Have you guys heard about Tim Pool?

The bold man who used to cover the global news gives opinions, invites guests, and digs out the background of the news.

Yes, Tim Pool is the person who delivers high-quality, trusted information about world happenings. But do you guys know the real backstory of Tim?

His story started with the live stream of the protest, and from that video, his life changed.

So let us see how our Tim pool has transformed from an average jobless person into a millionaire.

Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool-
source: Instagram

Tim Pool’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million as of 2023. He has become a millionaire within 12 years!

Tim has been running six YouTube channels, where two channels (Tim Cast and Tim Pool) have more than 1 million subscribers, with more than a billion views.

Thus, he will get an attractive monthly payment from the YouTube advertising team.

In addition, Tim Pool has worked as a journalist and reporter for Vice Media and as a Director of Media Innovation and Senior Correspondent at Fusion TV. Thus, he might have a good salary for holding this position.

Tim Pool has co-founded a new company named “Sub Verse,” and he is also running his own merchandise business.

Moreover, he has amassed around 376K followers on Instagram to get promotions and brand endorsements, and any payments will add up to his net worth.

And his net worth for 2022 is $ 4.5 million dollars, while his annual salary will be around $500,000 USD.

Who is Tim Pool?

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Tim Pool is a journalist, podcaster, right-wing political commentator, musical artist, and skateboarder.

He was a simple kid who loved music and skateboarding and even dropped out of school to pursue a career.

But the year 2011 was a turning point in his life. Have you heard about the famous Occupy Wall Street” protest, which happened in 900 cities worldwide?

It was all about protesting against corporate influence on democracy.

Tim cleverly live-streamed the protest and shared that, which created a major controversial issue; then the video was gotten by the famous NBC network, then he became a popular personality, but his reporting stories didn’t end there.

Tim Pool increased his coverage of stories even up to Ukraine, Egypt, Thailand, etc., thus emerging as a global icon.

By utilizing the opportunity, Tim opened a YouTube channel and started giving his true opinions on the political happenings around the world.

That made him an even more popular person, and his popularity level keeps increasing day by day.

How Old is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool was born on March 9, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois, United States; thus, his age is 37 as of 2023.

What is the Real Name of Tim Pool?

Timothy Daniel Pool is his real and full name.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Tim Pool was born and brought up in the United States, and he holds citizenship there, so his ethnic roots and nationality belong to the United States.

Family and Educational Details

Tim Pool was from a low-income family; his father was a firefighter, and her mother used to sell cars. He has a brother.

He finished his primary education at a catholic school, and at 14, Tim dropped out of school to become an entertainer.

Tim Pool Career

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Tim pool career with the protest wasn’t a pre-planned one. His live streaming of the Occupy Wall Street video went viral and has raised many controversies. And the act of Tim Pool was published in the Guardian newspaper.

It made him famous after the video coverage was published on the NBC channel. Then he was nominated for the top 100 personalities in the activist category.

Then, in 2013, Tim Pool covered the story of the Ukraine protests that led to the collapse of the Yanukovych government. Further, he covered the Ferguson unrest and protests in Thailand.

Then, the following year, he got the best journalist award for his daring activities.

All his fame helped him work for Vice Media and Fusion TV. Then, in 2016, Tim Pool put in efforts to cover the Milwaukee riots.

Rise to Stardom

In 2017, Tim Pool started to investigate Swedish refugee problems. So, each year, his work got more and more appreciable.

Even so, he was invited to a White House event by Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, he is also active on his YouTube channel, where he posts all the news and analysis.

Presently, Tim has transformed his YouTube channel into a newsroom commentary medium. He is inviting many experts and having discussions about the issues.

So, his career path is on the upswing.

Tim Pool Social Media Account

Tim Pool
source: Instagram

Instagram: Tim Pool His Instagram handle is @timpool, and he has around 376k followers.

YouTube: Tim Pool has six channels, which are:

  •  Timcast: -1.14 million subscribers
  • TimcastIRL: 1.45 million subscribers
  • CastCastle: 127K subscribers
  • Pop culture crisis: 54.5K subscribers
  • Tales from the inverted world: 37.7k subscribers

Twitter: He has around 1.5 million followers.

In addition to that, Timcast has its website, “timcast.com.”

Tim Pool Relationship Details

Tim Pool is rumored to be dating journalist and television producer Alison Neubauer. The rumor spread like a forest fire when Tim shared the image of Alison on his feed.

But there is no confirmed information about their relationship status; both parties remained silent.

Moreover, Tim Pool was rumored to be romantically linked with Violet Summers last year. But that reality wasn’t confirmed.

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Tim Pool Height and Weight

Tim Pool’s signature style is wearing a woolen hat; it has become his identity.

He has a cool and cold look with a perfectly styled beard.

He is tall, about 5 feet 10 inches, 179 cm, or 1.79 meters, and weighs about 82 kg or 180 lbs.

His eye color is dark brown, and his hair color is black.

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We hope that our article has briefly explained Tim Pool and that you guys enjoy this article. Isn’t it?

Tim Pool has also been the victim of many controversies due to his feminist statements, but he is also a human being with personal views.

So, it’s high time for us to concentrate on his positive rather than negative deeds.

Comment on it.

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