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Ice T Net Worth

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The estimated net worth of Ice T is $65 million in 2022. Ice T is a New Jersey-born American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor, and author.

His real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow.

Earlier in 2021, his total wealth was around $60 million approximately. But now, he has amassed another five million so far this year.

Overall, his annual salary is around $5 million as of the year 2022.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he issued many albums. The reason why everyone is inquiring about his pay is that he continues to wow everyone with his accomplishments.

Ice T Net Worth & Earning Reports
Name Ice T
Net Worth (2022) $65 million
Net Worth (2021) $60 million
Salary (Yearly) $5 million
Earning Source Singing

Ice T Earning Sources

Ice has various sources of income, some of which are listed below :


Ice-T released a string of Electro records, including 1984 single “Reckless”, before recording gangsta rap music.

Soon after, in 1987, he published his debut album Rhyme Pays with DJ Evil E, DJ Aladdin, and producer Afrika Islam helping to develop the sound, which was mostly party-oriented.

The Recording Industry Association of America ultimately awarded the album its gold certification.

Acting – Television & Films

Ice-T made his debut appearances onscreen in the films Breakin’ (1984) and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984). Although Ice-T is on the Breakin’ soundtrack, these movies came out before his debut album.

He later said that he thought the movies and his own actions in them were “crazy.”

He began a serious acting career in 1991, playing police detective Scotty Appleton in the action thriller New Jack City by Mario Van Peebles, gang leader Odessa in Ricochet (1991), and gang leader King James in Trespass (1992).

And then a notable lead performance in Surviving the Game (1994).

In addition to numerous supporting roles, including J-Bone in Johnny Mnemonic (1995). And the marsupial mutant T-Saint in Tank Girl (1995).

He was also featured in the Brent Owens documentary Pimps Up, Ho’s Down[43], in which he asserts that rap was his first love and that he had a long history of pimping.

Before making his debut in the 1980s with a prominent role, Ice-T had tiny roles in the movies Breakin’ and its sequels, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo and Rappin’.

In the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Sanity: Aiken’s Artifact, Ice-T provided the voice for Agent Cain and Madd Dogg, respectively.

Additionally, he plays himself in the fighting video games Def Jam: Fight for NY and UFC: Tapout. In the video game Gears of War 3.

Who is Ice T?

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Solomon and Alice Marrow’s son Tracy Lauren Marrow was born on February 16, 1958, in Newark, New Jersey.

Solomon was of African American descent, while Alice, his mother, was of Louisiana-Creole descent.

American rapper, songwriter, actor, and producer Ice-T is also a producer.

He started out as an underground rapper in the 1980s, and when he released his debut album Rhyme Pays in 1987, Sire Records signed him.

Ice established the record company Rhyme $yndicate Records (named after his group of fellow hip-hop artists known as the “Rhyme $yndicate”) the following year and put out another album, Power, which would reach platinum.

He also recorded a number of additional gold-certified records.

Before landing a significant role, in the 1980s, he starred in New Jack City as police investigator Scotty Appleton (1991).

He was given the lead part in Surviving the Game (1994) and proceeded to make cameo appearances in supporting roles in various TV shows and movies throughout the 1990s.

For three seasons (2011–2013) on E!, a reality television program called Ice Loves Coco followed the home life of Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin.

On the Oxygen cable channel, he started anchoring the real crime documentary In Ice Cold Blood in 2018. As of 2020, the show is in its third season.

Early Life of Ice T

Marrow’s family relocated to affluent Summit, New Jersey when he was a little boy. At the age of seven.

Ice became acutely aware of the bigotry displayed by his white peers against black youngsters, which was the first time that race played a significant role in his life.

Marrow speculated that he received different treatment because people mistakenly believed he was white because of his paler complexion.

In the third grade, his mother had a heart attack and passed away.
Solomon too passed away from heart failure when he was thirteen years old, Marrow.

He went to Palms Junior High where the majority of the pupils were white and a few black kids came by bus from South Central.

Later, he went to Crenshaw High School, which was primarily attended by black pupils.

At the age of seventeen. Marrow started receiving Social Security payments due to the passing of his father, and he utilized the money to pay the $90 monthly rent on an apartment.

In 1979, Ice T joined the U.S. Army on the money he got from selling cannabis and stolen car stereos.

He served in the Army for 4 years

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Rise to Stardom

His first album, The Coldest Rap, was recorded over a funky Jimmy Jam-Terry Lewis backing track.

He cut the song for Dennis Hopper’s movie Colors, which is about inner-city gang life in Los Angeles, between 1987 and 1988.

He joined Sire Records in 1987 and published “Rhyme Pays,” his debut album, which eventually went gold.

Ice sang a duet with Slayer for the movie “Judgment Night,” and in 1995, he had a special appearance on Black Sabbath’s album Forbidden.

Here are some of the popular highlights of Ice-T’s career:

  • Colors (Song, 1988)
  • Cop Killer (Song, 1992)
  • Home Invasion (Album, 1993)

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The Bottom Line

As we saw, he did not accept everything even after losing his parents and went ahead on the strength of his own stubbornness and dedication in life.

We should take inspiration from such people and keep moving forward even after millions of difficulties and stumbling blocks in life.

I hope you enjoyed reading the short financial story of Ice T.

We would be thankful to you if you will share your opinions about him with us.

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