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What is Joey Chestnut Net Worth in 2023?

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Joey Chestnut is a competitive eater in the United States. Now you must be wondering what on earth it means.

It simply means that you compete in an eating competition and the person who eats the most and in the least time wins.

Perched atop the food chain is the apex predator himself, Joey Chestnut.

So let us know more about this interesting personality to see how much he earns from his lifestyle, his career, his net worth, and so on.

Joey Chestnut Net Worth 

Joey Chestnut
source: Instagram

Joey Chestnut has an estimated net worth of about $3 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, he had a net worth of around $2.5 Million.

Chestnut has an estimated net worth of $3 million with an annual salary of $500,000 USD according to sources. This number comes from his career earnings and other business ventures.

Aside from competitive eating, Chestnut also has a line of condiments sold under his name. It can be said that he earns around $0.5 Million in a year.

Given that he is still actively involved in his career and has not yet stopped his money-making ventures, his net worth will definitely increase in the future.

Joey Chestnut Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameJoey Chestnut
Net Worth (2022)$3 million
Net Worth (2021)$2.5 million
Salary (Yearly)$500,000 USD
Earning SourceCompetitions and Endorsements

Joey Chestnut Earning Sources 

Joey Chestnut-
source: Instagram

Joey Chestnut is best known for being one of the most-successful competitive eaters in history. His public notoriety began in 2007 when he won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

At various times in history, he has been the top-ranked eater in the world by the Major League of Eating.

Chestnut holds 50 world records for competitive eating, including claiming the Holy Grail of hot dogs – the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest – a record 15 times, with a record 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes last year.

Competitive eating is a full-time job for Joey.

He trains all year round by constantly fasting and stretching his stomach with protein supplements, water, and milk. Throughout the year, Joey’s weight fluctuates between 210 and 225 pounds.

Joey holds the records for eating hard-boiled eggs (141 in eight minutes), bratwurst (70 in 10 minutes), and Matzoh balls (78 in eight minutes).

Further, hot dogs (69 in 10 minutes at the 2013 Nathan’s contest), steak (4.5 pounds plus sides in under nine minutes), pork ribs (13.76 pounds in 12 minutes), and asparagus (12.8 pounds in 10 minutes).

On July 4, 2016, Joey ate 70 hot dogs. A year later he ate 72. A year later he ate a world-record 74.

At the 2019 Nathan’s contest he secured a 12th title with 71 dogs eaten. So this becomes his major source of income.

Who is Joey Chestnut? 

Joey Chestnut image
source: Instagram

Joey Chestnut was born on November 25, 1983, and is an American competitive eater. As of 2023, he is ranked first in the world by Major League Eating.

Joey Chestnut is a California native and resides in Westfield, Indiana. Chestnut’s height is 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m); his weight is 229 pounds (104 kg).

Joey Chestnut Financial Journey 

Joey Chestnut after finishing high school attended San Jose State University, where he first began participating in eating competitions in 2005.

He didn’t graduate until 2012, in part because he was often traveling for food competitions.

The life of a competitive eater may not be glamorous, but it can pay pretty well. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, an event Chestnut has won 14 times, pays its winners $10,000 every year.

One of Joey’s first major events was an asparagus-eating competition. Joey came in the first place, beating high-ranked eater Rich LeFevre, after eating nearly six and a half pounds of deep-fried asparagus in just 11.5 minutes.

In 2005 he entered his first, of what would become many, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He placed third, having swallowed 32 hot dogs. Sonya Thomas placed second with 37.

The winner was Takeru Kobayashi, with 49. The same year, he set a new world record for eating 32.5 grilled cheese sandwiches in ten minutes, winning the GoldenPalace World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship.

Chestnut’s eating stardom continued to rise, defeating Sonya Thomas in the Waffle House World Waffle Eating championship, and placing second in the Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship.

Both events were also in 2005.

Joey Chestnut Assets 

Joey Chestnut pic
source: Instagram

Joey Chestnut is a man with many valuable assets with him. The most well-known of which is his own home.

Joey Chestnut has quite a few houses.

One is located in California, on 30,000 square feet of land. It is a mansion with ten bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

Joey Chestnut also has a good car collection and is fond of the latest releases but usually does not drive himself. He is also fond of bikes but it is not known if he owns a bike or not.

Joey Chestnut Brand Deals 

Joey Chestnut is an internet personality no doubt but he is not much into brand deals or endorsements for the public. He is a man focused on training to eat more and win competitions and he likes entertaining his audience.

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Joey Chestnut Real Estate 

Joey Chestnut, at present, is not into the real estate business directly.

He may get interested in it as a business source at a certain point in time when he wants to.

But at present, it does not seem to be the case.

Now he does not seem to have any ventures in the real estate business apart from his own houses.

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Why Joey Chestnut is Wealthy? 

Joey Chestnut has a high net worth and is wealthy enough due to his extreme success as an American competitive eater. He gradually climbed up the financial ladder to become a millionaire from literally nothing.

Joey Chestnut earned a huge amount from his eating performances.

And since he executed his work so well, his award money gradually increased. Gradually but surely he has become a millionaire and his net worth will only grow in the following years.

Thank you for reading this article about Joey Chestnut. Do add your thoughts and comments below. Enjoy reading!

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