With his fame and success continuing to grow, many people are curious to know his net worth.

According to the latest information for 2022, the estimated net worth of Jewell Caples is $2.1 million.

You might be familiar with the name Jewell if you were familiar with 1992 American songs.  She was called the “First Lady of Death Row Records.”

The American singer’s death was announced at the weekend. As listeners and fellow musicians remember the star, we take a look at her life, from her songs to Jewell Caples’ net worth estimates at the time of her death.

Jewell Caples Net Worth

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The estimated net worth of Jewell Caples is $3 million as of 2021, the year of her death.

African American R&B singer Jewell Caples, also known by the stage names Jewell or Jul, was signed to Death Row Records from 1992 until 1996.

However, it is estimated to be $3 million or such. Sadly she passed away last year, otherwise she would have a nice wealth by the next year.

Jewell Caples Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameJewell Caples
Net Worth (2022)$3 million
Net Worth (2021)$2 million
Salary (Yearly)$1 million
Earning SourceSinging

Jewell Caples Earning Sources

Jewell Caples
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The majority of Caples’ income comes from her R&B singing career. She contributed songs to a number of multi-platinum albums, like Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me, and Snoop Dogg’s No Limit Top Dogg.

She also released solo music, the most well-known of which was a Shirley Brown cover of Woman to Woman.

The song debuted at number 16 on the Billboard Hot R&B charts and reached its highest point of 72 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Caples also received $50,000 for her contribution to the Above the Rim soundtrack. Death Row Records also gave Caples $50,000 for the soundtrack to the film Murder Was the Case.

Early Life of Jewell Caples

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Inglewood, California, on June 15, 1968, saw the birth of Jewell Caples. Her parents had two other children before she was born. Her father was a mechanic, while her mother stayed at home.

She was a shy child who loved to sing. Her family relocated to Carson, California, when she was five years old.

In addition, Caples had a brother named Gerald and three sisters: DeAnna, Leslie, and Asia. As a youngster, Caples had a passion for singing and enjoyed the music of groups like the Supremes, Smokey Robinson, and Ray Charles.

 She started writing her own songs there and developed an interest in music. Jamesina and Barbara, Jewell’s sisters, are also women. Her father was Native American, and Jewell’s mother was African American.

 She was a cheerleader and a member of the track team as a student at Carson High School. She also participated actively in the school chorus.

After high school, she attended California State University, Dominguez Hills, where she studied communications.

Caples then began signing as part of the choir at Free Holiness Church. She then became the lead singer before her mother and father divorced.

When this happened, the family moved to Los Angeles. Caples continued singing here, joining the school choir and sharing recordings of her singing “Come to Jesus.

Who is Jewell Caples

The 53-year-old American singer had appeared on platinum-selling R&B and hip-hop records. She reportedly passed away on May 6’s morning Thursday. She was a well-known singer.

The “First Lady of Death Row Records,” as she was known.

Jewel Caple’s Personal Life

Michael Caples was the spouse of Caples. The couple’s place of origin is unknown, but they have been dating for a while.

Ja-Mell Payton, Joe’l, and Ja-Waun Curtis are their three children. They divorced in 2016 for undisclosed reasons. Caples also had three grandchildren: Jaclyn, Jason, and Joe’l Junior. 

Health issues and death

Caples was taken to the hospital in 2019 after collapsing and ceasing to breathe while shopping at a Walmart; the cause of her breakdown was kept a secret.

She claimed to have been given six months to live in an interview from October 2021, and as a result, rushed to make her farewell album, Love + Pain = Musik.

Caples underwent eight pounds of fluid removal from her heart, legs, and lungs during two hospital stays in March 2022 for a condition she referred to as “lung trauma disorder.”  On May 6, 2022, she passed away at age 53.

Interesting facts about Jewell caples

In 2021, a rumor emerged that Caples had slept with one of her co-stars at Death Row Records, Danny Boy.

At the time, Danny was supposedly 16 or 17, leading some individuals to brand Caples as a pedophile with the nickname ‘Jewell Kelly.’

However, Caples denied the entire incident and said they had slept together when he was of legal age.

Further, Caples was a keen singer from a young age. During 5th grade, one of her teachers gave Caples’s parents a note that said, “One day, I may have to pay hundreds of dollars to hear Jewel sing, but for now, could you please convince her to stop bursting out singing in class.”

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 Rise to Stardom

Dr. Dre, a rapper and record producer, noticed Jewell and signed her to his record label, Death Row Records, which was her big break.

Only for the Righteous, Jewell’s debut album was a tremendous hit when it was released in 1993 and peaked at number one on the R&B charts.

In 1992, Jewell joined Death Row Records, which marked the start of her musical career. She was a featured performer on both Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic and the Menace II Society soundtrack.

She also made an appearance in Tupac: Resurrection. Jewell released her debut album, Ju-L, on EastWest Records in 1996 after leaving Death Row Records.

 Jewell’s singing career dropped in the 2000s as she was one of many musicians that left Death Row between 1998 and 1999 as a result of legal and financial troubles with CEO Suge Knight.

In her memoir My Blood, My Sweat My Tears, which she published in October 2011, she made the assertion that her prior relationship with Knight had hindered her from landing a new record deal.

The book has a soundtrack that was published.

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The Bottom Line

Jewell has been able to achieve incredible success in the music industry and has accumulated an impressive amount of wealth.

We hope you liked our blog and got helpful information about Jewell’s net worth for 2022.

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