Here is the financial data of Robert Taylor who used to be one of the best actors of his era. But unfortunately, he passed away on June 8, 1969.

Till that time, he had already made a huge fortune. Let’s check out his net worth and income reports during the time of his death.

Robert Taylor Net Worth

Robert Taylor
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Robert Taylor had a net worth of $3 million at the time of his death. Although, he had appeared in nearly 100 films throughout his whole career. But he was an actor in the period of 1934 to 1968.

That’s why his wealth seems low in comparison to our generation. But overall, his net worth was amazing at that time.

Robert Taylor had made most of his net worth as an actor. He has appeared in both films and TV series. Talking about the numbers, he has appeared in around 100 films and 6 TV series throughout his career.

At that time, his annual salary was nearly $500,000 USD approximately. Overall, he was stable in his life and has the potential to enjoy luxurious facilities.

Robert Taylor Net Worth & Earning Stats
Name Robert Taylor
Net Worth (1969) $3 Million
Net Worth (1968) $2.5 Million
Salary (1969) $$500,000 USD
Primary Earning Source Acting

Who is Robert Taylor?

Robert Taylor was an American film and tv actor and singer who was one of the foremost standard leading men of his time. Taylor began his career in films in 1934 once he signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

He won his initial leading role the subsequent year in impressive Obsession. His quality was enhanced throughout the late Thirties and Nineteen Forties with appearances in Camille (1936), A Yank at Oxford (1938), Waterloo Bridge (1940), and siege (1943).

Throughout war II, he served in the U.S. service Air Forces, wherever he worked as a flight teacher and appeared in tutorial films.

From 1959 to 1962, he asterisked within the tv series The Detectives prima Robert Taylor. In 1966, he assumed hosting duties from his friend Reagan on the series desert Days.

Early Life of Robert Taylor

Taylor was born in Spangler urban center Brugh on August five, 1911, in Filley, Nebraska, the sole kid of Ruth Adaline (née Stanhope) and Spangler Saint Andrew Brugh, a farmer turned doctor.

Throughout his adolescence, the family enraptured him many times, living in Muskogee, Oklahoma; Kirksville, Missouri; and explorer, Nebraska.

By Sep 1917, the Brughs had enraptured to Beatrice, Nebraska, wherever they remained for sixteen years.

As a young person, Taylor was a track and field star and vie the violoncello in his high school orchestra. Upon graduation, he registered at Doane school in Kriti, Nebraska. whereas at Doane, he took violoncello lessons from academic Victor Herbert E. Gray, whom he loved and worshipped.

Once academic grey proclaimed he was acceptive a brand new position at Pomona school in Claremont, California, Taylor enraptured to California and registered at Pomona.

He joined the field company and was eventually noticed by an MGM recruiter in 1932 once the production of Journey’s finished.

Robert Taylor Career

Robert Taylor began his film career at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1934, signing a seven-year contract for $35 per week.

In 1936, after being renamed Robert Taylor, the studio changed its name to Robert Taylor (on loan from Fox Studios). He made his cinematic debut in Handy Andy (starring Will Rogers), a 1934 comedy film.

He acquired his first leading role by mistake. Taylor was on the MGM payroll in 1934 as “the test boy,” a male juvenile who was put to film opposite various young ingenues in screen tests.

In late 1934, when MGM began filming its new short-subject series Crime Does Not Pay with the dramatic short Buried Loot, the actor who had been chosen to star in it became ill and was unable to appear.

The director summoned the test boy to take his place since the actor had been lost. Taylor’s portrayal of an embezzler who disfigures himself in order to avoid detection was so outstanding that he was immediately hired for major features.

Following his moniker “The Man with the Perfect Profile,” Taylor began to shed his boy-next-door persona and take on darker parts in 1941.

Rise to Stardom

In 1950, Taylor portrayed Billy the Kid in a film noir called Johnny Eager, which he followed with the same role two years later in Billy the Kid. After serving as a hard-nosed sergeant in Bataan in 1942, Taylor helped to support the war effort by becoming an aviation instructor for the United States Navy Air Corps.

During the war, he was an instructor and narrated The Fighting Lady, a film about the aircraft carrier USS Wasp.

Taylor’s career began taking off in the mid-1950s when he started focusing on westerns. He appeared in a comedic western entitled Many Rivers to Cross with Eleanor Parker in 1955. In 1958, Taylor was paired with Richard Widmark in John Sturges’ edgy The Law and Jake Wade.

Robert Taylor Productions was formed in 1958 and he starred in the television series The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor (1959–1962) that year. After the conclusion of the series in 1962, Taylor continued to act in films and television shows, including A House Is Not a Home and two installments of Hondo.

Taylor, who had previously appeared with his ex-wife Barbara Stanwyck in William Castle’s psychological horror film The Night Walker (1964), starred with her again in William Castle’s supernatural thriller The Tingler (1963).

Taylor replaced Reagan as a narrator of Death Valley Days after filming Johnny Tiger in Florida in 1965. He stayed on the program until his death in 1969.

Taylor went to Europe to shoot Savage Pampas (1966), The Glass Sphinx (1967) and The Day the Hot Line Got Hot (1968).

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Robert Taylor Death

On October 26, 1968, Taylor had surgery to remove a portion of his right lung after doctors feared he had valley fever (a form of pneumonia). Doctors discovered that he had lung cancer during the operation.

Taylor, a former smoker who had smoked three packs of cigarettes each day since he was a youngster, quit smoking just before receiving surgery.

He was hospitalized seven times in the final months of his life owing to infections and complications caused by the disease. Lung cancer claimed his life on June 8, 1969, at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Taylor’s burial took place at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California. Ronald Reagan (who was then the governor of California) delivered a eulogy at Taylor’s funeral.

Robert Stack, Van Heflin, Eva Marie Saint, Walter Pidgeon, Keenan Wynn, Mickey Rooney, George Murphy, Audrey Totter, and Barbara Stanwyck were among the mourners.

Robert Taylor has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1500 Vine Street for his contribution to the motion picture business.

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Robert Taylor Personal Life

Taylor married Barbara Stanwyck on could fourteen, 1939, in the city, of California. Comedian Marx’s woman, Marion, was Stanwyck’s maid of honor.

Stanwyck’s surrogate father—he was her sister Millie’s husband—and personal assistant, performer Buck raincoat, was Taylor’s groomsman. Stanwyck unmarried Taylor in Feb 1951.

Throughout the wedding, Stanwyck’s adopted son from her previous wedding to Frank Fay, Anthony “Tony” Dion, lived with them. once the divorce, Stanwyck preserved custody of the kid.

Taylor met German thespian Ursula Thiess in 1952. They married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on May 23, 1954. That they had 2 youngsters, a son, Terrance, (1955), and a female offspring, Tessa, (1959).

Taylor was stepparent to Thiess’ 2 youngsters from her previous wedding, Manuela and archangel Thiess. On could 26, 1969, shortly before Taylor’s death from carcinoma, Ursula Thiess found the body of her son, Michael, in a very West la chamber.

He died from a drug dose. One month before his death, archangel had been discharged from a psychiatric hospital. In 1964, he spent a year in a very reformatory for trying to poison his father with pesticides.

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