Shoes are something that everyone loves to have. People even keep a big shoe rack at their houses.

But do you know why are golden goose shoes so expensive?

Well, there are a lot of reasons behind this question. Let’s find out those things below in this article.

Why are Golden Goose Shoes so Expensive? 

Golden Goose Shoes
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Golden Goose is an Italian shoemaking brand that specializes in making distressed sneakers. Now distressed sneakers are in some way similar to distressed jeans.

But you may think that distressed sneakers would not cost much but that is absolutely wrong. These Golden Goose shoes are pretty expensive. And they do have a valid reason for being so expensive.

Golden Goose shoes cost around $400 to $700 USD.

That’s a lot of money for a pair of shoes that look like they’ve trekked through mud or hit the local skating park.

Golden Goose shoes are expensive because they are all handmade products, sometimes even customized to their customer’s needs.

A lot of attention to detail goes into the production of its goods and those who make those shoes earn a decent livelihood from it.

Why do People Pay so much for Golden Goose Shoes?

Golden Goose Shoes-
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Golden Goose shoes are expensive because there are buyers for them and people are willing to pay a lot of money for them.

Each pair of shoes that someone buys has gone through a laborious process by someone’s hands and this is what makes them so detailed and appealing.

Even the distressing of the shoe is done by hand. Unlike some well-known companies, Italians take care of their workers.

They pay them a living wage and ensure they’re cared for. This also means that it costs more for them to make each shoe.

However, their buyers understand and respect their policy so they are ready to pay the workers for their hard work as it takes skill to stitch and create a shoe by hand.

What makes Golden Goose Shoes so Costly?

Golden Goose shoes are costly due to many valid reasons. Handmade shoes are often the best around for style and comfort but the process of making products by hand is also slower.

This impacts the price in a few different ways.

It means that the workers need to work more hours to complete a shoe and it costs more to make a shoe since they have to pay the worker for their time.

This leads to fewer shoes leaving the Golden Goose factory a day than in an automated factory. Since they’re only able to produce a small number of shoes a day, the supply of shoes is always low.

With a high demand for the pair of shoes, it increases the price for the ones that are available.

Is Golden Goose Shoes worth so much Money? 

Golden Goose is definitely worth every ounce of money that they charge for it. There are quite a few reasons for it.

Golden Goose shoes provide comfort way beyond comprehension as it is fully handmade and every little detail is considered before it becomes sellable.

Golden Goose shoes are made under extremely scrutinized circumstances with hard work and dedicated labor to produce new every time. No two shoes are the same and thus their prices are so high due to their limited editions.

Golden Goose shoes are worth the amount of money because the company takes care of its customers and its factory workers alike. Their dedication to human welfare should be respected.

Why are Golden Goose Shoes so Popular? 

Golden Goose shoes are so popular due to a number of reasons. The shoe designs take inspiration from the skating parks popular in California so it also only makes sense that the shoes have distress on them.

Skateboarders put a lot of wear and tear on their shoes when they’re out skating. The idea is to make the shoe look as though it had a life before reaching your door.

That said, none of these shoes have actually been used but they just look used. This is to the exact demand of their customers and thus they are so popular.

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Golden Goose shoes are expensive because they are handmade and have buyers suited to their taste. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that Golden Goose shoes are expensive is their uniqueness.

No two shoes are the same. Even a pair of shoes isn’t identical. There are subtle differences in their distressing that make each one as unique as human fingerprints.

For example, one shoe might have more color to the distressing than the other. Another might have a slightly different pattern.

The skid mark along one shoe might be shorter on the other shoe or not even exist at all. Golden Goose does this deliberately. For one, it’s because the shoes are handmade.

It’s impossible for someone to do the same thing over and over again. Human error will always persist. Instead of trying to cover that up, the company embraces it. They call it “Imperfection in perfection.”

It’s a selling point that seems to work. And its buyers are ready to shell out that amount of money.

This is why Golden Goose shoes are so expensive.

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