Phil Mickelson Net Worth 2022 – Income, Earnings and Salary

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Phil Mickelson is a renowned American golfer who has accumulated millions of amount throughout his whole career. He is known as one of the richest golfers in the world.

His net worth and other financial data might inspire you in an indirect way. So, let’s check out the net worth of Phil Mickelson.

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

Phil Mickelson
(Photo by Oisin Keniry/Getty Images)

Phil Mickelson estimated net worth is $450 million as of year 2022. Earlier, it was reported that Mickelson  had a total of $400 million dollar.

But now, he has surpassed the previous limit and has become one of the richest golfers in the world.

In Mickelson’s whole career, he has grabbed more than $850 million till now. For few periods, he was earning more than $100million every year.

But now, it is estimated that his annual salary is about $50 million to $80 million, of which the majority of the amount comes from endorsement.

Phil Mickelson Net Worth & Earning Reports
NamePhil Mickelson
Net Worth (2022)$450 Million
Net Worth (2021)$400 Million
Salary (Yearly)$50 Million
Tournament Prizes$850 Million

Phil Mickelson Earning Sources

Phil Mickelson has earned his money through his hard work and dedication on the golf course. He has worked tirelessly to become one of the best golfers in the world, and it has paid off in the form of millions of dollars in prize money.

Mickelson is also a shrewd businessman, and he has been able to parlay his golfing success into a fortune through savvy investments.

All of this hard work has made Mickelson one of the richest athletes in the world.

Talking about his major earning sources, Mickelson mainly earns through endorsements, tournament prizes, and then real estates.

Let’s have a check at his top earnings sources.

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PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson has earned earned over $150 million in tournament prizes.

In a single year, he makes about $50 to $80 million, in which around 30% comes from tournaments and the astonishing additional comes from sponsorships or endorsements.

He, recently in 2021, made a lot of money after winning the PGA Championship for the second time, after 2005 tournament.

Thus, he added a lot in his PGA earnings data.


Phil Mickelson has earned more than $800 million in his whole career, as mentioned above. More than 50% of his earnings has been came with endorsements.

He do endorsement with brand like KPMG, Enbrel, Ford, Amgen, Grayhawk, and ExxonMobil.

Apart from these, Mickelson is also associated with more brands. Between 2017 and 2018, he earned more than $40 million from salary and endorsements.

Next year, he earned more minimum earned more than $20 million only with endorsements.

Doing sponsorship and paid advertisements has been really came out as his great achievement.

Although, he is paid because of his value and status, that has been made by him, not by any brand.

Real Estate

Like other golfers, Phil Mickelson is also a real-estate businessperson. In 1999, he along with his wife, Amy bought a home in La Jolla, California for $1.65 million.

Later in 2012, they sold the same house for $2.745 million, as a result they made almost $1 million profit.

However, sometimes they had also loss in this business though it was negligible for a person like Mickelson. In 2001, they purchased a 4.45-acre property for $6 million.

Then in 2018, they listed it for sale with a offer price of $12.2 million.

Although, it remain unsold on this offer, and thereby had to complete the deal for only $5.725 million. This means they had a loss of around $275,000 in this deal.

Who is Phil Mickelson?

Phil Mickelson golfer
(Photo by Oisin Keniry/Getty Images)

Phil Mickelson is an American professional golfer who has won 43 PGA Tour events, including five major championships: the Master’s Tournament, the U.S. Open, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship twice.

Mickelson has also won one World Golf Championship and 21 PGA Tour of Champions events.

He reached a career-high world ranking of second in May 2013. He is the PGA Champion of 2005 and 2021 tournament.

Mickelson has titled of more than 60 victories by tour.

In this astonishing journey, he has been awarded with World Golf Hall of Fame in 2012 and Haskins Award in three successive continuous years – 1990, 1991, and 1992.

Early Life of Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson was born in San Diego, California, on June 16, 1970. He was raised by his father and mother, who were both avid golfers. Mickelson began playing golf at the age of 3. He was taught by his maternal grandfather, Alfred Santos.

His father was professionally a airline pilot and former naval aviator. However, he instructed and guided a lot in his initial golf career, before starting school.

Thus, his father would be always an inspiration for him. In 1998, Mickelson graduated from the University of San Diego High School.

Phil Mickelson Career

Phil Mickelson’s early career was defined by his rivalry with Tiger Woods. The two were constantly compared to one another, and they both rose to the top of the golf world at the same time.

Mickelson had an impressive amateur career, winning the U.S. Amateur in 1991 and 1992. He turned pro in 1992 and won his first PGA Tour event later that year.

Mickelson continued to win tournaments throughout the 1990s, and he captured his first major championship at the 2004 Masters.

He followed that up with another major victory at the 2006 U.S. Open.

Despite his impressive resume, Mickelson has always been dogged by questions about his ability to close out tournaments.

He has a number of high-profile collapses in major championships, including the 2006 U.S. Open and the 2013 British Open.

Nevertheless, Mickelson is one of the most successful golfers of all time, and he is sure to add more victories to his resume in the years to come.

Phil Mickelson Personal Life

Phil Mickelson is a family man who has been married to his wife Amy since 1996. The couple has three children together.

Phil is known for being a good father and husband, and he enjoys spending time with his family.

He is also a philanthropist, and has raised millions of dollars for charity. Phil is a well-rounded individual who enjoys both his personal and professional life.

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The Bottom Line

Phil Mickelson’s career has spanned over two decades. He has had 42 wins on the PGA tour, and 5 major championships. He is considered one of the best golfers in the world and has been one of the most successful players on tour.

Mickelson has achieved almost everything he would be looking for in his early days. Even more than that. This is what true success known as.

Take inspirational from him, initiate your plan, and go with persistency.

We hope good for you and for your career. We would like to end our words with this sentence. Thank You! for being with this article of Phil Mickelson.

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