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What is Island Boys Net Worth in 2023?

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Island Boys are the two twins who have become famous due to their immense hard work after a time of difficult childhood.

The twins were detained in juvenile jails for assault and robbery several times. All thanks to their music career, the Island Boys have been far from crime ever since.

To know more about this fascinating duo, just read on and learn about their career, their net worth, and many other interesting details.

Island Boys Net Worth 

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source: Instagram

Island Boys net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, they had a net worth of about $1.3 Million.

As of 2023, their annual income is $700,000 USD. The primary source of their income comes from TikTok and brands, their YouTube channel where they have 28.4K subscribers and over 8 million views.

Given their tremendous rise in fame and popularity, their net worth will most likely grow in the years to come.

Island Boys  Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameIsland Boys
Net Worth (2023)$2 million
Net Worth (2022)$1.3 million
Salary (Yearly)$700,000 USD
Earning SourceSocial Media

Island Boys Earning Sources 

Island Boys earn most of their money by being social media personality. They are very famous on YouTube as well as on Instagram.

As of 2023, the official TikTok account of Flyy Soulja has 1.6 million fans, and his brother, Kodiyakredd has 1 million followers.

Besides their popularity on TikTok, the dual brothers also have a YouTube channel named Big Bag Ent, in which they regularly upload vlogs, audio clips of their songs, and music videos.

These become their main source of income which has helped them become millionaires.

Who is Island Boys? 

island boys

Island Boys are American twin brothers who became internet sensations after their song “Island Boys”.

Their real names are Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas. Alex came up with Island Boys and the duo is mostly known for their hit “Island Boys”.

Island Brother is a duo of twin brothers Alex and Franky born on 16th July 2001 in Florida, United States. The dual brothers lost their father because of a coronary heart attack when they were quite younger.

The twins stand out because of their iconic hairstyles as Alex’s hair is yellow, but Franky’s hair is brown with blond tips.

Island Boys Financial Journey 

Island Boys started their financial journeys on social media. One of the twin brothers, Franky, started his musical journey in the year 2020.

He was previously known as redd_4x and released a few songs titled “Real Right”, “Smoke”, and “9ine”. Fly Soulja and Kodiyakredd came with their new music titled “I am Island Boy” in October 2021.

As quickly as they released the music on TikTok, it went viral all around the internet. In the TikTok video, the dual brothers are seen singing their new track in a water tub.

After the release of their TikTok video, the dual brothers have turned out to be TikTok superstars. Their followers on TikTok accelerated in massive numbers after the viral video.

Their YouTube channel titled ‘Big Bag Ent’ is doing pretty well.

The twin rappers post vlogs and music videos on their YouTube channels regularly. With 228,000 subscribers and 160 million views, the Island Boys also make good money on YouTube.

Island Boys Assets 

island boys-
source: Instagram

Island Boys are twins with many valuable assets. The most well-known of which is their own home.

It was a mansion with twelve bedrooms and eight bathrooms and a large lawn and a garden costing quite a few million.

Island Boys also has a good car collection and is fond of the latest releases but usually does not drive himself.  They are also fond of bikes but it is not known if they own a bike or not.

Island Boys Brand Deals 

Island Boys are an internet personality no doubt but they are not much into brand deals or endorsements for the public.

They are brothers focused on making good-quality content and movies and they like entertaining their audience.

The twins also sell shout-outs on Cameo. The charges for business bookings are $300 and $80 for personal video requests.

Additionally, the Island Boys also have a merchandise store where they sell hoodies, t-shirts, and vests.

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Island Boys Real Estate 

Island Boys, at present, are not into the real estate business directly.

They may get interested in it as a business source at a certain point in time when he wants to. But at present, it does not seem to be the case.

Now they do not seem to have any ventures in the real estate business apart from his own houses.

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Why Island Boys is Wealthy? 

Island Boys has a high net worth and is wealthy enough due to his extreme success as an American content creator.

They gradually climbed up the financial ladder to become a millionaire from a comparatively less rich family.

Island Boys earned a huge amount from their roles and performances with other actors as well as their acting performances in television shows.

And since they executed his work so well, their worth for playing or acting in different roles gradually increased.

Gradually but surely they have become a millionaire and their net worth will only grow in the following years.

Thank you for reading this article about Island Boys. Do add your thoughts and comments below and feel free to share any other interesting detail that you may want to. Enjoy reading!

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