Leon Fontaine was the famous senior pastor at the Springs church who has made headlines recently. Now people are wondering who this famous man is!

In this article, we bring forth all the news regarding the most humble, loving, and kind pastor. Leon Fontaine was a person who did all that he could for his people.

No wonder all his people loved him and cared for him directly. So read all about his net worth, his age, his education, his family, and lastly the obituary he had.

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Leon Fontaine Net Worth 

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Leon Fontaine had an estimated net worth of about $15 Million at the time of his death. He used to earn around $2 Million per year approximately.

His primary source of income being a senior pastor at the Springs Church.

As President of Springs Christian Academy, he has been passionate about providing the next generation of Christ followers with excellence in all they do.

This private school offers a strong, Bible-based educational program and has turned thousands of students into young leaders. Leon was always looking for new ways to give people the care they needed.

Springs Church introduced drive-in services when public health orders made indoor worship impossible. People in the car received messages of encouragement on a large outdoor screen.

Since 2010, Leon has been CEO of Miracle Channel, a Canadian Christian television network.

Who is Leon Fontaine? 

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Leon Fontaine was a world-renowned speaker and author. Leon has spoken at Christian and mainstream conferences worldwide.

His prayers have been translated into 12 languages, and his books have had an impact worldwide. Leon’s desire to teach the Bible in a practical way coined the term Spirit Contemporary.

This approach to Christianity encourages people to live spiritually and use the Bible as a relevant and timely guide.

Leon Fontaine Age 

Leon Fontaine was born on November 25, 1962, and was 59 years old at the time of his death. He would have been 61 years old if he was alive in 2023.

Leon Fontaine Family 

Leon Fontaine is a father to five kids, according to sources. He and his wife, Sally, are happily married and are a family of four beautiful daughters, and a son.

They also have five grandchildren, with four sons-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

Driven by a deep love for their community, Leon and Sally started a church in downtown Winnipeg in 1996.

Hundreds of families and children are fed, cared for, and encouraged each week. In recent years, Springs Church launched the charity Acts of Kindness.

This has met the basic needs of over 600 families and provided homes for new immigrants and those in need. His love for community extended beyond his ministry.

As a former frontline worker, Leon had a heart for serving others. He has provided Springs facilities to organizations such as the Winnipeg Police Service and the Manitoba Nurses Association.

It provided original speakers and experts to help provide frontline workers with safe places to heal and reconcile.

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Leon Fontaine Wife

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Leon Fontaine was a married man. His wife was Sally Fontaine.

They were spirits that empower people, with great love for others, to live fully in the power of God and yet remain fully relevant to everyday life.

He has been dedicated to the construction of a contemporary church along with his wife.

Since becoming senior pastors of Springs Church Winnipeg in 1994, Leon and Sally Fontaine have led the church through unprecedented growth.

Leon and Sally were a dynamic team and a great example of togetherness.

They believe that both home and church should be places where laughter and joy thrive. Together with family, they say yes to living life to the fullest while building a church.

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Leon Fontaine Obituary 

Leon Fontaine died in November 2022. Fontaine, pastor of Springs Church, the largest church in Canada, with locations in Winnipeg and Calgary.

He was a well-known prosperity gospel preacher, telling people they could live healthy and successful lives through faith in Jesus.

His death came as a shock to many since he died young (age 59) of cancer, a disease he claimed could be miraculously defeated by believers.

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, Leon Fontaine, surrounded by his family, went to his Lord and Savior, Jesus. During a well-deserved vacation, Leon was unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced terminal cancer.

During treatment, his health suddenly deteriorated. His death was a shock and left his family speechless. There is a deep void in the hearts and minds of everyone who knew him.

He set the standard for true leaders. No wonder he has got millions of followers all around the world who love and respect him.

So this is all you need to know about the famous pastor of Canada. Thank you for reading this article about Leon Fontaine.

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