as of now satisfying as the main lady in the district of Sorsogon.

The heart is the girl of Chinese-Filipino restaurateur Reynaldo Evangelista Ongpauco. She began her profession as a model subsequent to being spotted by a headhunter at 13.

The heart is the last-conceived offspring of her folks. She grew up with one sibling, Miguel, and four sisters, Marjorie, Michelle, Camille, and Lisa.

Heart Evangelista Net Worth

Heart Evangelista
(Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)

Heart Evangelista estimated net worth is around $3 million. This young woman has built a comfortable net worth for herself.

An enormous part of Eva’s total assets can be credited to her various acting endeavors on little and huge screens.

Besides, the outstanding entertainer is likewise a notable performer.

Her estimated net worth is $2 million in 2021. Evangelista’s tunes are in many cases on the top outlines of the Philippine music graphs.

Heart’s expected salary is around $1 million. She is presently bringing in a lot of cash through streaming stages like Spotify and iTunes.

Heart Evangelista Net Worth & Earning Stats
Name Heart Evangelista
Net Worth (2022) $3 Million
Net Worth (2021) $2 Million
Salary (Yearly) $1 Million
Primary Earning Source Acting

Entertainer and performer

Heart began her acting vocation when she was just 13 years of age. It was obvious from the outset of her vocation that Heart had a presence about her that was evident.

It’s the sort of presence you would be aware of simply by being in a room with her or watching her on TV. She had a talent for acting that permitted her to climb the positions of fame rapidly among her companions.

Heart had magnetism and tastefulness quite early on, and numerous producers, makers, and individual entertainers were roused to work with her over and over.

She’s been named and has won various honors for her acting undertakings. In spite of the fact that her ongoing issues don’t permit her to act any longer, acting on the remaining parts is one of her actual interests.

An incredible piece of her $3 million total assets can be credited to her various acting undertakings on both the little and huge screens, different TV appearances, etc.

Furthermore, the skilled entertainer likewise is a laid-out artist. Heart delivered her most memorable namesake collection in 2003.

She’s likewise delivered different collections and singles that have diagrammed external the Philippines.

While music assumed a lower priority in relation to her acting vocation, a significant number of Heart’s fans can’t separate the entertainer from the performer — a regular event in Philippine diversion.

Visual Craftsman

Heart Evangelista
(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

Besides being a performer and entertainer, Heart is additionally a craftsman. When Heart was 29 years of age, she had turned into a cultivated painter having sold out independent shows in a few displays.

She had her most memorable independent display in 2014. Strangely, the painter utilizes her genuine name, Love Marie, to sign her pieces.

All through her vocation as a visual craftsman, she has worked together with creators, book writers, retail spaces, and different organizations.


Discussing business, Heart knows pretty much everything there is to know about running one. Her dad, being a restauranteur himself, has helped Heart.

When she has to be aware to find success in an undertaking. That is one reason why Heart is adequately certain to fire up her own. The young lady has reported her arrangements of making a wonderful organization.

It appears to be a characteristic endeavor for somebody that appears to understand what excellence and design are about, however, this wouldn’t be the main business for Heart.

She really sent off her most memorable business, Maison Love Marie, last year during the pandemic. Maison Love Marie is an expression and specialty store, which is a confirmation of Heart’s evident inclination for making.

Insane Rich Asian

Heart’s $3 million total assets come from her vocation as an entertainer, performer, painter, craftsman, and money manager.

In spite of the fact that $3 million probably won’t seem like a lot to some, something doesn’t add up about Heart and the manner in which she experiences that make everything seem like a lot more.

Heart is viewed as a socialite. She’s likewise been casted a ballot by Forbes France as a main 10 extravagance powerhouse.

Heart knows style and has a magnetic enticement for her that makes her outstanding in the least complex significance of the word .

She may not be the most insane or the most extravagant Asian as the book or film would portray as per writer Kevin Kwan, yet Kwan believes Heart to be one of the most genuine illustrations of an insane rich Asian, all things considered.

In a venture for Harper’s Market, Kevin Kwan named Heart as one of his actual insane rich Asians. Heart knows design and style; she has polish and elegance.

She has cash, and she likewise knows how to spend it. Strangely, Heart really tried out for the job of Araminta Lee in the film but didn’t get it done.

Kwan has turned into a companion of Heart’s, be that as it may, and she’s become the motivation for him in numerous ways.

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Life as Heart

She might wear many caps, yet we haven’t discussed perhaps the main one: First Woman. Heart is hitched to a Filipino legal counselor and the legislative leader of Sorsogon, a territory in the Philippines.

As the First Woman of Sorsogon, Heart likewise keeps up with her political obligations.

Before she held this job, Heart was at that point a donor of her own. She keeps on accomplishing noble cause work for the penniless in her territory, country, and somewhere else.

Heart might appear to carry on with a rich way of life. However, she admits that large numbers of her assets have basically gathered throughout the long term and through the entirety of her diligent effort.

She compensates herself with the fine things in life yet with some restraint. She gets a kick out of the chance to purchase shiny new Birkin packs.

Yet she gets a kick out of the chance to examine the secondhand store comparably a lot.

The mix of difficult work and lowliness is clear here and is genuinely lovely . Something that Heart encapsulates inside and all through herself.

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