Whether it is in any culture, or any country, marriage is a very big day in everyone’s life, which is done in many ways to complete it and make it beautiful.

In Addition, to make every marriage beautiful, many rituals are included in it, “Engagement” is one of the big and important rituals, and every groom and bride tries to make every possible effort to make this day grand and mesmerizing.

A lot of attention is paid to everything from decorations to food and drink to jewelry to clothing, Now if we are talking about the engagement ceremony, the most important thing is the engagement ring, that the bride and the groom exchange with each other.

It can be of Silver, it can be of gold and sometimes it is also made of diamonds and jewels, so in today’s article, we will try to find out which are the 10 most expensive engagement rings in the world, which have been exchanged for each other.

Why These Engagement Or Wedding Rings Are So Expensive?

Most Expensive Engagement rings
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No doubt, weddings can be exceptionally expensive, but so can the engagement process.

After all, engagement rings typically cost anywhere between a few thousand dollars to several million!

But what are the most expensive engagement rings in the world?

The most expensive engagement ring in the world is The Pink Star, which sold for $71.17 million when it went to auction in 2017.

Additionally, This ring is also the most expensive ring ever sold at auction!

This ring gets its name from its bright pink diamond (59.6 carats), set in sparkling platinum, But what about the rest ones, let’s figure it out.

If you’re curious to learn more about the costliest engagement rings ever created, this ranking will offer some useful insight, into the list below of the top 10 most expensive engagement or wedding rings.

Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Or Wedding Rings In The World

1. The Pink Star – $71.17 million

2. Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring – $38.8 million

3. De Beers Millennium Jewel Diamond Ring – $32.01 million

4. Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring – $18.3 million

5. Wilfredo Rosado Engagement Ring – $10 million

6. Krupp-Taylor Diamond Ring – $8.8 million

7. Anna Kournikova’s Pink Diamond Engagement Ring – $5.4 million

8. Beyoncé’s Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring – $5 million

9. Paris Hilton’s Canary-Yellow Diamond Ring – $4.7 million

10. Lopez-Rodriguez Engagement Ring – $4.5 million

1. The Pink Star – $71.17 Million

  • Buyer- Non-Known
The Pink Star Diamond-
source: luxe.digital

The most expensive engagement ring in the world is The Pink Star.

This ring sold for $71.17 million in 2017 at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong.

Notably, this pink-diamond ring is also the costliest ever sold at auction!

Unfortunately, it isn’t known if the buyer ended up proposing this ring.

But because it’s a diamond ring (one of the most common types of rings used for engagements), we feel it qualifies as an engagement ring.

2. Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring – $38.8 Million

  • Buyer- Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly’s-
source: luxe.digital

Grace Kelly has made headlines for multiple reasons.

She was a top-billing actress, married into royalty despite her humble beginnings, and her engagement ring is one of the most valuable in the world.

When Kelly got engaged in 1956, her massive, emerald-cut diamond ring immediately drew attention from the general public.

Though it cost about $4 million to create (at the time), it enjoys a current value of about $38.8 million.

This value makes it easily worthy of royalty, which might be why it’s still part of the House of Grimaldi’s private collection.

3. De Beers Millennium Jewel Diamond Ring – $32.01 Million

  • Brand- De Beers

De Beers is a name permanently associated with luxury gemstones and jewelry pieces.

But their costliest item is undoubtedly the De Beers Millennium Jewel Diamond Ring, a blue diamond piece that sold for $32.01 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 2016.

This ring, which features the fourth of 11 high-quality blue diamonds belonging to the De Beers Millennium collection, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Still, its materials are the primary reason it sold for such an incredible price.

4. Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring – $18.3 Million

  • Brand- Bulgari
Bulgari Blue Diamond-
source: luxe.digital

Bulgari (or BVLGARI) is one of the world’s premium Italian luxury brands, making everything from high-value wristwatches to opulent engagement rings.

Still, their blue diamond takes the cake in terms of price, selling for an astounding $18.3 million at a Christie’s auction in 2018.

Like other top-selling diamond rings, the gorgeous blue stone in this ring features a brilliant cut (cushion, not round). But its cut isn’t the main reason behind its multi-million-dollar value.

5. Wilfredo Rosado Engagement Ring – $10 Million

  • Buyer- Mariah Carey and James Packer

Better known as the “Mariah Carey/James Packer” ring, the Wilfredo Rosado Engagement Ring.

However, it is a platinum engagement ring given to the famous pop star during her engagement to entrepreneur James Packer.

The highlight of this ring is its 35-carat diamond, a massive emerald-cut beauty that is as clear as glass.

Of course, its $10 million value is also quite notable.

Though Mariah Carey owned this ring for several years (even after she and Packer split up).

Moreover, she’s since parted with the iconic ring, selling it for far less than its initial value.

If you’re fortunate, you might be able to track down its current owner and make it your own.

6. Krupp-Taylor Diamond Ring – $8.8 Million

  • Buyer-Elizabeth Taylor
Krupp Taylor-
source: luxe.digital

Elizabeth Taylor was and is a Hollywood icon, and many of her engagement rings have sold for millions.

That’s right—this famous actress was engaged no less than ten times.

Each engagement garnered a new and more impressive ring.

But the most valuable of these engagement rings are the Krupp-Taylor Diamond Ring.

Also, called the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Ring. This ring entered a Christie’s auction in 2011 and sold for a staggering $8.8 million.

7. Anna Kournikova’s Pink Diamond Engagement Ring – $5.4 Million

  • Buyer-Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova ,
source: luxe.digital

The store behind Anna Kournikova’s engagement ring is a little complicated.

Now, there’s nothing incredibly complex about the ring itself.

It features an 11-carat pear-cut pink diamond that glitters beautifully and is well worth its $5.4 million estimated price.

The real mystery is the true status of the tennis star’s relationship status.

However, since showing off this ring in 2004, Kournikova and long-time beau Enrique Iglesias have remained unmarried.

Still, many consider the pink diamond ring an engagement ring, and its value earns it a place on this ranking.

8. Beyoncé’s Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring – $5 Million

  • Buyer-Beyoncé’s Emerald

Beyoncé owns multiple engagement rings, all of which were given to her by her equally famous husband.

In Addition, Jay-Z. But the costliest of the bunch is her emerald-cut diamond ring, a massive piece that’s easy to spot due to its size.

While Beyoncé’s relationship with her husband might be a point of controversy, there’s no arguing that her $5 million emerald-cut ring is truly magnificent.

9. Paris Hilton’s Canary-Yellow Diamond Ring – $4.7 Million

  • Buyer- Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton-
source: luxe.digital

Paris Hilton was born into wealth, and it should come as no surprise that she would end up owning one of the most expensive engagement rings.

But what is slightly surprising is that the ring in question, a canary-yellow diamond ring given to her by Paris Latsis in 2005, is the costliest of them all (she’s received multiple engagement rings, just like Jennifer Lopez).

After all, colored diamonds typically retail for less than transparent ones. So why is this ring valued at $4.7 million?

10. Lopez-Rodriguez Engagement Ring – $4.5 Million

  • Buyer-Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez (J Lo to fans) has enjoyed multiple engagements, so she’s no novice at sporting expensive engagement rings.

But the most expensive engagement ring Lopez ever owned was the one given to her by baseball star Alex Rodriguez in 2019. Since then, the couple has split, but her $4.5 million remains timelessly beautiful.

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Bottom Line

However, in this article above, we shared top 10 the most expensive engagement or wedding rings of 2023.

However, now you came to know that the most expensive rings in the world that are on the market belong to major luxury brands or have already been paid for by stars well known to everyone.

So, It’s time to wrap up this article covering the most expensive top 10 Engagement or Wedding Rings.

So, hope you find this article worth it, feel free to share your recommendations and reviews on it, we would be pleased to get your views on this.

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