Christina Beddoes is the wife of famous wrestler William Regan who was in the news for quite some time after being fired from WWE.

William Regal is an English retired professional wrestler well-known for his time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Who is Christina Beddoes? Meet William Regal’s Wife

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Christina Beddoes is the beloved wife of William Regal. Both the couple tied the knot way back in 1986.

Together they have three sons, Daniel, Bailey, and Dane. As of today, William does not reveal anything about his wife.

Christina Beddoes Net Worth 

Christina Beddoes seems like she lives a luxurious lifestyle with her family. Talking about her family, her partner was a professional wrestler and had a net worth of $ 7 Million.

William’s primary source of income was from working with WWE his whole life. Being the wife of a popular name in the wrestling industry can come with lots of attention that Christina has kept herself away from.

Her net worth is unestimated, but that of her husband is about $7 million, he earns an average salary of $700,000 USD.

Christina lives a simple life with her family members and has no known social media accounts.

Christina Beddoes Bio 

william regal wife Christina Beddoes
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Christina Beddoes’s name, Beddoes, is of Welsh origin and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Old English “bed-hus” which means bead-house a house of prayer, or oratory.

In terms of her beliefs, Christina is an Atheist.

Christina and her children are the closest to Willaim’s heart aside from his pet animals. Her husband is known to be a lover of animals as they were a huge part of his life before he got married and raised a family.

He has two snakes, eight lizards (one called Tommy), a tortoise, three cats, and two dogs as pets. It is unclear how the family lives together with all of those, but it is working pretty well for them, so far.

Christina Beddoes Age

Christina Beddoes may be in her 50s as of today. According to that, she must have been born in the 1960s.

Christina Beddoes’ age must be in the age group of the 50s. This can be estimated after looking at her spouse’s age, he is currently 55 years old.

Christina Beddoes Kids 

william regal wife Christina Beddoes pics
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Christina Beddoes came to the limelight after she married WilliamsRegal on November 8, 1986. That is about three years after William had his first wrestling fight at age 15.

They first met in 1985 in Blackpool, England when William was 17 years old. A year later, they got married; their union gave birth to three children; Daniel, Bailey, and Dane.

Christina is a proud mother of three children, all boys.

Christina Beddoes and her better half were blessed with three sons. Her son Bailey Matthews follows in his father’s footsteps.

Whereas her son Bailey officially signed for WWE NXT Uk in early 2021. In early 2020 under the name of Joe Bailey, Matthews was training and acting as a Little Lion with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Now that Matthews has received some training under his belt, he is returning to the UK shores to continue his growth under the WWE banner.

Christina Beddoes Social Media 

Christina Beddoes is not active on Instagram. People know her because of her partner’s name and identity.

She hasn’t made any public appearances. Whereas it seems like she likes to keep her private things with themselves and away from the spotlight.

Who is William Regal? 

William Regan is a famous and professional retired wrestler from WWE. He is popular and well-known for his time in World Wrestling Entertainment.

He made his debut at the age of 15 for promoter Bobby Baron at the Horse Show Showroom. Behind the scenes, this wrestler was also WWE’s Director of Talent Development and Head of Global Recruiting.

Christina Beddoes Husband William Regal

Christina’s husband was born Darren Kenneth Matthews on 10 May 1968. He is 55 years old currently and his achievements in the wrestling industry are worth celebrating with fans.

Her husband’s career did keep him away from family as he was always on the move, but she did put up with him. Her husband was not always known as Willaim Regal, it was his 2nd ring name.

William joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and adopted Steven Regal as his ring name in 1993.

Seven years later, in 2000, he joined WWE/F and changed his ring name to William Regal as he claims to be a descendant of William the Conqueror.

William Regal Controversy

William Regal, Christina’s husband, was laid off by WWE in 2022 and he joined AEW (All Elite Wrestling) almost immediately, in the same year.

However, in 2023, he was later recalled by WWE as Vice President, Global Talent Development, to help instruct and improve the young wrestlers.

You can find William on his podcast, The Gentleman Villain if he is not doing anything wrestling.

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