Ralph Tresvant is a famous singer and actor who has recently been in the news due to his marriage.

After parting ways with his three children’s mother, Ralph Tresvant entered his second marriage in a situation that rarely happens among personalities in the spotlight. His remarriage gave hope to his fans from across the globe.

However, the 16-year marriage ended in 2020, and the New Edition singer was rumored to be seeing someone else.

In this article, we will talk all about the exciting details about Ralph Tresvant and about his wife and relationships.

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Who is Ralph Tresvant Wife?

Ralph Tresvant
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Ralph Tresvant is currently dating a woman named Montique Debarge. But there is not much information about her at present.

Monique is the ex-wife of El Debarge, another RnB singer from the family group known as DeBarge. Monique and her ex-hubby had four children together.

It is not known when and how the two linked up and started seeing each other. However, it is Monique who made their relationship official via an Instagram post.

Ralph Tresvant has been married twice and is currently in his third official relationship. Ralph Tresvant’s first wife was Shelly, his sweetheart from way back, with whom he had three children.

His second wife was Amber, and they went their separate ways after almost two decades together.

So far, Ralph has been in three formal relationships. Two of these led to marriage, while the third and current relationship is set to be made official at their convenient time.

Who is Ralph Tresvant?

Ralph Tresvant is a well-known singer, actor, and producer from the States. He has become a common name in the household industry.

Tresvant is currently represented by Geffen Records and Interscope Records, he started touring with Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill in a new group named Heads of State, on September 27, 2008.

Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

Ralph Tresvant
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Ralph Tresvant is an American tenor singer who has a net worth of $8 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, he had a net worth of about $7 Million.

Ralph Tresvant has earned his net worth as one of the lead singers for the R&B group from Boston known as the New Edition. He earns around $1 Million per year approximately.

Given that his career is still active and he still writes songs and creates music, his income is most likely to increase in the future.

Ralph Tresvant First Wife

Ralph Tresvant’s first wife is Shelly Tresvant. Ralph Tresvant’s dating life can be traced back to when he was pretty young.

He was first involved with Shelly Jean, his childhood sweetheart, whom he dated for several years before finally tying the knot in 1993. The couple welcomed three kids from the marriage.

Despite having children, the marriage was still a bumpy one. Marital issues made the couple part ways just three years into the union in 1996.

Most of his followers and music fans believe that the separation resulted from his secret affair with Amber.

Ralph Tresvant Second Wife

Ralph Tresvant
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Ralph Tresvant’s second wife was Amber Serrano. Ralph Tresvant divorced Shelly before the singer moved on with his new girl, Amber.

This move further fueled the rumors that the two were seeing each other even before concluding his first marriage.

Ralph met Amber when she was just 13 years old and an ardent fan of the RnB group. But she was just one of the fans who were crazy about the singers.

Amber grew up loving New Edition’s music. The visual art designer and virtual artist later resurfaced and crossed paths with Ralph later when he was already married to Shelly.

The couple described their reunion as an embarrassing moment for the people.

Apparently, she slid and fell down a staircase, and Ralph, who was around at the moment, had to confirm if she was okay.

Ralph Tresvant Children

Ralph Tresvant has a son with Amber Serrano. The two welcomed a son five years before tying the knot. His name is Dakari Tresvant, currently an aspiring musician.

At the moment, the son is 21 years old. Unfortunately, the two had marital issues that led to their separation after 16 years of marriage.

Ralph has a total of four children. He has three from his first marriage with Shelly, two daughters called Mariah and Na’Quelle, and a son was known as Ralph Tresvant Jr.

He also has a son, Dakari Tresvant, from his relationship with Amber. Most likely, he will soon be the official stepfather of his current girl’s four children.

Ralph Tresvant Hits

Ralph Tresvant has given quite a few hits in his life. He has also been very active in his solo career, where he released his third solo album Rizz-Wa-Faire, on March 7, 2006.

The first single and video from the album were “My Homegirl”.

In October 2004 the single “Sensitivity” played on the popular R&B/Soul radio station known as CSR103, and the song was also featured on the videogame Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Tresvant appeared in the movie House Party 2 in 1991, where he performed the hit single ‘Yo Baby Yo’; this song was included on the House Party 2 Movie Soundtrack.

In 1992 his hit “Money Can’t Buy You Love”, scored in the top three of the R&B chart. This top-rated single was also part of Mo’ Money’s film soundtrack.

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