People do like green-colored flavored pistachios right? Well, there are many types of pistachios on this earth and usually, all of them are costly.

However, do you know why Turkish Pistachios are so expensive?

In this article, we got you covered about Turkish Pistachios. Read on to find out more about the tasty delicacy.

Why are Turkish Pistachios so Expensive? 

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Turkish Pistachios are so expensive because these Pistachios need special weather conditions to grow and they cannot be found everywhere.

The first reason why pistachios rank among the most expensive nuts is that they require special weather conditions to grow.

Although the pistachio trees themselves are non-fussy and can be planted in moderate-quality soil, they still have their own weather and growth requirements.

A kilogram of Turkey Pistachios is around US $25.45 in Ankara and Istanbul packed and ready for shipment. This can be quite expensive for certain people but it is also true that people are willing to pay so much to eat them.

Are Turkish Pistachios worth so much money?

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Turkish Pistachios are actually worth the amount of money as they do have many things to add to your life apart from their delicious scent and taste.

Turkish Pistachios make for a natural sugar-free sodium-free snack rich in protein, vitamins, iron, and other nutrients and they have a unique distinct flavor you’ve never tasted before.

Turkish Pistachios are grown in certain conditions which can only be found in Turkey and this gives them a very different taste that will surely have you hooked on them.

No wonder people from all over the world are in love with these nuts and do not really care about the price as long as they taste like that.

What makes Turkish Pistachios so costly? 

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Turkish Pistachios are costly. No one can deny that. But it has its own reason to be costly.

Turkish Pistachios thrive in cooler weather. The ideal temperature to grow them is considered to be below 45F where they need to spend at least 1000 hours in an entire year.

The pistachio trees love hot summers equally as they love winters. They require adequate hours in low humidity and crisp sunlight to ripen their kernels well.

As you can see, these weather conditions are very specific and because of that, they can only be grown in specific places of the world. Turkey is one of them along with Iran, Syria, and to some extent California.

Are Turkish Pistachios expensive or Iranian Pistachios? 

Turkish Pistachios are expensive, no doubt. However, even Iranian Pistachios are costly too.

Iran is universally known for producing some of the best quality pistachios in the world. This quality can be directly attributed to the sunny weather of this country which follows the average cold and rainy winters.

Both Turkey and Iran are known to produce the best quality pistachios given their optimum weather conditions to make the best-tasting crunchy and delicious pistachios.

It is also right for them to charge a higher amount for these delicacies given they are so precious and are made with hard work.

However, for the Turkish people, these tasty nuts are quite affordable. But when these pistachios are shipped they have a very heavy import duty on these making them expensive for buyers in different parts of the world.

Why are Turkish Pistachios so special? 

Turkish Pistachios are so expensive and special because they take a long time to bear fruit. The most obvious reason behind the high price of pistachios is, it is very difficult to cultivate.

A pistachio tree takes about five years from the day it is planted before it starts producing fruits. Not only that, it’s about 15-20 years later when the tree reaches mass production.

These little delicious seeds come in beautiful shades of colors like yellow and green, with a purplish skin sometimes. However, tasty pistachios always come from a female tree that produces nearly 40-42 pounds of seeds in each harvest.

Picking the best pistachios requires skilled labor. Moreover, the pistachios are hand-sorted to make sure they are of the highest quality when packed.

This is the last and most expensive quality-control step of production.


Turkish Pistachios are expensive due to a number of reasons. However, it does not make them less in demand, rather they are wanted all over the world.

The reason why Turkish Pistachios are expensive is the high demand for these amazing nuts. Pistachio is the most used nut along with almond and cashew.

It is widely used on a day-to-day basis in salads, desserts, cakes, cupcakes, ice creams, and many more.

Moreover, it is extremely nutritious as well, which makes it a popular choice for health-conscious people. They go amazing in pesto and make a great snack on their own. Hence, loved by all.

However, the growing and harvesting of these nuts are a very special, time-consuming, and labor-intensive process due to which their price is a bit high.

But, after knowing how difficult it is to produce them, the price is totally justified. Pistachios are worth spending our money on because of their amazing crunch and flavor, and all the hard work that goes into them.

So the next time you have pistachios, just remember that it is worth your money!

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