However, I think we can all agree that the sound quality and feel of a real acoustic instrument just cannot be replicated by digital software or samples.

Also, It’s hard to put into words the feeling you get when playing an instrument like this.

Moreover, there’s just something about getting lost in music that makes everything else disappear for a little while.

Also, These days, it’s more common to see pianos on the set of films and TV shows than in people’s homes.

So, The few that are still around have been passed down from generation to generation, and for whatever reason, they just refuse to go out of style.

Here, now is a list of the top 10 most expensive pianos in the world in 2023.

Why These Pianos Are So Expensive?

Most Expensive Piano
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Assuming the pianos have all recently been tuned, the more expensive pianos will have a richer resonance.

However, due mainly to the quality of the sounding board (the main piece of wood over which the strings are stretched), but also all the other components that contribute to the sound.

Moreover, these grand pianos offer a much more refined playing experience than upright pianos or digital keyboards.

Further, They are built with better materials, which gives them better sound quality, action, and durability.

Here, we will take a look at the list of the top 10 most expensive pianos in the world in 2023.

Top 10 Most Expensive Pianos In The World

1- Crystal Piano, Heintzman – $3.22 million

2- John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z – $2.37 million

3- Red Pops for (RED)” Parlour Grand Piano, Steinway & Sons – $1.925 million

4- Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons – $1.63 million

5- Galaxy Piano – $1.36 million

6- The Kuhn Bosendorfer Grand Piano – $1.2 million

7- Alma-Tadema Steinway – $54,538 ($1.2 million Replica)

8- Marilyn Monroe’s Baby Grand Piano – $662,500

9- The Casablanca Piano, Richardson’s Inc. – $602,500

10- La Mort du Cygne, Erard – $409,000

1- Crystal Piano, Heintzman – $3.22 million

Heintzman Crystal Piano-

Owner – George Michael

Anything with crystals in its name is bound to be expensive!

The piano is indeed a piece of luxury, and the price that comes along only does justice to this exquisite musical instrument.

After the performance, the piano was retired, but soon in an auction, it was sold to an anonymous bidder for a staggering cost of 3.22 million USD (2.85 million EUR).

2- John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z – $2.37 million

Steinway Model Z-

Owner – John Lennon

Looking at this piano, one might think, what makes this musical instrument a piece of luxury?

The owner of this piano was none other than a renowned musician John Lennon.

Due to his ownership, the market value of this piano brought it among the most expensive pianos in the world, with a great price of 2.37 million USD (2.10 million EUR).

Once owned by John Lennon, the Steinway Z-car has a remarkable history.

3- Red Pops for (RED)” Parlour Grand Piano, Steinway & Sons – $1.925 million

Steinway & Sons Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand-

Owner – N/A Jony Ive and Marc Newson (Designers)

However, When talking about this piano, its color combination of red and white makes it look luxurious.

Also, Combines hand-picked designs by Jony Ive and Marc Newson, including custom color and red color combinations, as well as silver and nickel-plated metal accessories and the Immune Card.

So, This work was a unique auction (RED) in 2013, This piano was the most luxurious item sold in that auction at 1.925 million USD (1.71 million EUR).

4- Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons – $1.63 million

Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons-

Owner – Guo Qingxiang

This piano is amazingly decorated with stunning peacock designs.

It took the craftsmen around three years to build this stunning masterpiece.

However, It was customized for a Chinese art collector named Guo Qingxiang.

The cover features the work of the Chinese artist Shi Qi. The wood used ranges from spies, ash, and rosewood. It is worth $ 1.63 million.

5- Galaxy Piano – $1.36 million

Owner – Röhm Music

It’s called galaxy piano because a company of the same name built it in the UAE.

This piano was made with 24-karat gold fiberglass.

It also has a motorized lid and inclined keys, This piano is worth 1.36 million USD (1.20 million EUR).

These include a gold-plated 24-carat fiberglass body, an automatic case, curved buttons (the only ones in the world), and gold-plated integrated figures.

6- The Kuhn Bosendorfer Grand Piano – $1.2 million

Owner – Yamaha Corporation

Its lustrous surface with sparkling gems makes it one of a type.

The craftsmen wanted it to be popular among females by using gemstones.

This piano is worth 1.2 million USD (1.06 million EUR).

Additionally, Bösendorfer 225 took more than a year to produce a limited edition 7’4 “black stone (available in 2009) and needs about 100,000 pieces of Kuhn’s hand-cut lead jewelry.

He learned a lot from this” part of his “bright spot” career” Working with Burson Dover and such a grand piano.

7- Alma-Tadema Steinway – $54,538 ($1.2 million Replica)

Owner – Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema

This piano does not need any praising words as just looking at it can tell you its worth by just its looks.

However, It was built by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema many hundred years ago.

And after some time, the well-known piano organization Steinway and Sons made a precise clone of the first piano that displays an angled metal lyre.

In Addition, complicatedly hand-cut cases, legs, and tops, alongside mother-of-pearl trimmed pieces.

Moreover, It was sold for 1.2 million USD (1.06 million EUR).

8- Marilyn Monroe’s Baby Grand Piano – $662,500

Owner – Mariah Carey

This piano was the possession of Marilyn’s mother, Gladys.

But soon after she passed away, it was sold to someone else.

This piano had so much sentimental value for Marilyn, so she tracked down the owner and got her hands on her mother’s assets.

Unfortunately, when Marilyn passed away, this piano became the property of another famous person, Mariah Carey. She purchased it for 662,500 USD (586792.81 EUR).

9- The Casablanca Piano, Richardson’s Inc. – $602,500

Owner – Richardson’s Inc.

The name Casablanca brings memories of the famous and treasured movie.

Richardson Inc. made this piano, and it has a lot of emotional value for Casablanca fans.

However, its color has been flagged. Still, it has a worth of 602,500 USD (533649.31 EUR).

10- La Mort du Cygne, Erard – $409,000

Owner – Erard

The use of Mahogany wood is just enough detail to tell the worth and luxuriousness of this piano, as Mahogany is the most lavish and expensive wood.

This piano is also known as The Dying Swan, built by some very talented and outstanding French artists.

The entire external layer of the wood is a fruitwood façade trim that adds magnificence and character to the piece.

Moreover, It was planned to utilize striking brilliant earthy colors and tans for the shading palette and is one of the wealthiest pianos at any point made.

However, It is worth 409,000 USD (362261.52 EUR).

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Bottom Line

However, in this article above, we shared top 10 the most expensive Pianos in the world in 2023.

However, now you evolved to know that With the fame and prestige of this classical instrument, the actual worth of pianos is still acknowledged by serious buyers who believe that the value of the pianos speaks for itself.

So above, we shared a list of currencies that have come out of the top ten of the world’s most expensive Pianos in the world in 2023.

So, hope you find this article worth it, feel free to share your recommendations and reviews on it, we would be pleased to get your views on this.

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