We often talk about how luck sometimes chooses to smile upon us. Many others might find this to be illogical, but Sweet Brown sees it as the way things are in her life.

Are you interested in knowing, Sweet Brown?

Sweet Brown, also known as Kimberly Wilkins, became a celebrity within a night. And her fame was brought about by a disaster that struck her.

She is one of the most popular internet sensations for many people. Here, we have covered her biography.

If you want to know more about Kimberly Wilkins, we have great news for you.

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Sweet Brown Net worth

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source: Twitter

Following a tragic fire, what started as a joke and a method to decompress became a fresh beginning for Sweet Brown.

She has a net worth of $15 million as of 2022, and she has made much of her money from advertisements and other sources since 2012.

As Brown grows more grounded, her net worth is expected to increase even more.

Earlier in 2021, her total wealth was around $12 million, which has now reached the $15 million mark.

Sweet Brown Net Worth & Earning Reports
NameSweet Brown
Net Worth (2022)$15 million
Net Worth (2021)$12 million
Salary (Yearly)$3 million
Earning SourceSinging

Who is Sweet Brown?

Sweet Brown-
source: Twitter

Sweet Brown, a singer, YouTube personality, and Internet meme, was born on January 20, 1972, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her full name is Kimberly Wilkins, as previously stated.

Sweet Brown did not become renowned because she is a chatty person. She never took any action to become famous, nonetheless, at the same time.

She was never able to make time for her to arrange for or present her family to others. However, because of her wisdom, she has now built a career she could never have imagined.

She gained notoriety when a local television station ran a report on her response to escaping a fire in her apartment building. 

On May 11, 2011, Sweet Brown was interviewed for the story, which was shown on KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In the interview, she discussed her experiences during the fire.

The video went viral online, and Sweet Brown started to circulate as a meme.

She has made appearances on numerous television programs, such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and she has starred in advertisements for McDonald’s, Walmart, and Ford.

However, without Sweet Brown’s consent, the phrases he said in the interview were altered and made into songs that were sold on iTunes.

This allowed her to bring legal action against the aforementioned corporation for using her catchphrases without permission.

Brown received $15 million as compensation after defeating the bogus claims made by the song’s writers that Sweet Brown had granted permission for the radio show to use her lines.

The Bob Rivers Show was subject to a lawsuit from her.

Earning sources of Sweet Brown

Sweet Brown-
source: Twitter

Talking about the earning sources of Sweet Brown. According to reports, Sweet Brown has earned over $30,000 from her video.

Over 23 million people have watched the interview video on YouTube, which was produced by KFOR-TV and inspired a variety of parody videos and memes.

According to reports, Sweet Brown received $500 for the use of her image in a commercial for the Insurance Council of Texas.

She received payment for both her appearance in a music video and the usage of her voice in a radio advertisement.

Sweet Brown has undoubtedly benefited financially from her sudden celebrity, though it is unclear how much money she has gained overall from her video.

She has gained the majority of her wealth from commercials and other opportunities since 2012.

Rise to Stardom

Sweet Brown rose to fame after making a viral statement.

She has not yet been recognized with any nominations or awards, but we are hopeful that this will change in the future since she is making good use of her fame by acting and appearing in several commercials.

In terms of her acting career, she made her debut in “Tosh.0” in 2012 and then made an appearance in “A Madea Christmas” the following year.

She became an internet sensation who appeared on several talk shows, including “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and in 2013, she starred with other YouTube stars like Antoine Dodson and GloZell Green in Justin Bieber’s music video for “Beauty and a Beat.”

Early Life of Sweet Brown

While we do not have much information regarding Sweet Brown’s life before fame, we know that she rose to it, becoming an instant star when she was interviewed by a local television station, after she escaped her apartment building which was on fire. 

A fire broke out in an apartment complex in Oklahoma City early on April 7, 2012. Units in that complex were destroyed, and one person was hospitalized after suffering from acute inhalation. 

KFOR-TV was the first on the scene, and as is customary, they had to interview a displaced resident, Sweet Brown. This was the start of her fame and popularity. 

Sweet Brown’s Personal Life

Now let’s talk about Brown’s personal life. Sweet appeared to be a very private lady because, despite her current notoriety, she had never shared anything about her family.

As a result, neither her marital status nor the existence of any children can be determined. At the same time, we can’t presume she’s a lesbian because we don’t have enough information to make that determination.

Brown doesn’t reveal anything about that subject in her personal life.

She is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she has an army of 19,400 followers, and more than 12,400 people follow her account on the latter platform.

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Financial Success of Sweet Brown

The internet is a successful industry. Sweet Brown has earned wealth through YouTube videos, acting, and television jobs.

Sweet Brown’s career was short despite becoming an Internet sensation. Alongside Clark Gable III, she co-hosted the Dallas-based syndicated television program “Cheaters” in 2013.

This was most likely her final public appearance.

Her YouTube video has more than 640,000 likes and has made millions for Sweet Brown. And so, a major part of her earnings come from her lawsuit against Apple’s iTunes storefront.

Sweet Brown earned many tiny jobs after making the Internet go crazy with her humorous YouTube videos.

She served as a featured model for many businesses and even appeared in a commercial for lawyer Brian Loncar.

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The Bottom Line

So here we talked about Sweet Brown, a YouTube sensation who gained overnight fame after being interviewed by a local TV station, after escaping a fire in her apartment building.

We hope that by providing this information, you will learn more about her.

Please share your views and opinions on this article in the comment box. We would adore and admire your feedback and suggestions. 

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