Rick Harrison has a huge wealth. The role he played in Pawn Stars, a popular television series about the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, made Rick Harrison a household name among business people and reality television personalities.

In this article, we will explore the financial world of Rick. His net worth, earning sources, career, etc., will be shared with you. Till then, stay with us and enjoy the article.

Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison
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Rick Harrison has a total worth $9 million as of 2022. The predicted sum includes compensation from his work based on his previous profession and a few other skills.

Being a business owner and reality TV personality has made him wealthy. In 2020, Rick’s estimated net worth was $8 million. So on the basis of 2020’s calculation, he earned $1 million in a year.

Rick Harrison Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameRick Harrison
Net Worth (2022)$9 million
Net Worth (2021)$8 million
Salary (Yearly)$1 million
Earning SourceBusiness

Rick Harrison Earning Sources

Rick’s downtown Las Vegas pawn shop company provides a sizable amount of his yearly pay.

Network television producers were intrigued by his outward demeanor when conducting the negotiation process with potential clients. In a 2001 documentary, Harrison and his silver coin business were highlighted. It demonstrated his ability to work with a seller to close a sale. (phentermine375.net)

He and his pawn stars were in hot demand to be the stars of a reality program. HBO and YouTube were outbid by The History Channel for the TV rights to the program.

From 2009 to 2012, the show aired over 577 episodes over 17 seasons. At the height of the show, Rick was making $300,000 a year.

Recently, it was reported on several Las Vegas news websites that Rick Harrison had sold his house, which is situated on the Arroyo Golf Club’s grounds. Off the Las Vegas Strip, in the Red Rock Canyon area, is where the golf course is located.

He made around $4 million from the deal.

Who Is Rick Harrison?

Rick Harrison image
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On March 22, 1965, Richard Kevin Harrison, an American businessman, reality television personality, and owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured in the History series Pawn Stars, was born.

The company was co-founded by Harrison and his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, in 1989. They jointly controlled it until his father’s passing in 2018.

Harrison was born on March 22, 1965, in Lexington, North Carolina, as the third child of American politician Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr.

He has three children total, born to three different women. Rick Harrison has two sons, Corey and Adam, from his first marriage to Kim, and a son, Jake, from his second marriage to Tracy.

Until his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, passed away in 2018, Harrison and his father shared ownership of the business. It was introduced in 1989.

Early Life of Rick Harrison

On March 22, 1965, Richard Kevin Harrison was born in Lexington, California. Richard Benjamin, also known as “The Old Man,” is his father and Joanne Rhue is his mother.

One of their four kids is Rick.

He relocated to San Diego, California, with his family when he was just two years old. He began having epileptic seizures at age eight and spent a lot of time in bed; this prompted a lifelong love of reading. Later in adulthood, Rick almost lost his hearing.

Harrison’s family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1981. Richard attended Taft Middle School but opted to leave after his tenth-grade year in order to pursue a career in business.

Rise to stardom

Harrison’s father launched his first thrift shop in 1981 after moving the family to Las Vegas. On Las Vegas Boulevard, the first Gold & Silver Coin Shop was a 300-square-foot hole in the wall.

Harrison spent the day working in his father’s store. He repossessed autos at night.

The shop relocated to a bigger location in downtown Las Vegas in 1986. Sadly, the Harrisons lost their tenancy on the property in 1988. The shop was then relocated to a fresh business structure on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Years prior, Harrison and his father had discussed turning the coin shop into a pawn shop. They perceived it as the company’s logical progression.

Over 640,000 people call Las Vegas home in the larger metro region by 1988.

Harrison contacted the city’s statistician on a weekly basis so they could submit an application for one of the city’s prized and uncommon pawn licenses as soon as Las Vegas’s population reached the next threshold that made those licenses available.

The Harrison family received their pawn license the following year, in 1989. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which is close to the Las Vegas Strip, was established the same year by Harrison and his father.

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Financial Success of Rick Harrison

By 2005, Harrison and his father were disbursing about $3 million annually. The Harrisons earned around $700,000 from the interest on the loans as a result.

The pawnshop gained a reputation for selling distinctive sports items by 2006. It was also a shelter for gamblers who needed to put things up for pawning in order to buy gas so they could return to their starting point.

Following the appearance of his business on the hit Comedy Central show Insomniac with Dave Attell in 2003 and a 2001 PBS documentary about pawnshops, Harrison spent four years promoting the idea of a television show about his business.

Before the History Channel called and turned the notion into Pawn Stars, which is currently the highest-rated program on the History Channel, the idea was tossed around on HBO and YouTube.

Since its premiere in July 2009, Pawn Stars has aired 577 episodes across 17 seasons. By far, the most-watched program on The History Channel is Pawn Stars.

Because of how well-liked it is, History has decided to extend the show in 80-episode batches, which is quite unusual for any television program, let alone a reality series.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell, Corey Harrison, and Rick’s current son Rick Harrison, who works at the business and appears on the show, have been best friends since they were young.

Due to his great eye for finding undervalued products, Rick’s on-screen moniker is “The Spotter.”

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The Bottom Line

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