Friends, there is no doubt that water is a basic need of life for all of us.

From morning tea to lunch, evening snacks to dinner, we almost certainly use water in some form or the other in our food.

Apart from eating and drinking, we have to add water to almost all the small activities of our daily routine, from cleanliness to gardening, water is one of the essential needs of our life.

The rarity of its materials. And, most importantly, the brand’s impeccable exhibition process warranties precise and accurate performances.

However, in this world of the modern world, did anyone ever think that water, which is one of our essential needs, will also start coming in many brands with a heavy?

In today’s article, we will try to know which are the 10 most expensive water brands in the world.

Similarly, why are these brands the most expensive ones, and what is it about these brands of water that make them different from normal water?

Why These Water Brands Are So Expensive?

Most Expensive Water Brands
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The idea that all water tastes the same is a misconception.

Those who have had a taste of the different brands can easily tell that the taste and quality of water differ.

Similarly, these are mostly manufactured by mainstream beverage companies, who have an extensive distribution network, strong marketing, and excellent quality.

Although water is generally cheap, the tale is different when it comes to some bottled water brands.

Some people are more than happy to buy their bottled water for less than a dollar while others can spend as much as a thousand dollars or more for a small bottle of water because of the standards they have set for themselves.

What is the most expensive water you can buy?

Top 10 Most Expensive Water Brands

1. Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition – $100,000/Bottle

2. Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani”  – $60,000/Bottle

3. Bling H20’s The Ten Thousand – $2,700/Bottle

4. Kona Nigari Water – $402/Bottle

5. Filico – $200/Bottle

6. Svalbardi – $59- $86/Bottle

7. Iluliaq – $50/Bottle

8. Bling H20 Frosted Glass Collection – $38.98/Bottle

9. SOMA – $30/Bottle

10. Veen – $23/Bottle

1. Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition – $100,000/Bottle

Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition

Topping the list of our most expensive water brands of 2023 is the Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition.

Additionally, Beverly Hills has always hailed itself as the champagne of water due to its great-tasting water sourced from northern California’s mountain springs.

The company has outdone itself this time as this edition, which is touted to be.

Similarly, “the ultimate in water,” is sourced from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and was instilled with minerals, potassium, calcium, and minerals to enhance its taste and nutrients.

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – $60,000/Bottle

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Coming to the second most expensive water brand, Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani, you can get a taste of both water and gold.

The hand-crafted bottle, which is made out of 24-karat gold with 5mg of 23 K gold dust, was based on the artwork of Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani.

Also, contained inside this extravagant 1.250ml bottle is a combination of glacier water from Iceland and natural spring waters from France and the Fiji Islands.

Sadly, you won’t get to try a sip of Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani because it was sold at auction for $60,000 back in 2010.

3. Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand – $2,700/ Bottle

Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand

How do you easily make the Swarovski-adorned Bling H2O products more expensive?

It’s quite simple, Fill them up with more Swarovski crystals!

However, Bling H2O was quite literal in naming The Ten Thousand, as the bottle comes embellished with 10,000 Swarovski crystals.

So, with this bottle in tow, you’ll truly stand out bringing from the crowd.

4. Kona Nigari – $402 per 750ml/ Bottle

Kona Nigari

On number four, we have such a water brand, harvested 2,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean of Hawaii.

Moreover, this desalinated deep seawater from Kona Nigiri is said to bring plenty of health benefits to consumers due to the special qualities it contains.

The packaging leaves much to be desired for the premium price of this product sold exclusively in Japan.

But it’s the cleanliness and health benefits that matter most for people interested in Kona Nigari.

5. Filippo – $200 – $240/Bottle

Sophistically encased in uniquely designed bottles adorned with a myriad of Swarovski crystals.

Also, Filippo offers Japanese craftsmanship at its finest while you delight in refreshing yourself with smooth, high-quality natural mineral water sourced from Kobe, Japan.

Filico offers various water bottles that have an angelic and royal-like design.

The company states that it’s a perfect gift for your loved ones as the bottles symbolize the brightness of purity and innocence.

6. Svalbardi – $85 per 750ml/ Bottle with Gift Tube


An arctic expedition to Europe’s Svalbard is commenced to make one of the purest water available.

However, you can purchase and gift it to your friends and loved ones, with the company offering various gift packs that have an elegant tube.

Also, Svalbarði recognizes that the water should be encased in a premium bottle that it deserves.

Similarly, Its main vessel is made of extra-flint glass while the wooden cap bears the resemblance to arctic driftwood.

7. Iluliaq – $50/Bottle


Iluliaq is derived from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Greenland, which has been a UNESCO-protected site since 2004.

The icebergs are carried onto a boat by local workers, before being carried onto vats so it melts naturally.

Similar to Berg Water, production on Iluliaq is limited due to its reliance on environmental factors and natural elements.

Each Iluliaq purchased will feel special, with the company abstaining from stocking up on bottles to ensure the item delivered is the freshest of quality.

To make this possible, each bottle is dated and the customer’s name is jotted down on the label.

8. Bling H2O Frosted Collection – $38.98/Bottle

Bling H2O Frosted Collection

Coming on the eighth one, this water brand is the Frosted Glass Collection that bears Bling H2O’s traditional designs, carrying Swarovski crystals to razzle and dazzle any onlookers.

Similarly, One glance at this product and you’ll immediately see that it’s targeted at the high-end luxury crowd.

Although, this was not the case before as the company was more selective on recipients, initially hand-selecting famous personalities to use the brand.

However, Bling H2O even clearly states its target market in its tagline: “It’s not for everyone… just those that bling.”

9. SOMA – $30/Bottle


SOMA’s water bottle casing comes in a variety of colors to simulate an active lifestyle, ushering users to stay hydrated at all times by bringing the durable bottle into their day-to-day activities.

The bottle was created with sustainable materials, such as the cap being made out of bamboo.

A portion of the company’s profits also goes to water project charities in hopes of providing clean drinking water to everyone.

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10. VEEN – $23/Bottle


Moving to the last one, It has been Harvested from multiple natural spring sources in the world.

However, VEEN offers luxury waters that are of utmost purity and unspoiled by nitrate.

Also, the first spring water of VEEN originated from Finnish Lapland, while its second source came from Bhutan’s spring mineral water.

Likewise, Veen’s spring water, which is low in mineral content, is filtered through ice and thus resulting in a smooth texture.

Meanwhile, Veen’s mineral water is best for hydration due to its rich mineral content.

Regardless of which type of water you decide to buy, it’ll be encased in an exclusive glass that looks gorgeous enough to be displayed.

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Bottom Line

However, in this article above, we shared top 10 the most expensive water brands of 2023, and now you came to know that even a simple bottle of water can, at times, cost more than just a few dollars.

However, It’s time to wrap up this article covering the most expensive top 10 water Brands.

So, hope you find this article worth it, feel free to share your recommendations and reviews on it, we would be pleased to get your views on this.

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