Levy Tran is a famous American actress and model who has accumulated millions of amount with her appearances in films and TV series. She is not among the top richest actresses but has more than our expectations.

Let’s check out the latest net worth and earning reports of this popular celebrity and also know how she has achieved this position.

Levy Tran Net Worth

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Levy Tran estimated net worth is $2 million as of 2023. She generated huge income every year with the help of her various earning sources.

Earlier in 2022, it was mentioned that Levy Tran’s wealth was around $1.5 million.

But now with the rise of 2023, she accumulated more money through her professional career and endorsements. Yet now, Levy Tran has been seen in more than 10 films and 11 Television series.

Throughout this journey, she has managed to amass such huge wealth.

As of 2023, Levy Tran’s annual salary is more than $400,000 USD. Although, none of her financial data has been revealed by her nor by Forbes. Thus, it’s hard to calculate her exact earning reports.

Anyhow, she is doing great and earning a greater amount with her great appearance. Let’s have a look at her earning sources and get an idea of how she is growing.

Levy Tran Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameLevy Tran
Net Worth (2023)$2 Million
Net Worth (2022)$1.5 Million
Salary (Yearly)$400,000 USD
Earning SourceActing & Modeling

Levy Tran Earning Sources

Levy Tran is one of the famous emerging American actresses who earn more than $400,000 every year. She mainly earns through her acting career. Further, being a famous actress, she sure does endorsements and paid promotions.

Besides this, she also earns a great amount through her modeling career. She has appeared in several magazines and is being hired by many modeling agencies.

Lastly, she has an immense following on her social media handles. Thereby, she must be earning quite a good amount through there.

In fact, she has more than 300 thousand followers on her Instagram handle. Thus, you can imagine how much she would be earning from Instagram, by doing paid promotions, and advertisements.

At all, she is living her life to the fullest and enjoying every moment. She holds great potential to grow further in the coming years.

Who is Levy Tran?

Levy Tran net worth
(Photo by Mark Hill/CBS via Getty Images)

Levy Tran is a renowned American actress and model who has appeared in more than 20 films.

She is best known for appearances as Roenick in the film The First Purge (2018), Desi Nguyen in MacGyver, the guest hostess to MTV’s Guy Code, for her appearance as the race starter in the 2015 film Furious 7, and as a tattooed model.

Aside from these, Tran is known for being a hot and attractive model. She has been featured in a lot of magazines and articles.

Further, she has thousands of followers on her social media handle. Let’s have a look at her complete story and know the journey of her success.

Early Life of Levy Tran

Levy Tran was born on November 16, 1983, in San Jose, California, United State. Her family belongs to Vietnam. There is not much information available about her parents and their profession.

In fact, her parents’ names are yet to be disclosed. However, it clearly seems that her parents were supportive in her early days and had sure supported her acting and modeling career.

She can handle English and Vietnamese.

She got a bachelor’s degree in child and adolescent development with a minor in mathematics after she graduated from high school. In 2011, she worked at a funeral home as an embalmer.

Professional Career

In 2011, Tran decided to pursue a modeling career, and after doing commercials, she moved to Los Angeles in 2012. Tran subsequently established herself as one of the most prominent Asian female models.

Tran has been modeling for top publications including Inked Magazine, Glass Magazine, and Tattoo Life. She loves her zombie tattoo because of its artistry, but she regrets the first tattoo she got when she was 18 years old.

In 2012, Levy made her television debut on MTV’s Guy Code as a guest host.

In 2013, Tran was involved in a controversial music video called “Asian Girlz” produced by Day Above Ground.

Tran shortly apologized for the music video mentioning:

“I sincerely apologize to all who feels that I set Asian women back 50 yrs. I know I lost respect from a lot of ppl [sic]. It wasn’t my intention.

It was meant to be light-hearted and fun. Satirical. They are sweet boys and not at all racist. That is all I will say. I’m sorry once again.”

In 2015, Levy played the part of the race starter in Furious 7. She was subsequently chosen as one of the sexiest women in the Fast & Furious franchise by fans.

She has since appeared on Jungle Justice in 2015 and Female Fight Squad and The Unwilling later that year.

Tran next appeared in several other shows, including season 8 of Shameless, where he played Eddie. After that, Levy took on the part of Roenick in the 2018 horror film The First Purge and appeared in Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House as Trish Park.

Desiree “Desi” Nguyen will be played by Madeleine Wachs in the final eight episodes of MacGyver season three in 2019.

Tran said that she likes her position as Desi and is looking forward to season four. In June 2019, Tran was confirmed for the main cast of season four of MacGyver.

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  • Furious 7 – 2015
  • Vigilante Diaries – 2016
  • Female Fighting Squad – 2016
  • The Unwilling – 2016
  • Gemini – 2016
  • Mad Genius – 2017
  • The First Purge – 2018
  • The Silk Road – 2018
  • Fallen Lands – 2018
  • The Expendables 4 – 2023

Despite these, Levy Tran has appeared in 11 TV series. These all appearances have played a great role in her successful career.

I hope you enjoyed reading the net worth and life story of Levy Tran. Please share your feedback and opinions regarding this article.

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