It is typical for bachelor ladies to be told that they will, most probably, kiss a few frogs before their prince comes along.

What if the tables are flipped around? What if the prince is the one to accomplish a lot of kissing before his Cinderella comes along?

Such is the tale of Richard Dawson, a game show host, and actor, who kissed plenty of women before seeing his one true love. How many women did he kiss?

So, exactly who is he? Let’s explore more about him in this article below, his net worth in 2022, and what other sources of his finance make him so wealthy.

Richard Dawson Net Worth

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Richard Dawson achieved a living from being a witty game show host and actor.

While he did not publicize the amount that he received for his work, it was apparent that he was earning fat cheques.

The show Family Feud reportedly made him one of the top-earning television renown at the time.

At the time of his death in 2012, his net worth was estimated to be approximately $100,000 USD.

Major Sources of Richard Dawson’s Income

However, Richard’s major sources of earnings came from a decade of acting, music, directing, and his game shows.

Who was Richard Dawson?

Richard Dawson
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Richard Dawson was an English-American actor, comedian, game-show host, and panelist in the United States.

Dawson was well-learned for playing Corporal Peter Newkirk in Hogan’s Heroes, as a regular panelist on Match Game (1973–1978), and as the nonconformist as well as the third host of Family Feud (1976–1985, 1994–95).

Early Life of Richard Dawson

He was assumed Colin Lionel Emm on November,r 20, 1932 in Gosport, Hampshire, England.

Dawson was only a 14-year-old boy when he ran away from home, lied abo, ut his age, and entered the Merchant Marines.

A Few years later he commenced making some extra cash as an unsanctioned professional boxer.

After his tenure at the Merchant Marine, Dawson surveyed drama and eventually became a pretty victorious cabaret and TV comedian in Britain.

Richard Dawson’s Personal Life

Dawson got wedded twice in his lifetime, His first wife was Diana Dors, a British actress. However, the couple has two kids, both still on, Mark and Gary.

Mark was born in 1960 while Gary was born on the 27th of June 1962.

The couple divorced in 1967, and the game show host gained possession of both children.

Dawson had four grandchildren at the moment of his demise.


After the divorce, the famous game show host wedded his second wife, Gretchen Johnson. The lady was born on the 22nd of September 1955.

The duo met on Family Feud in May 1981 when she was an opponent on the show.

Soon after, they started a relationship that resulted in marriage.

The marriage was normalized in 1991, from the Gretchen Johnson Richard Dawson coalition, and a daughter, Shannon Nicole Dawson, was born in 1990.

Dawson introduced his daughter to the world on the commencement show of the 1994 season of Family Feud when he showed her picture.

Richard Dawson’s wife, Gretchen, kept up with him until his demise. The family resided in Beverly Hills, California.


Is Richard Dawson still alive and he’s being with us? No, the game show host perished on the 2nd of June 2012.

Richard Dawson’s death was caused by esophageal cancer.

He died three weeks after the cancer diagnosis was earned.

He expired away at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, in Los Angeles, California, where he was getting medical attention.

Moreover, His son, Gary, declared his demise on social media with a post.

Richard Dawson’s Gesture of Notoriety

He played the role of a British soldier in the movie The Longest Day, which was released in 1962.

Nature was uncredited, In 1963, he was in the film, Promises! Promises!.

Later, On the 8th of January of the identical year, he appeared in the 15th episode of season 13 of The Jack Benny Program.

In this show, he sat in the audience next to Jack, The audience could barely recognize him because he wore glasses and a fake mustache.

He also made a guest arrival on The Dіck Van Dyke Show, playing the role of Tract Rattigan.

In 1965, he played the character of Captain Weaver in King Rat.

He had a cameo role in the visit of the film that featured George Segal.

As Captain Weaver, he was sent on a mission to save the prisoners of war from a Japanese prison.

After this role, the actor relocated to Los Angeles, California, to pursue his career.

Between 1965 and 1971, he was cast in the show, Hogan’s Heroes. He portrayed the role of Cpl. Peter Newkirk. The following year.

Also, he was featured in two films. In Out of Sight, he was an Agent while in Munster, Go Home!, he played the character of Joey.

Music Records

In 1967, Dawson had a brief stint as a musician. He released a psychedelic 45 rpm single. Apples & Oranges and His Children’s Parade were some of the songs in the release.

He recorded the music under Carnation records.

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Rise o Stardom: Dawson’s Game Shows

As very first in this article above, he is best remembered as a game show host and panelist.

After Hogan’s Hcanceled canceled, the actor became a panelist on the game show Can You Top This?

This game was canceled in 1973. He also joined Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In as a cast member in 1970.

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Bottom Line

Well, Above, Richard Dawson was an English-American actor, comedian, game-show host, and panelist in the United States.

Also, we shared his income considerations, acting, music, directing, game shows-based investments, and other finance-related information about his Early and Personal life.

Hope you enjoyed it all and esteem this work of article presented here. Let us know your belief and thoughts regarding this article in the comment section.

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