Mike Amiri is a famous Fashion Designer who has an estimated net worth of $15 Million in 2022.

Mike Amiri is most known as AMIRI Founder and Creative Director, a distinctive, handmade design element of grunge flannel shirts, graphic t-shirts, leather jackets, and denim trousers.

His handiwork on stage outfits for rock stars like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses launched his career in the fashion industry.

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Mike Amiri Net Worth

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Mike Amiri’s updated net worth in 2022 is $15 Million. And his estimated net worth was $13 million in 2021.

His company made an incredible $40 million in 2018. This includes all of his possessions, funds, and earnings. His career as a fashion designer is his primary source of income.

He amassed wealth with its various revenue streams but lived a modest lifestyle. Amiri’s annual income is $2 million, as reports say.

Mike Amiri Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameMike Amiri
Net Worth (2022)$15 million
Net Worth (2021)$13 million
Salary (Yearly)$2 million
Earning SourceBusinessman

Mike Amiri Earning Sources

The AMIRI brand’s success was the primary source of Mike’s fortune. 

Drunken Tiger

Mike was a musician before making his debut in the fashion sector. Between 2000 and 2002, Mike collaborated on songwriting, produced music, and performed as a member of the Korean hip-hop group Drunken Tiger.

Mike and the band members are credited with co-founding the musical subgenre known as Korean hip hop, or K-hip hip, as their style of music was fresh to the Korean music landscape and quickly gained popularity.

One of the first bands in the hip-hop movement, Drunken Tiger quickly found commercial success. Despite this being a brief episode in his history, Mike currently dresses the wildly popular Korean K-pop band BTS members.


AMIRI is one of the luxury fashion market’s fastest-growing companies in the United States. This remarkable growth is a result of the brand’s positive global reaction. A rapid trajectory followed Paris Fashion Week’s biannual displays.

AMIRI womenswear made its debut in 2021, representing the brand’s idealized, strong lady and providing a complete depiction of the AMIRI universe.

Amiri launched shops in Miami, Tokyo, and Shanghai in 2022.

However, Mike will always be an anchor because of his unwavering respect for creativity, independence, and craftsmanship.

Who is Mike Amiri?

Mike Amiri
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Mike Amiri, the creator of AMIRI, started his design career by creating one-of-a-kind stage accessories for illustrious Los Angeles performers.

The designer developed a distinctive D.I.Y. sensibility with his hand-embellished. One-of-a-kind designs riffed on the countercultural influences of his childhood, inspired by such appealing, heroic figures.

He started AMIRI in 2014. Mike has created a renowned luxury fashion brand known for its bold aesthetic vision.

Proudly rooted in Americana and delicate, top-notch craftsmanship while staying true to his west coast heritage and maverick attitude.

Mike understands the significant hardship that frequently comes with attempting to be successful in the fashion industry. 

He organized a competition for young, aspiring American fashion designers to address these problems. It is an annual prize that promotes greater inclusivity and supports upcoming designers and businesspeople.

Early Life of Mike Amiri

He was born on September 6, 1976, to Iranian parents in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Mike only has one sibling, but he manages to keep his family life quiet and out of the public eye.

After completing his high school education at Beverly Hills High School. Amiri studied at Santa Monica Community College before moving to the University of Los Angeles in California (UCLA).

He attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles after receiving his bachelor’s degree and eventually earned a law degree there. He claimed that his primary motivation for going to law school was to please his parents.

Shirin, Mike Amiri’s longtime partner, and the couple have three children together.

Rise to Stardom

Mike Amiri-
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Mike’s life’s course changed in 2013 when he made this decision. He started creating high-quality distressed denim jackets with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe in his spare time.

When Mike showed his stylist pals the finished product, they all fell in love immediately.

Because the stylists at the time worked with Steven Tyler, Usher, and Guns N’ Roses, they were the first famous people to wear and ultimately display AMIRI, which may have been the best choice he ever made in his fashion career.

Mike decided to take fashion design more seriously due to the unexpected celebrity response and demand. He and a select group of his pals rented a studio in the basement of a Thai restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in 2013.

He got in touch with Maxfield’s buyers, one of the most prominent stores in the country and a favorite among celebrities. His initial collection left the purchasers in awe, and they decided to stock it and display it in their Los Angeles store.

Mike had yet to learn how successful his line of menswear would be. He added clothing, shoes, and accessories to the collection to accommodate the quick rise in demand.

AMIRI was a rapidly growing fashion brand that broke into the mainstream in 2015.

Mike chose to keep the production in LA, where he could oversee design and manufacturing to maintain the brand’s originality. Even though it was a difficult choice, it propelled his brand toward exclusivity and excellent quality.

Every stitch is done by hand, and it can take up to three months to complete one garment.

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Fianancial Sucess of Mike Amiri

The number of department stores that carry a fashion brand’s products can be used to gauge its level of success.

Given that it is displayed and sold in some of the most opulent stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Selfridges in London, and Joyce in Hong Kong, AMIRI has undoubtedly attained the pinnacle of success.

In a short time, Mike went from making denim jackets at home for fun to managing a staff of workers in his 25,000-square-foot Los Angeles studio.

He first used Instagram for free brand promotion, and now he runs pricey ad campaigns to match the high cost of the brand. Mike transitioned from showing off individual pieces to neighborhood stylists to promoting his line at Paris Fashion Week twice a year.

In under three hours, Maxfield’s pop-up exhibition for AMIRI in 2017 generated over $275,000 in sales. 

Mike joined the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in the same year, not long after being selected as a finalist for the prestigious Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

At the Footwear News Achievement Awards, he also received the Emerging Talent Award. Mike was a candidate for the CFDA Fashion Awards’ Menswear Designer of the Year award in 2019.

Since then, he has gained notoriety and been dubbed one of the fashion industry’s most promising designers.

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The Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and got inspired by it. Mike Amiri is one of a kind story of a man who turned his hobby into a multi-million dollar business.

The message of his life is simple; if you enjoy anything, you have a 100% chance of succeeding in it if you do it honestly.

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