Today, we have a megastar in this article, He was someone, who is straight and is one of the manliest men in the world, Other men admire him; women adore him, and He had salt and pepper hair.

He was an amazing actor who became one of television’s most famous fathers in “Leave It to Beaver.” But he also led a life that far surpassed his acting talents.
However, he turned to the actor for very versatile reasons than Thanos performers.
Further, while many people seek side jobs in support of their acting dreams, Beaumont got into acting for the paycheck.
However, let’s explore more about him in this article below, and get to know, How rich is He this year and how he spends money? Also, learn how He earned most of his net worth.

Hugh Beaumont Net Worth

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Hugh Beaumont was a versatile and prominent American television actor, director, and writer who has an approximate net worth of $5 million as of the year 2022.

He has a long history of television acting, Hugh Beaumont is known for acting as a private detective in some series with a low budget.

Similarly, As we mentioned above, he is no more so there is no clue about his exact annual income or preceding earnings.

However, with some of our trusted sources, we can conclude that he earned more than $1 million annually, before his time of death when he was engaged in his acting projects.

Hugh Beaumont Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameHugh Beaumont
Net Worth (2022)$5 million
Net Worth (2021)$4 million
Salary (Yearly)$1 million
Earning SourceActing

Major Sources of Income

Hugh Beaumont’s earning career was diverse, He worked in various respects to build his mega fortune, including acting, farming, writing, etc.

Who is Hugh Beaumont?

Hugh -Beaumont
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Hugh Beaumont was an American actor.

However, he was best known for his portrayal of Ward Clever on the television series Leave it to Beaver, originally broadcast from 1957 to 1963.

Also, as a private detective Michael Shayne was in a series of low-budget crime films in 1946 and 1947.

Early Life of Hugh Beaumont

Furthermore, On 14 May 1909, Hugh Beaumont was born in Lawrence, Kansas, United States of America.

Then, Though he was born in Kansas, he traveled with his parents for most of his childhood as his father was a salesman.

Also, Hugh Beaumont completed his high school education at Baylor School.

In addition, The school is in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Later, in 1930, Hugh Beaumont started going to the University of Chattanooga. There, he played at a football club.

However, Hugh Beaumont also studied theology, In 1946, he achieved a master’s degree at the University of Southern California.

However, after completing his academic career, he began acting on television.

Hugh Beaumont Financial Successes

Hugh Beaumont’s major earning career was quite diverse to discuss, He worked in various respects to build his mega fortune, including acting, farming, writing, etc.

Later on, From 1940 to 1965, Hugh Beaumont starred in a total of 85 movies and short films, including credited and uncredited. Besides films, he had worked in more than 50 TV series.

Also, Hugh Beaumont stopped working on films and began growing Christmas trees. All these skyrocketed his bank account.

At the time of his death, Hugh was able to gather around 5 million dollars which is equivalent to approximately 18 million dollars today.

Hugh Beaumont Personal Life

Hugh Beaumont’s father was Edward H. Beaumont, who was a salesman, Besides, his mother was Ethel Adaline Whitney. She was a homemaker, Moreover, Hugh Beaumont had a sister called Gloria Bussman.

Relationship Status

On 13 April 1941, Hugh Beaumont married a Hollywood actress named Kathryn Adams Doty. The two had three children together, including as follows:

  • Hunter Beaumont
  • Kristy Beaumont
  • Mark Beaumont

However, their long marriage came to an end for its separation, In 1974, Hugh Beaumont and Kathryn Adams Doty divorced, Later on, Hugh remained single till his death.


In May 1982, Hugh Beaumont went to Munich, West Germany.

However, there, he wanted to visit his son Hunter Beaumont, a psychologist.

Moreover, the journey was his last journey as he died there on 14 May.

Furthermore, After examining Hugh Beaumont’s body, it is found that he suffered a heart attack and died.

His body was cremated in Minnesota, Again, after cremating his body, the ashes were scattered on Lake Wabana.

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Hugh Beaumont Gesture of Notoriety

Though Hugh Beaumont is well-known for his acting career, his earnings did not begin from portraying on TV. In 1931, he first started making money by performing in nightclubs, theatres, and radio.

Later, in 1940, Hugh Beaumont first acted in motion pictures. In 1946, he started portraying the private detective role.

Finally, Hugh Beaumont got the chance to work on television in 1950. Since then, he has worked on dozens of TV series, films, and short films.

However, in 1966, Hugh Beaumont started to back out from his entertainment career and began to concentrate on another earning career. He started farming Christmas trees in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

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Bottom Line

Well, Above Hugh Beaumont was an American actor, In Addition, here we coated everything about Hugh Beaumont’s net worth.

Also, income references, real estate investments, and other finance-related information about his Early and Personal life.

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