Jeremy Dewitte Net Worth 2023

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Jeremy Dewitte has an estimated net worth of $200,000 as of 2023.

American citizen Jeremy Dewitte was accused of a crime at the beginning of 2021. He was seen riding a motorcycle while dressed in a police uniform. Then Dewitte started conversing with several passengers and bystanders.

In a video he posted inside his helmet, Dewitte showed numerous people reprimanding Jeremy. A police officer identified Jeremy as a police impersonator. He was imprisoned there as well.

Jeremy Dewitte Net Worth

Jeremy Dewitte
source: Instagram

As of 2023, Jeremy Dewitte’s assessed net worth is $200,000. American thief Jeremy Dewitte is a criminal. He was also found guilty of impersonating a police officer and is presently serving a sentence in the Orange County Jail.

In September 2022, after completing 110 days of his exceptional sentence, he was given an extra 18 months in prison.

His estimated annual income is about $80K – $85k USD. Jeremy Dewitte is a serial imposter of the police, a persistent felon, and a sexual thug.

He established and took ownership of Metro-State Special Services in Orlando, Florida, a business that offered memorial service escort services but is no longer operational.

Jeremy Dewitte Earning Sources

Jeremy established Metro-State Special Services, which provides escort and memorial services but is not now operational, and eventually became its owner.

Most of his income is generated through his Metro-State Special Services.

He has been accused of breaking the law more than 20 times as of about 2019, including eight times while acting as a government agent while being employed by a funeral escort service.

Jeremy Dewitte is in the pan as this sentence is being written. According to some online sources, he was freed from prison in 2023.

Dewitte makes an estimated income of $54000 a year from his business funeral escort.

Who is Jeremy Dewitte?

Jeremy Dewitte-
source: Instagram

Metro-State Special Services, an Orlando-based funeral escort business in Florida, was founded and owned by Jeremy Dewitte. He is a prisoner right now.

Dewitte has conducted several offenses, including domestic abuse, criminal eavesdropping, and many others.

His real name is Jeremy Charles Dewitte, according to the sources. Jeremy Charles established Metro-State Special Services in 2010, a company that offers funeral escorts.

Both motorbikes and automobiles are used in this industry.

He actively impersonated police enforcement organizations using his company as a tool. Jeremy Charles outfitted his cars with lights and sirens, referred to his “employees” as “officers,” and chose attire nearly comparable to that used by law enforcement organizations.

Dewitte had exactly 1099 contractors working for him. In addition to wearing a bulletproof vest constantly, Jeremy Charles always carried a pepper ball pistol, a badge like that of a police officer, handcuffs, and a duty belt.

Jeremy was well known for stopping automobiles, blocking crosswalks, and controlling traffic without permission while escorting people to funerals.

Even worse, he frequently made derogatory remarks about and called out fellow residents, attempted to start fights, and yelled at them to “get out of his funeral.”

He frequently rode his motorcycle on narrow streets at 100 mph, crossed double yellow lines, and dove in and out of heavy traffic.

Without permission, Dewitte and his staff once closed all sections of Interstate 95 near Daytona.

Early Life of Jeremy Dewitte

In the Floridan nation of Pasco, where Jeremy Charles Dewitte was born. Victor Dewitte and Ursula Dewitte-Vogt welcomed him into the world (father).

He briefly attended Valencia Community College, but he never received his diploma. He was charged with fuel theft in 1998 while a police investigation was underway.

According to reports, Jeremy Charles Dewitte claimed to be a law enforcement officer.

He informed the attendants at the gas station that he would return the next day to pay for the petrol he had just purchased while flashing his phony police ID.

Dewitte has been accused of using domestic violence against both his wife and his lover on several occasions, including one incident in which he hurled a cell phone right at his wife’s head.

Some people question his mistress’s verifiable claims because she is also a habitual liar, like Jeremy Dewitte.

Evidence that Dewitte’s mistress made false statements and reported Dewitte to the police for personal benefit does exist, at least partly, with some plausibility.

Regarding a previous incident when Jeremy Dewitte’s brother, Dillon Vogt, got into a minor collision with a cab driver while serving as a funeral escort, Dewitte has just been sued for perpetrating insurance fraud.

In addition to fraudulently claiming to be the driver, Jeremy Dewitte said that his motorbike had sustained severe damage.

Investigations are ongoing into more instances of financial crimes perpetrated by Jeremy Dewitte.

Rise to Stardom

Jeremy Dewitte has frequently made headlines for his crimes. He was found guilty of and charged with lewd and sexual battery on a young victim under the age of 15 in the year 2005.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has also unearthed a body-worn camera video from Dewitte’s arrest in October 2019. It depicts him controlling traffic, speeding through a trail, and halting a car.

Dewitte is facing further accusations of robbery assault, not having registered as a sexual offender, and sexual offender mock enlistment.

He has been accused of breaking the law more than 20 times as of about 2019, including eight times while acting as a government agent while being employed by a funeral escort service.

None of the accusations made against Jeremy Charles Dewitte were ever accepted. Jeremy always portrayed an innocent guy. He constantly justifies himself and has a defensive demeanor.

He always looks for a way out and has an explanation for every accusation made against him. Dewitte never is relied upon since he only ever speaks the truth.

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Financial Success of Jeremy Dewitte

Jeremy has never been the most wealthy person in the city, but his business of Metro-State Special Services makes moderate to enormous wealth for him.

Hired says the average salary for funeral escorts is $54,000 annually. Perhaps Jeremy gets paid similarly.

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The Bottom Line

Due to the vast amount of newly discovered information and freshly obtained evidence, the hearing for Jeremy Dewitte is postponed.

When all of this information is presented correctly in court, Jeremy Dewitte will undoubtedly spend a very long time in prison.

Hope you have gained lots of knowledge about Jeremy’s crime scene through this blog. We would like you to write down some words about Jeremy Dwitte in the comment section.

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