Have you guys heard of the real-time drug pins who wandered as lords of drugs in the Florida region? Did the Sal Magluta and Falcon cross your minds?

Great! We hope you have watched the Netflix series “Cocaine Boys: The King of Miami.” After the telecast of the series, most people were intrigued to know about the real history of the underworld drug trade.

But here in this article, we will see the journey of the drug dealer Sal Magluta.

Oh, guys! He is not only a drug dealer but also a speedboat racer. But where is Sal Magluta now? Roaming as a free person! Or ended up in jail?

So many interesting facts are loaded up in the following sections.

Sal Magluta Net Worth

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Sal Magluta’s net worth is estimated at around $400 million as of 2023. You heard it! This is the large chunk of money he earned during this career journey.

He has earned millions of dollars from drug dealing since his school days, and then it became a big business. Then it became a multimillionaire business.

Sal started his own construction company, real estate businesses, speed boat racing company, and other similar ventures.

In addition to that, Sal has several legal and illegal bank accounts. Even though he was sentenced to jail for 195 years, his net worth will skyrocket.

His net worth for 2022 was around 395 million dollars, and his annual salary will be at the rate of $ 5 million. And for one drug deal, Sal Magluta used to get about $400 000 to $500 000 USD.

Sal Magluta Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameSal Magluta
Net Worth (2023)$400 Million
Net Worth (2022)$395 Million
Salary (Yearly)$5 Million
Earning SourceEntrepreneur

Who is Sal Magluta?

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Sal Magluta is a popular drug dealer, speedboat racer, entrepreneur, and public figure. The former drug kingpin is usually closely associated with his best partner, Willy Falcon. The duo of Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon is popularly known as the Muchachos boys or the drug lords.

The duo operated their cocaine drug trafficking organization in Florida.

In addition to that, Sal Magluta is a powerboat racer who has won many prestigious awards in that sport.

Then you’re probably wondering why they got into drugging.

Both of them were high school dropouts, and at that time, they got into the marijuana business, which helped them earn lots of money.

Money can motivate any behaviour, right? They decided to carry on with the business and become drug lords.

Even though police officers caught them, they used their money and power to bring legal charges. But they finally caught him and imprisoned him for 195 years.

How old is Sal Magluta?

Sal Magluta was born on November 5, 1954, in Florida, United States; thus, his age is 69 as of 2023.

Ethnicity and Nationality of Sal Magluta

Sal Magluta was from a Cuban family, but his ethnic and citizen holdings are in the region in the United States.

Family and Educational Details

There wasn’t enough information about the Sal Magluta family, but his family runs a bakery in the Little Havana region. And he has a sister whose husband was also closely involved with Sal’s drug trafficking businesses.

He wasn’t an academic student, so he dropped out of high school, and destiny led him to discover many illegal ways to survive.

Sal Magluta Drugs and More

Sal Magluta and his partner Willy Falcon started the drug trafficking business in the 1970s, reaped many benefits, and created an organization for themselves.

The most impressive aspect of the drug lords was that they did not keep a low profile in their lives; instead, they flaunted their wealth to the outside world, and as a result, they became celebrities in Florida.

And in the 1980s, they decided to compete in powerboat circuit racing; surprisingly, both Sal and Falcon were excellent racers.

Sal Magluta won three championship games.

But their business path wasn’t a smooth one. Come on, guys, they didn’t work for any medical drug companies but for illegal drug companies, so the car-chasing movie scenes have to happen, right?

And it did.

Police almost caught Sal Magluta in 1991, 1996, and 1997.

And in 2002, the police were caught with proper evidence, but at that time, the case became viral because it involved many bribes to lawyers and judges and money laundering.

Then, in 2006, Sal Magluta was sentenced to jail for 195 years.

Where is Sal Magluta Now?

Sal Magluta is in the USP Allenwood in White Deer, Pennsylvania. Initially, he was convicted of 205 years, but his sentence was reduced to 195 years.

It directly means that it is a lifelong jail sentence. And Sal was transferred to USP Allenwood Prison from a supermax federal prison facility in Florence, Colorado.

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Sal Magluta Wife

Sal Magluta’s wife’s name is Isabel, and Isabel attended the hearing of her drug-dealing husband, Sal.

But there are no details about the children of Sal Magluta. Rumors are spreading that Sal has a daughter and a son.

As of now, it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Sorry, his personal story didn’t end here! Sal Magluta had a long-term girlfriend, Marilyn Bonachea.

Marilyn worked in Sal’s parents’ bakery, and their love feelings developed for each other. And they were in a relationship for a more extended period.

Even after he married Isabel, Marilyn, and Sal maintained a different relationship.

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 Sal Magluta Height and Weight

Sal Magluta’s looks are also a trending one because we all have the imagination of how drug dealers look, right? The mid-40s man with a terrific voice who doesn’t care about his looks!

But Sal is the complete opposite of it; he looks like a hero in the Hollywood industry.

He’s got the perfect Cuban face with a fair complexion.

He is tall, about 5 feet 9 inches, 175 cm, or 1.75 meters, and weighs about 60 kg or 132 lbs.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see his present looks, as he is in jail.

The end!

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