What if, You may have to spend crores of rupees for just a toilet.

However, you must be laughing at this, But it is completely true that the cost of a toilet can be even more than the cost of a villa, how?

In Addition, there are a few expected fixtures in a bathroom and one of them is a toilet, yes, even in the most luxurious bathrooms, people still need a place to “go.”

Toilets have been in need of modernizing forever, and it’s about time to replace that same old “one” that looks like everyone else’s.

So, in this article you will know about the most contemporary, cool-looking, luxury toilets, some with matching bidets, that can be possibly from your dream favorite bathroom designers.

Here, now is a list of the top 10 most expensive Toilets in the world in 2023.

Why These Toilets Are So Expensive?

source: egscholars.com

However, without a toilet, does a bathroom sound good? If you have started to look for a replacement toilet to renovate a bathroom.

Also, you may have noticed the high price at which these toilets are offered.

The pricing is considerably expensive for several reasons.

However, It’s almost as if the manufacturers know that you are going to be stuck if you don’t have what you need from them.

Similarly, It’s nearly impossible to make your own toilet for your home.

Therefore, you are left with the choices that the stores provide.

Moreover, Considering how important a toilet is to the inner workings of a home.

Also, the price you pay will probably feel a bit justified.

Now, take a look on the top 10 most expensive Toilet in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Toilet In The World

1. NASA’s Shuttle Toilet (IWCS) – $30 million

2. NASA’s Space Toilet (UWMS) – $23 million

3. Golden Hang Fung Toilet – $5 million

4. Coronet Gold and Diamond Toilet – $1.3 million

5. The Guggenheim’s Solid Gold Toilet – $1 million

6. The Gold-Plated Toilet – $200,000

7. The Swarovski Studded Toilet – $128,000

8. The Louis Vuitton Golden Toilet – $100,000

9. Toto Neorest 750H – $16,000

10. Alvarae Customised Toto Neorest – $12,800

 1. NASA’s Shuttle Toilet (IWCS) – $30 Million

The most expensive toilet of all time is NASA’s Shuttle Toilet, the Improved Waste Collection System (IWCS).

This toilet cost $30 million (9 times the project’s original price) to develop, create and install. It is more expensive than any toilet made of gold or diamonds.

The development of this toilet started in 1988, but it didn’t finish until 1992. That’s almost five years’ worth of constant work, engineering, and testing to ensure this toilet could function in space!

Fortunately, the hard work finished in 1992, when the IWCS was installed on the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

2. NASA’s Space Toilet (UWMS) – $23 Million

One of the priciest toilets of all time is the Universal Waste Management System (UWMS), an update on NASA’s Improved Waste Collection System (IWCS).

This toilet costs about $23 million to produce, and it’s probably the most technologically advanced waste removal and collection system of the last decade.

This toilet was built for the International Space Station (ISS) and arrived in late 2020.

In many ways, this toilet is similar to the one built for the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

3. Golden Hang Fung Toilet – $5 Million

Hang Fung Gold Toilet-
source: egscholars.com

Many shrines around the world are built using precious materials.

But the Golden Hang Fung Toilet might be one of the most unique.

This $5 million toilet is purportedly a shrine to Vladimir Lenin, the Russian Marxist responsible for founding Soviet Russia.

It’s unclear how this toilet is a shrine or if it’s designed to have a positive or negative meaning.

But one thing is certain this toilet is expensive.

4. Coronet Gold and Diamond Toilet – $1.3 Million

Diamonds are some of the hardest natural materials in the world, so they’re not the first choice for a comfortable toilet seat.

But the folks at Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd. didn’t seem to care when they released the Coronet Gold and Diamond Toilet, valued at $1.3 million.

The toilet itself is standard, with a tall-backed tank and an oval bowl. But also, this toilet is unique, as it’s covered in white gold and features a glittering diamond seat.

In fact, this seat contains more than 40,800 diamonds.

That’s so many diamonds in a single toilet seat that it set a new Guinness World Record.

5. The Guggenheim’s Solid Gold Toilet – $1 Million

There’s no getting around it. Gold is one of the most expensive precious metals in the world.

It’s the primary reason why the Gold-Plated Toilet of 2011 is expensive, and it’s also one of the major reasons the Guggenheim’s Solid Gold Toilet is valued at $1 million.

This distinct toilet is one of the few made of solid gold, and it’s also a functional toilet, which is unique. But these features are only part of why it’s a million-dollar toilet.

6. The Gold-Plated Toilet – $200,000

There’s a convention or exposition for literally anything you can think of, including toilets.

But during the World Toilet Summit of 2011, one porcelain throne stole the show.

Or, should we say, one golden throne stole the show!

Called the “Gold-Plated Toilet,” this lavatory exudes power, wealth, and affluence.

Those are things to say about a toilet, but they’re true. After all, there’s nothing plain about this toilet.

From its sculpted tank down to its extra-long bowl and lid, every part is covered in 24-karat gold.

With an estimated worth of about $200,000 (or about £129,000), this toilet is far from cheap.

But considering its look and materials, its value is entirely understandable.

7. The Swarovski Studded Toilet – $128,000

Swarovski-Studded Toilet-
source: egscholars.com

Crystals, including cut diamonds, aren’t the most comfortable to sit on, especially bare-bottomed.

But the Swarovski Studded Toilet doesn’t have a crystal-covered seat.

Instead, its entire exterior is bedazzled with rich Swarovski crystals, making everything from the short tank to the wide bowl sparkle luxuriously.

The only catch might be the $128,000 price tag.

Well, that and it’s unknown whether this toilet is functional.

8. The Louis Vuitton Golden Toilet – $100,000

Louis Vuitton is one of the most expensive clothing brands.

But did you know that this luxury brand also produces a wide range of handbags, accessories, and household items?

That said, toilets aren’t exactly part of the Louis Vuitton lineup.

Still, that didn’t stop Illma Gore, an American artist, from creating a one-of-a-kind toilet featuring the brand’s iconic monogrammed fabrics.

While this commode might not technically be an approved item created by the infamous French luxury brand, its price tag and materials might fool you.

Costing $100,000, this lavish toilet features a golden bowl and an exterior entirely covered in re-tailored Louis Vuitton handbags.

9. Toto Neorest 750H – $16,000

If the dark textured look of the Alvarae Customised Toto Neorest doesn’t appeal to you, why not opt for the Toto Neorest 750H?

Sure, this compact white toilet will set you back $16,000.

But that’s a small price considering this appliance’s capabilities and functions.

We’re talking lids that open when they sense your presence (and close when you leave), heated seating, and a built-in bidet.

Similarly, a UV light system sanitizes the inside of the bowl after each use.

This toilet also has a deodorizer, so there’s no need to light a match or excuse yourself after doing your business!

10. Alvarado Customized Toto Neorest – $12,800

Several of the costliest toilets are compact, understated appliances with in-bowl tanks and high-efficiency capabilities.

But the Alvarae Customised Toto Neorest takes things to a new level.

This $12,800 toilet features a durable, easy-to-clean carbon fiber exterior, LED rim lighting, and a heated seat.

It’s sleek, contemporary, and insanely comfortable.

Still, is this carbon fiber throne worth the steep price?

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Bottom Line

However, in this article above, we shared top 10 the most expensive Toilets in the world in 2023.

However, these designs are often most recognizable for their unique look.

There are a lot of toilet designs out there, but most look pretty similar — not with luxury brands though.

From carefully measured edges to ornate carvings and even crystals, some toilets look expensive.

So, hope you find this article worth it, feel free to share your recommendations and reviews on it, we would be pleased to get your views on this.

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