The most pricey cigarettes in the world, are you someone who loves a good smoke?

Not only do cigarettes provide you with an enjoyable and comfortable way to kill some time, but they can also be lovely and stylish too at least the more expensive ones.

Although not everyone smokes these days, there are still plentiful people who buy cigarettes for their pleasure and rarity.

Continue reading this article to discover the finest smokes attainable, from the classic Marlboro to the fine Treasurer cigarettes only found in high-end boutiques and restaurants.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarettes in the World

Most Expensive Cigarettes
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For a few, the cigarette is a quality symbol, and for others, it is also a need, Cigarette brands propose a variety of cigarettes coming in at different price ranges.

Neither the cigarette cost nor its effect on health appears to deter its consumption.

Research data demonstrates that it is one of the most consumed commodities across the globe with about millions of buyers in the world, below is the list, where you can briefly about these 10 most expensive cigarettes.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarettes

1. Treasurer Luxury Black ($67/Pack)

2. Treasurer Cigarettes ($39/Pack)

3. Davidoff Classic Cigarettes ($15/Pack)

4. Shepheard’s Hotel Cigarettes ($15/Pack)

5. Nat Sherman Fantasia ($14/Pack)

6. Sobranie ($12.80/Pack)

7. Parliament Cigarettes ($11.15/Pack)

8. Nat Sherman ($10.44/Pack)

9. Dunhill Cigarettes ($9.30/Pack)

10. Natural American Spirits ($7.20/Pack)

1. Treasurer Luxury Black – ($67/Pack)

Treasurer Luxury Black-

The most expensive cigarette’ of this moment, Treasurer Luxury Black, just like its name is quite sumptuous and costs $67/Pack.

Your eyes do not delude you, The oldest brand of American cigarettes does take up the number one spot as well.

At virtually double the classic price, Treasurer Luxury Black cigarettes stand out for their luxury and prestige.

The knowledge of smoking the most expensive cigarettes is said to be worth the high price label.

Treasurer Luxury Black cigarettes have a unique filter that brings in them feel much more like a cigar than a cigarette, even down to their smell and flavor.

2. Treasurer Cigarettes – ($39/Pack)

Treasurer Cigarettes-

Treasurer Cigarettes is the second most costly cigarette brand in the world with a cost of $39/Pack.

As a brand that has been rough since 1873, Treasurer is one of America’s oldest cigarette brands.

To remain competitive, they have determined to increase their price by 3% each year.

Since their organization, they have made their cigarettes out of premium tobacco and plugged them with a strong blend that produces a long burn and grinds flavor.

3. Davidoff Classic Cigarettes – ($15/Pack)

Davidoff Classic Cigarettes

Davidoff Classic Cigarettes, which costs $15/Pack, the luxury of this brand is obvious before you even open the pack.

The embossed flip-top casing is itself a collector’s item.

Moreover, the German-produced cigarette has an impeccable full-bodied taste that steers demand.

But, the real thing that improves the price of these cigarettes is their rarity.

Online and in marts, they are near quite tough to find.

4. Shepheard’s Hotel Cigarettes – ($15/Pack)

Davidoff Classic costs $15/ Pack, these cigarettes are learned for their luxury, having been around since 1978.

They have a rich history, starting with shop owner Davidoff who paid time in Germany, France, and Great Britain memorizing different tobaccos and methods of manufacturing.

5. Nat Sherman Fantasia – ($14/Pack)

Next on our list is, Nat Sherman Fantasia which costs $14/Pack, for starters, it’s hand-rolled and packaged with 24k gold leaf, which does not come reasonably inexpensive.

They are also uniquely rolled into gorgeous colored papers with gold-colored charcoal filters for a debauchee and fashionable look.

Moreover, this unique smoking background is a limited edition. These are hard to find in stock in many online stores. Such an anomaly drives prices higher.

6. Sobranie – ($12.80/Pack)


Sobranie is a brand of cigarette originated by an Iranian prince and first produced by Imperial Tobacco in Russia.

Later, the company sold to British American Tobacco (BAT) in 1999.

It is currently falsified under license by BAT Global Operations (BGT).

In 2008, the price of Sobranie cigarettes peaked, peddling for around $21.60 per pack.

While the price has since gone down, they stay one of the most expensive cigarettes available worldwide.

However, As of now, it costs $12.80/Pack.

7. Parliament Cigarettes – ($11.15/Pack)

On the seventh spot, we have Parliament cigarettes, which are one of the world’s most expensive trademarks because of their extraordinary and complex flavors.

But, a lot of tobacco trademarks boast unique flavors and it costs $11.15/Pack.

Parliament stands above the crowd for its media engagement and unique filters.

The 1956 novel, Diamonds are Forever, featured a well-off woman smoking a Parliament Cigarette with James Bond, cementing Parliament as a synonym for indulgence.

8. Nat Sherman – ($10.44/Pack)

Nat Shermans-

Nat Sherman, costs $10.44/Pack classic cigarettes have been one of the most expensive cigarette brands for a long duration.

The company was founded by Nathan Sherman, who started vending tobacco products out of his father’s cigar shop in 1856.

He moved to New York City and opened up his cigar shop, where he sold cigars and other tobacco developments until it closed down during Prohibition.

9. Dunhill Cigarettes – ($9.30/Pack)

_Dunhill Cigarettes-

Coming in at number 9 on our list is Dunhill Cigarettes.

Alfred Dunhill, a British entrepreneur, founded the company and unlocked his first shop in London, England in 1907.

Today, there are more than 400 Dunhill marts worldwide and they sell everything from clothing to accompaniments to fragrances and of course cigarettes, and h cost $9.30/Pack.

10. Natural American Spirits – ($7.20/Pack)

Natural American Spirits

Coming to the last but again a classy one, First on our list is a classic favorite: Natural American Spirits, which costs $7.20/Pack.

Though more expensive in comparison to brands like Marlboro or Pall Mall, they still rank the cheapest among luxury tobacco labels.

Craig Buckler founded American Spirit Cigarettes in 1990.

After working for several years as a salesman for tobacco companies, Buckler determined to embark on his journey and started the company.

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Bottom Line

We know that cigarettes promote smoking and it is injurious to health.

The above article is only on the best of general knowledge, we do not promote that these most expensive cigarettes should be promoted or consumed, it is only for your knowledge and facts.

However, hope you find this article worth it, feel free to share your recommendations and reviews on it, we would be pleased to get your views on this.

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