You probably know Rab O’Neill as a motivational speaker. If yes, then you might also be knowing that he used to be a United States Navy SEAL officer.

Apart from this all, do you know what is the net worth of Rab O’Neill?

Well! Today in this article, we are going to find out his net worth and income reports. So, be with us till the last and you’ll also get to know his full journey.

Rab O’Neill Net Worth

Rab ONeill net worth
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Rab O’Neill estimated net worth is $2.6 million as of the year 2023. He has earned such a huge wealth through his various earning sources.

In 2022, his net worth was something like $2.5 million. But now, he has earned another $100,000 USD so far this year.

However, earlier he used earned as a United States Navy SEAL officer. But now, as he has retired, earning through other sources. Such as, through motivational speeches (attending concerts), business, or investments.

Robert O’Neill’s annual salary is $50,000 USD as of the year 2023. However, it varies on different factors.

In some years, he might earn more than $50K and sometimes even less.

Anyhow, O’Neil himself has stated that he used to make $60,000 (equivalent to $70,819 in 2022) each year as a member of the Navy and SEALs.

However, along with his professional earnings, he would have surely earned a lot through his secondary sources.

Rab O’Neill Net Worth & Earning Stats
NameRab O’Neill
Net Worth (2023)$2.6 Million
Net Worth (2022)$2.5 Million
Salary (Yearly)$50,000 USD
Primary Earning SourceDifferent Services

Who is Rab O’Neill?

Robert O’Neill is a motivational speaker, Fox News patron, and retired United States Navy SEAL (1996–2012).

He is extensively known for the call to have fired the shot(s) that murdered Osama bin Laden in the raid on his Abbottabad complex on 1 May 2011, when he functioned on the special operation dubbed Operation Neptune Spear with SEAL Team Six.

Rab ONeill
Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ex-Navy Admiral William McRaven supervised this unique operation of having killed Osama. He seemed on the Fox News network in 2014, after he was recognized by the channel and Washington Post stories.

He started at work as a Fox News Supplier in 2015 and has been working as a motivational presenter.

Early Life of Rab O’Neill

Robert J. O’Neill was born on 10 April 1976 in Butte, Montana, US. His father was Tom O’Neill, Jim and wother were Diane Johnson. Robert’s brother is Tom s O’Neill.

O’Neill described his childhood in Butte as “idyllic”. He graduated from Butte Central High School in 1994 and attended Montana Technological University. O’Neill married in March 2004, and has at least two children, though he and his spouse were legally separated by February 2013.

A fan of the Washington Redskins, O’Neill was able to meet the team a week after his claim of shooting bin Laden was publicized in 2014.

United States Navy Career

After a breakup, O’Neill found himself in a United State navy recruiting office, according to Esquire. After expressing an interest in becoming a sniper, O’Neill enlisted in the navy on January 29, 1996, and joined the Navy SEALs the same year.

O’Neill attended Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S) at Naval Amphibious Base Coronado and graduated from BUD/S class 208.

In 2013, O’Neill stated in The Montana Standard that he assisted with the rescue of SEAL Marcus Luttrell in Afghanistan and was “the lead paratrooper” in the Richard Phillips rescue from the Maersk Alabama seizure; both events are the basis of the 2013 films Lone Survivor and Captain Phillips.

In other words, however, the former commander of SEAL Team Six claimed in 2014 that O’Neill had not played a “central role” in any of the operations and that his “particular function on any of these operations is unimportant because everything we do as a team.”

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Further in Career

During his time in the military, O’Neill was awarded two Silver Stars, four Bronze Star Medals, a JSCM (with “V” device), three PU medals (with “V” device), and two NCMCs (with “V”) for his valor.

He served with SEAL Teams Two, Four, and Six from 1996 to 2012, and became a senior chief petty officer.

O’Neill completed his tour of duty with the Navy on August 24, 2012 (after 16.6 years), and was being stationed at SEAL Team Six in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with six months and 15 days of sea time remaining.

In 2014, O’Neill said he retired from the military because he no longer experienced “adrenaline when people are shooting and I knew that that might lead to complacence because if I am not afraid of dying, then I may wind up doing something brainless.

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Rab O Neill Personal Life

Rab O’Neill married in March 2004 to Jessica Halpin. The couple has two children. But unfortunately, the couple get legally divorced in February 2013.

A fancier of the Washington Redskins, O’Neill was talented to meet the group a week after his due of shooting bin Laden was revealed in 2014.

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