Iann Dior is an American celebrity, who is known for his outstanding work in the last few years. Dior is quite a talented person, who has shown glimpses of his talent to the world.

He spent most of his childhood in Texas, and later he shifted to Los Angeles, where he has a house. No wonder he made a big name for himself and gathered a huge base of followers.

In this article, we will talk all about Ian Dior, his net worth, his career, his age, his income, and so on. Do give a read below!

Iann Dior Net Worth 

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Iann Dior is a Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter who has a net worth of around $1.5 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, he had a net worth of around $0.5 Million.

Iann Dior is a phenomenal talent, who is relatively young in the industry, but his achievements speak a different story.

He has released many outstanding singles, and he has collaborated with some great artists to deliver amazing end results.

Iann Dior earns around $0.5 Million per year approximately. Dior has a very bright future ahead, and he can achieve anything he wants.

He has also got the love and support of his fans and with that, he will earn much more in the upcoming future.

Who is Iann Dior? 

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Iann Dior is a very successful Personality in America. Dior is a very well-known rapper, singer, and songwriter of America, who has achieved decent success in his career.

Dior was Born in Puerto Rico, however, at a very young age, he shifted to Texas and later settled there. He was interested in music from a very young age, which kept him motivated.

Iann Dior Age 

Iann Dior was born on the 25th of March 1999. He is 24 years old today.

Iann Dior shifted to Texas at the very young age of 5, and later he began his studies at Richard King High School. He did his graduation from there in 2017 and soon started working at United Parcel Service.

In 2019, he left the job and entered the music industry.

Iann Dior Bio

Iann Dior is a famous celebrity. Michael Ian Olmo, who is known all around the world by his professional name of Iann Dior, is a very successful and famous celebrity in America.

Ian was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, on 25 March 1999. Ian has spent the first five years of his life in Puerto Rico, where she used to live with his parents.

Later, he shifted to Texas, and soon, spent the rest of his life in America. Ian was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, with his parents Tommy and Anabelle.

Iann completed his studies and graduated in 2017.

Later, his interest in music kept increasing. He used to listen to all sorts of raps, and from his mother, he got interested in Spanish music as well.

Although, his father used to listen to Jay-Z, and he introduced Ian to rock bands such as The Fray.

Iann Dior Career 

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Iann Dior started his professional career in 2019, after making his account on SoundCloud and later releasing his works there.

His first song on SoundCloud was named Cutthroat, which became a decent hit and was played over 5 million times.

He went on to release seven more songs on SoundCloud, which made him very famous.

One of his songs was Emotions, which is considered to be his second greatest single, despite not being charted.

Iann Dior is a young and rising talent of America, who is doing pretty well in the American music industry. He is a rapper, singer, and songwriter, who made his debut in the professional music industry in 2019.

He is a very young talent, who has delivered some very successful singles and albums. However, he began his career quite late in 2019 and has done very little work to date.

However, despite him being new to the industry, he has acclaimed decent success.

Dior is known all around the world for his single Mood, which was released in collaboration with 24k Golden.

The single became a massive hit and peaked on Billboard’s hot 100 charts. It is the highest-charting song for Dior to date.

Dior has two studio albums, several Eps, mixtapes, and others released so far. Iann Dior released his album in 2019, named Industry Plant.

Later, in 2022, his second album came, which gathered decent success. Dior is signed to 10K projects, which is quite good for his career.

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Iann Dior Relationships

Iann Dior may be in a relationship as of now. Although there is no answer to this question, the two seemed to be pretty close to each other as they were cozied up in a car taking pictures with and of each other.

But the most exciting thing about Dior’s personal life is that he has not been linked to anyone to this date, so kudos to the “Mood” singer for successfully keeping his relationships private.

On February 12, 2020, the Puerto Rican-American rapper Iann Dior posted a picture posing alongside a girl on his Twitter handle, which made people speculate if she was his girlfriend.

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Iann Dior Height 

Iann Dior has really tall height. He is 5 feet 11 inches or around 180 cm or 1.80 meters.

He is only 1 inch shy of a perfect 6 feet. He weighs around 70 kg or 154 lbs and is really fit.

Iann has maintained his ideal weight through tremendous workouts and eating a lot of healthy food. He looks after his body and is in nice shape.

Iann usually sports a curly-haired look and has brown eyes on fair skin. No wonder he looks too cute in his pictures.

So this is all you need to know about this rising fame. Thank you for reading this article about Iann Dior. Do add your thoughts and comments below!

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