Wilfredo Buendia Revillame famously known as Willie Revillame, is a Filipino TV host, jokester, vocalist, musician, entertainer, and money manager.

Let’s find out his net worth and earning sources details to know how he has accumulated a huge fortune throughout his successful journey.

Willie Revillame Net Worth

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Willie Revillame estimated net worth is $20 million in 2022. It joins his help, cash, and compensation.

His virtual pay comes from his work as television have, craftsman, lyricist, finance director, performer, and joke craftsman.

The virtuoso partakes in a rich way of life while fantasies about laying out an unobtrusive country that will help countless individuals.

His estimated net worth was $15 million in 2021. Because of his harsh and solid time of numerous undertakings, his total assets and dynamic resources are consistently growing.

Willie work as a media big name is his only kind of revenue.

His annual expected salary is about $5 million.

Revillame’s extraordinary occupation has managed the cost of him various extravagant lives and vehicles. He is for certain the Philippines’ top media proficient.

Willie Revillame Net Worth & Earning Stats
Name Willie Revillame
Net Worth (2022) $20 Million
Net Worth (2021) $15 Million
Salary (Yearly) $5 Million
Earning Source Multiple Source


Willie Revillame img
(Photo credit should read JOEL NITO/AFP via Getty Images)

Willie Revillame began as the host of GMA Organization’s early afternoon assortment program Get-together in the last part of the 1980s along with Randy Santiago.

In 1995-1997, Revillame as the signature tune of the Program Estate Quintana two part harmony with Rockstar 2.

After his facilitating stretch he began showing up on various motion pictures playing companion to enormous named stars.

In 1998, he began co-facilitating the ABS-CBN early afternoon show ‘Sang Linggo Napo Sila.

After the show was dropped to clear a path for his huge break in Magandang Tanghali Bayan, he likewise began showing up in Richard Loves Lucy.

Different shows he facilitated inside the organization were Readily Yours, Masayang Tanghali Bayan, and Wowowee, as well as TV5 assortment programs like Willing Willie, Wil Time Bigtime and Wowowillie.

In Walk 2015, Revillame denoted his homecoming in GMA Organization (his unique home organization).

His hotly anticipated return to Philippine showbiz and to Philippine TV through his most up-to-date week-after-week assortment program Wowowin, circulating on GMA Organization each Sunday evening since May 10, 2015.

Until it turned into a workday assortment program in February 2016 because of the tremendous ubiquity of the show.

As President Rodrigo Duterte last June 13, 2021, allegedly running the 2022 Philippine Senate political decision

Business Ventures

Willie Revillame is known for fostering a business, the Wil Pinnacle Shopping center close to ABS-CBN Eugenio Lopez Drive in Quezon City with colleague Manny Villar. It held its stupendous opening on September 15, 2013.

Revillame is likewise a previous proprietor of the eateries W Bar and Wil Steak Town at Wil Occasions Spot situated close to Wil Pinnacle Shopping center and ABS-CBN along Sgt.

Esguerra Road in South Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City.

Wil Pinnacle Shopping center was created by the land firm Vista Land, however Revillame’s property were offered to his colleague and companion, previous Congressperson Manny Villar.

Revillame was consulted for the April 2015 episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho at his own rest house in Tagaytay City after the marking of agreement with GMA Organization.

During the meeting, GMA 7 transmission writer Jessica Soho said that Revillame is intending to construct a 5-star resort-lodging situated inside the 5 hectare parcel that he procured from the Madrigal family.

His own rest house is additionally situated inside a similar parcel.


On February 4, 2006, while Willie was facilitating Wowowee, the PhilSports Field charge happened. On August 25, 2007, the Division of Equity excused criminal accusations against Revillame regarding the charge.

In any case, Equity Secretary Raul M. Gonzalez confirmed the charge against 14 others, including ABS-CBN authorities.

In the August 3, 2009 episode of Wowowee, during which the show was intruded on for live inclusion of the exchange of President Cory Aquino’s remaining parts from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila House of prayer.

Revillame said that he was unable to fulfill individuals while the whole nation was grieving. The Collusion of Filipino Writers reviled his comments as an indication of discourtesy towards Aquino.

Revillame said he in no way wanted to slander the previous president and her loved ones.

ABS-CBN senior chief Cory Vidanes said that the organization upheld Revillame’s activity, expressing that his explosion didn’t cross paths with the Transmission Code of the Philippines.

Network diversion official Johnny Manahan said Revillame was right in saying that the recording shouldn’t have been embedded. However the manner in which he said it was off-base.

On May 4, 2010, Willie Revillame went into one more live outburst on his now-dead early afternoon show “Wowowee”.

This time coordinating his displeasure at diversion editorialist and DZMM Radio personality Jobert Sucaldito.

Without referencing him by name, he said he had enough of Sucaldito’s supposed reactions against the show having secondary school challengers whose grades were beneath the good grade for the Willie of Fortune fragment and furthermore mocking them on-screen.

He took steps to leave the show except if the ABS-CBN the executives excused Sucaldito, who portrayed Revillame’s tirade as being “pikon” (Tagalog shoptalk signifying ‘tricky’).

He went on an endless leave three weeks after the fact after the organization declined his acquiescence letter.

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In numerous decisions previously, Willie Revillame was drifted as major areas of strength for a for congressperson.

On October 7, 2021, he declared that he is not generally intrigued to run for any situation in the 2022 political decision.

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Achievements and Awards

Willie Revillame ran for delegate in earlier races and was an imposing competitor. On October 7, 2021, he said that he won’t be representing any political office in the year 2022.

His distinguished persona, then again, is yet to be perceived

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